Muse Dash – Mastery

Muse Dash – Mastery 1 -
Muse Dash – Mastery 1 -
In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to “get good”.



Now that you’ve actually clicked on the guide, I can reveal to you that this are actually just stats for nerds. Jokes aside, there are pretty many, yeah.


Even though the keyboard is generally easier than using a controller, you’ll still be able to play hard songs with it.

Go into settings and change special effects (submenu “Display”) to low and the framerate to unlimited.
Since early / late does not influence the score, I would leave it turned off. However, if you want an extra challenge you can turn it on.

Then go to “Control” and customize the air and ground buttons to your liking (many use s, d, f & g for air and h, j, k & l for ground).

For training leave the manual fever option turned off and change it to on when you’re perfect at the level (is what I would recommend. Feel free to do as you like).

General Info

All noted points in this guide are considered perfect hits. Great hits are rewarded with 50% of the perfect points.
While early and late perfects don’t give you less points than a perfect perfect, you might want to use them to get more points in combination with fever.

Also, Full Combos and 100% accuracy will not be rewarded with extra points.

Your score might show without digits, however, it actually has some (as far as I know).

Basic Info About Characters / Elfins

Generally, I’d recommend you to unlock the following elfins and characters:

  • Character / Rin / Bunny Girl
  • Character / Marija / Little Devil
  • Character / Buro / Joker
  • Elfin / Dragon Girl
  • Elfin / Lilith
  • Elfin / Little Witch

An overview of the characters:

CharacterOutfitHPAbilityUnlocking Recommended / Needed*
RinBassist300“The maximum HP of Bassist Rin increases [by] 50.”No
RinBad Girl250“Bad Girl Rin can turn “Great” into “Perfect” judgements for 5 times.”No
RinSleepwalker Girl200“Sleepwalker Girl will fight automatically in all stages and [can] not be controlled by the player.”No
RinBunny Girl200“Bunny Girl Rin can get 200% more score when collecting Red Hearts (at maximum HP) and Notes, knocking back Ghosts and dodging barriers.”Yes
RinChristmas Gift250When clearing a stage with Cristmas Gift Rin, at most 5% accuracy will be added.No
BuroSchoolgirl250“Schoolgirl Buro becomes invincible when bursting into Fever Mode.”No
BuroIdol200“Idol Buro gets 50% more EXP after clearing a stage.”No
BuroZombie Girl250Zombie Girl can enter Dying Mode for 15 seconds when HP reach 0. She can only enter it again if she collected a red heart.No
BuroJoker200With a combo above 60/70, Joker Buro will receive higher combo multiplicators.Yes
BuroSailor Suit250“Sailor Suit Buro can continuously hit the marked enemies by holding the bottons.”No
MarijaViolinist250“When [the] combo is less than 100, ‘Miss’ judgements won’t interrupt the combo.”No
MarijaMaid250“Maid Marija will gain 150% more HP and be invincible for 2 seconds upon collecting a Red Heart when [her] HP are lower than 100.”No
MarijaMagical Girl200Magical Girl Marija is increasing speed of Fever by 20%.No
MarijaLittle Devil200“Little Devil Marija will get 25% more score when knocking back enemies at the expense of losing 10 HP per second.”Yes
MarijaThe Girl In Black250“The Girl In Black lengthens the area of ‘Perfect’, Great’ and ‘Pass’, making it easier to hit enemies and avoid barriers.”No

And now the elfins:

ElfinAbilityUnlocking Recommended / Needed*
Mio Sir“Your Fever Mode will last for 2 more seconds […]”No
Angela“Angela will reduce 6 damage each time you get hurt.” This does not affect Little Devil’s continuous damage.No
Thanatos“Thanatos will bless you with 2 seconds of invincibility when getting hurt or collecting red hearts.”No
Rabbot-233“Rabbot-233 can help you turn ‘Miss’ into ‘Great’ judgements for 5 times.”No
Little Nurse“Little Nurse will restore you 100 HP per second when your HP is under 50; lasts for 15 seconds. It can only be triggered once.”No
Little Witch“Little Witch will help you get 20% more score when knocking back enemies in Fever Mode.”No
Dragon Girl“Dragon Girl will help you get 30% more score when knocking back BOSS’s attacks.”Yes
Lilith“Lilith will help you get 5% more score for each ‘Perfect’ judgement. When Lilith and Little Devil are together, Marija will restore 2 HP upon each ‘Perfect’ judgement.”Yes

*like, who you need to achieve the hightest score on some levels

Character / Elfin Combos

Your first choice should always be Little Devil in combination with Lilith. However, since she loses life gradually and needs many enemies to survive, it is not possible to finish most levels with difficulty 7 or lower.

