Diablo 4 – How to beat Elias?

Diablo 4 – How to beat Elias? 1 - steamlists.com
Diablo 4 – How to beat Elias? 1 - steamlists.com

Unveiling the Secrets of Diablo 4’s Elias Boss Battles

In the captivating world of Diablo 4, players are faced with the enigmatic Elias boss, who proves to be a formidable adversary throughout the game. This guide aims to shed light on the encounters with Elias and provide helpful tips to overcome this cunning foe. Brace yourself for an intense battle filled with dark secrets and unexpected twists!


Diablo 4 – How to beat Elias? 2 - steamlists.com
Diablo 4 – How to beat Elias? 2 – steamlists.com


The Immortal Elias

Elias, once a Horadrim and a loyal lieutenant of Lilith, has delved into the shadows, embracing a twisted ideology. He champions Lilith’s vision of human empowerment to safeguard Sanctuary from the looming return of the Primordial Evils. However, while Elias may have sinister intentions, your character and allies refuse to be swayed by his manipulations.

Facing Elias in Act 3

The first showdown with Elias occurs during Act 3, known as “Piercing the Veil.” Within a temple dedicated to the worship of Lilith and the recruitment of her followers, tensions escalate, leading to a confrontation with Elias. Rest assured; this initial encounter is swiftly resolved within a mere 10 minutes.

Yet, this confrontation is just the beginning. Two more encounters with Elias await you, with the primary challenge being the waves of channeler mobs that shield him from harm. Defeat these mobs to weaken Elias, although he manages to escape each time, leaving you determined to find a way to end his immortality permanently.

Revealing Elias’s Secret in Act 5

As the heroes progress through the treacherous journey, the source of Elias’s immortality is finally unveiled: his finger. Through a pivotal quest, you have the opportunity to burn his finger, setting the stage for the ultimate clash. Act 5, “On the Precipice,” becomes the battleground for the final showdown with Elias.

Beware, for this time, Elias summons even deadlier minions to aid him. Expect formidable opponents such as Oppressors and Pitlords to join the fray, intensifying the challenge.

Elias’s most devastating attack, the Crimson Ripple, continuously rains down multiple strikes. Evading all these attacks is impossible, but fear not! Utilize an offensive spell that grants temporary immunity or equip the legendary Vigo’s Protective amulet, obtained from the fierce boss fight against Lilith’s Lament. This will grant you precious moments of invulnerability. Ensure your character is well-rested afterward, as further adversaries may still pose a threat.

With a dash of luck and a strategic approach, you can emerge triumphant against the indomitable Elias in both Act 3 and Act 5. Stay determined and ready yourself for the arduous journey ahead.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I defeat Elias in a single encounter, or do I have to face him multiple times?

A: Elias is an immortal boss, requiring multiple encounters throughout the game to finally overcome his dark influence.


Q: Where does the first fight with Elias take place?

A: The initial confrontation with Elias unfolds during Act 3 in a temple devoted to Lilith’s worship.


Q: How can I defeat Elias in Act 3 and Act 5?

A: In Act 3, focus on eliminating the mobs of channelers that shield Elias, and in Act 5, be prepared for deadlier minions. Dodge Elias’s devastating Crimson Ripple attack by utilizing an offensive spell or equipping the Vigo’s Protective amulet for temporary immunity.


Q: Is there a specific item or strategy to neutralize Elias’s immortality?

A: Elias’s immortality is tied to his finger, which can be destroyed during a key quest in Act 5. Burning his finger sets the stage for the final battle against him.


Q: Are there any other notable challenges or rewards in the encounters with Elias?

A: Aside from the battles, the encounters with Elias unravel a compelling story filled with dark secrets and unexpected plot twists, making the journey all the more thrilling for players.

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