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Omega Strikers – Character Training Guide 1 -
Omega Strikers – Character Training Guide 1 -

Guide to training for each character, with guidance by Gunner62 and other high-elo prealpha players.


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Top - 6E3DD0E
HASTE: Speed Increase
CREATIONS: Anything a character creates, i.e. juno slimes or atlas expanse.
STAGGER: This is your health bar. Once it is full or broken, you will receive increased knockback
LIGHT HIT – Only slows targets when hit, does no knockback unless target has been staggered
MEDIUM HIT : Knocks back your target
HEAVY HIT – Knocks back the target and applies short slowing after the hit.


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Atlas - 2AD0F76
Atlas is primarily used as a goalie. Remember that your ultimate is used to resurrect allies so cast it before they die. Casting your expanse takes a lot of time so it is best to cast it sooner than later
Meta Goalie: Built Different, Crossover, Creator of Durable Items
This alternative rune page can be used if you feel that you need to resurrect less often. This is a good option for comps that are highly kill-focused.
Alternative Goalie: Built Different, Crossover, Extra Special


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Drek’ar - CF783DB
Drek is a kill-focused forward game. There is only one page that is accepted. To kill people, you should focus on the sweet spot of your shotgun when learning Drek. To gain experience and reach your LVL 10 power spike, focus on fighting for orbs.
Meta Forward: Prime Time. Heavy Handed. Cast To Last.
Goalie is a very rarely played sport, but you can still have fun with it.
Goalie: Eject Button, Prime Time, Cast to Last


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Dubu - 871DE04
Dubu is usually used as a goalie. Keep in mind that slam actually SUNNS the core so people can't hit the ball for about half a second after it hits. This makes it very effective against people trying to stuff the ball into the goal.
Meta Goalie: Built Different, Missile Propulsion, Creator of Large Things
Dubu is a notoriously difficult to kill in net. If you feel you need more survival, well fed Creator of Large Things will give your a little bit of knockback resistance at five orbs
Alt Goalie: Built Different, Missile Propulsion, Well Fed
This rune page can be used to play Dubu Forward
Forward: Built Different, Creator of Large Things , +1 (, Usually Crossover. But have fun with)


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Era - CA069FC
Era is a supportive forward. She is often paired with a brawler such as X, Drek’ar, or Juliette. Era swarm can be used to secure orbs and to put pressure on the enemy goalie in order to score. Shrinkray can be used to slow down enemies or buff your brawler. You can score quickly with shrink ray.
This is the most commonly accepted rune page. However, I prefer the alt page for faster cooldowns to the super surge buff on speed boost.
Meta Forward: Crossover. Cast to Last. Super Surge.
Alt Forward: Crossover. Cast to Last. Perfect Form.
Prime time can be a decent option if you are looking to play more in the late game
Alt: Crossover, Super Surge, Prime Time
Alt: Prime Time, Cast to Last, Crossover


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Estelle - 8CC4A04
Estelle is usually used as a forward. Estelle trainings can be used to improve your skills in the orange page. You should aim to reach level 10 through contesting orbs if you want prime time. The ultimate is a great scoring instrument
Meta Forward: Missile Propulsion. Rapid Fire. Primetime.
Alt: Missile Prop, Ultrascope, Rapid Fire
Alt: You can pick any orange or red tree and it will work. You might also want to consider Super Surge or Crossover for green trees.
Estelle goalie is also possible, but it takes careful use of Estelle’s snipes and teleport to keep your ball out of the net. Remember that you can strike very quickly following a teleport. You can teleport on top and strike immediately to redirect the ball.
Meta Goalie: Missile Propulsion, Rapid Fire, Prime Time


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Juliette - 91740FB
Juliette offers many training options so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you. The main juliette combo consists of punch + dash, while you are dashing to hit them with both. This makes it easy to kill people at the edge of the map. To guarantee a kill, you can use the flurry immediately after the dash punch. If you are certain that it will kill, you can use the flurry into the dash punch.
The meta training page is focused on killing. To make it easier to dodge, I prefer heavy handedness over built different. However, built different makes it easier to hit the combo. If you are a beginner, I recommend building different.
Meta Forward: Perfect Form. Tempo Swing. Built Different. Built Different.
Alt: Perfect Form, Tempo Swing, Heavy Handed
This page is for you if you want to be focused on speed and scoring and not under any pressure from the enemy team.
Alt: Crossover, Stacks on Stacks, Unstoppable
You can also run crossover if you don't like the base training page or feel slow. This will make it easier to maintain control of the ball and score.
Alt: Crossover, Tempo Swing, Perfect Form


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Juno - 0A885A1
Juno is a forward position with a strong focus on scoring and controlling the ball. Her slime throw can be surprisingly effective at scoring KOs against staggered targets.
Keep in mind that you can control where your slimes hit the ball by pressing your strike. Keep in mind that your jump makes you invulnerable and you can strike while you jump. The ultimate also creates slime for every target, including the core.
Meta Forward: Rapid Fire
Creator of Durable Items , Crossover
This page is for you if you prefer your ultimate to be up faster than you have more movespeed
Alt: Rapid Fire, Creator of Durable Items , Extra Special
Alt: Rapid Fire, Creator of Durable Items , +1


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Kai - 8B27E4D
Kai is a goalie in most cases, but he can also be a scoring forward against weaker goalies.
Kai goalie offers flexible training pages. Find one that suits you!
Goalie: Crossover, Missile Propulsion, Built Different
Alt: Crossover, Missile Propulsion, +1 (Stacks on Stacks, Eject Button, Ultrascope, Perfect Form, Rapid Fire, Super Surge)
Kai forward is flexible, just like goalie. If you don't feel like you can kill enemy forwards, I like this trainings pages.
Forward: Crossover, Stacks on Stacks, Rapid Fire
Alt: Crossover, +2


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - Luna - 29BC776
Luna can be used as both a forward or goalie. She is very kill focused, but she can also score amazing with well placed juggernauts and dash (. You can also strike during the dash, allowing you to redirect your ball. You can also hit the goalie with the juggernaut and then hit the ball somewhere else into the goal
Goalie: Heavy Handed. Ultrascope. Eject Button
Luna forward does not require the eject button. Many people enjoy running stacks of stacks if they feel they can't lose against the enemy forward.
Forward: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Extra Special
Alt: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Stacks on Stacks
Alt: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, +1 (Eject Button, Primetime)


Omega Strikers - Character Training Guide - X - 81756E5
X is a forward-focused, kill-focused player. He is easy to learn and highly recommended for beginners if you like his style of play.
Any red training will work for X forward, but this one can be a starting point.
Forward: Heavy Handed, Tempo Swing, Built Different
Alt: Any 3 Red Trainings
Alt: Crossover+ Red Trainings
Alt: Built Different + Two Red Trainings


Written by squako

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Omega Strikers – Character Training Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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