Muse Dash – How to get every character

Muse Dash – How to get every character 2 -
Muse Dash – How to get every character 2 -
How to get every character in a short amount of time~


Part 1- How characters are obtainable

Now, the Muse Dash characters are quite likeable. It’s no surprise you want to get them quickly. Every time you level up you may get one of two things: 
1.) A character scrap 
2.) An illustration scrap 
Character scraps – get 8 of them and you unlock the character. It takes some luck to get the character you want, yadda yadda yadda. You probably already know this. 
Basically, to get characters, you need to level up. A LOT. 
This guide explains how to level up quickly.Muse Dash - How to get every character 

Part 2- Obtaining the characters with the help of Idol Buro and DLC

So you want to level up and get every character quickly. Idol Buro provides extra XP as her ability and is great for leveling up. Additionally, the Just as Planned DLC provides extra XP. These two factors can provide a new level every song you finish. 
To add on to this, getting every character requires a bit of dedication. Play the game at least once every day. If you use Idol Buro, you can get at least 20 levels in every day, even more with DLC. 
You may wonder how to get Idol Buro. May. See part 1. 
You should have every character unlocked around level 130. This may seem like a staggeringly impossible number, but remember, with Idol Buro you can get around 1 level every song. The Just as Planned DLC also can keep you playing the game. You can unlock every character before you’ve even finished every song in the DLC. Of course, it’s up to you whether you want the DLC or not. 
Keep yourself to 4-6 level difficulties and never farther. You want to keep a steady but not too easy pace, and going too high can be discouraging if you lose. The higher level difficulty, the more XP towards your levels. 
A rough estimate of how much time it takes to get every character is around 7-8 hours. It may not seem like much, but in this game, it feels like you’ll have played 70-80. 
Muse Dash - How to get every character 
Muse Dash - How to get every character 

Part 3- Luck, Lasses, Illustrations and Love

-If there is any specific character you want, here is a guide: 
(Schoolgirl buro is only available from the Just as Planned DLC
(Marija the girl in black is available near the end of your conquest, which is a shame, because she’s not only super cool and useful, but a total badass and is sexy af) 
This guide doesn’t talk much about elfins, you might want to look elsewhere for that topic. 
For whichever character you want, it requires a bit of luck, as the character scraps are semi-random. 
Additionally, you will get pieces of illustrations a lot instead of character scraps. These are cool, but not as cool as character scraps. 
Lastly, here are my opinions on the best characters for each situation: 
Marija– prevents you from losing your combo if you’re less than 100, but wont prevent the loss of Full Combo 
Bassist Rin– High health good for dealing with hard levels 
Marija the girl in black– Easier to hit enemies and dodge barries 
Idol Buro– Easier to level up 
Legit everyone else– why not?Muse Dash - How to get every character 

Part 4- Conclusion? Eeeehhhh wellll…..

Just wanted to say thanks for reading this, this is my first guide.Muse Dash - How to get every character 

Written by LunaNova5555

This is all about Muse Dash – How to get every character; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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