In those cases I would recommend trying Bunny Girl or Joker in combination with Dragon Girl.

Other common combinations are Lilith and Little Witch with either Joker or Bunny Girl.

There is no elfin which can compensate the damage Little Devil takes per second, except Lilith with many enemies.

A few stats* (Auto Fever, 99%+, FC):

Iyaiya – Easy (1)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch63780 (100%)57558 (99.6%)53883 (99.6%)0
Dragon Girl65375 (99.2%)60172 (100%)55465 (99.6%)0
Lilith64618 (99.6%)58725 (99.2%)54878 (99.6%)0
Mio Sir62175 (99.2%)56730 (99.2%)53185 (99.6%)0

Breaking Dawn – Easy (2)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch55930 (99.59%)51225 (100%)50874 (99.18%)0
Dragon Girl59950 (99.59%)55002 (99.18%)54125 (99.59)0
Lilith57339 (99.15%)52660 (99.59%)52095 (100%)0
Mio Sir56465 (100%)50965 (99.59%)50230 (99.18%)0

Wonderful Pain – Hard (3)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch72601 (99.7%)71477 (100%)67930 (99.7%)0
Dragon Girl74241 (99.4%)73032 (99.7%)69171 (99.7%)0
Lilith74231 (99.4%)72991 (99.7%)69272 (99.7%)0
Mio Sir73816 (100%)72321 (100%)68126 (99.4%)0

Iyaiya – Hard (4)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch87055 (99.48%)87667 (99.48%)84984 (99.48%)0
Dragon Girl89200 (99.48%)91981 (100%)86535 (99.48%)0
Lilith89243 (99.74%)91319 (100%)85493 (100%)0
Mio Sir85405 (99.48%)87505 (99.21%)85805 (100%)0

Heart-Pounding Flight – Hard (5)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch90980 (100%)91018 (99.73%)84015 (99.46%)0
Dragon Girl94085 (100%)94240 (99.46%)86855 (99.73%)0
Lilith91962 (99.46%)92198 (99.73%)84092 (99.19%)0
Mio Sir91310 (100%)91095 (99.73%)83625 (100%)0

Frost Land – Master (6)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch123474 (99.27%)124946 (99.27%)118194 (99.45%)0
Dragon Girl127264 (99.27%)130116 (99.63%)120564 (99.27%)0
Lilith125811 (99.63%)126469 (99.27%)117849 (99.27%)0
Mio Sir123274 (99.27%)125689 (99.63%)117369 (99.82%)0

Evolution – Master (7)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch133168 (99.81%)132653 (99.81%)124589 (99.24%)0
Dragon Girl142558 (99.62%)143062 (99.43%)132823 (99.05%)0
Lilith134667 (100%)133878 (99.81%)123548 (99.43%)0
Mio Sir131353 (99.24%)130513 (99.62%)122083 (99.81%)0

Lights of Muse – Master (8)

Bunny GirlJokerMagical GirlLittle Devil
Little Witch226346 (99.21%)242039 (99.55%)220343 (99.77%)0
Dragon Girl228701 (99.1%)244034 (99.21%)220126 (99.1%)0
Lilith225558 (99.44%)238027 (99.1%)216682 (99.44%)256254 (99.21%)
Mio Sir219941 (99.44%)234611 (99.77%)216321 (99.1%)0

*Please note that these stats may not represent the majority of each difficulty, but are just here to give the readers a general idea of which combination might be better in which difficulty level.

Basic Info About Enemies

Small Enemies200
Medium Enemies300
Big Enemies400
Gemini Enemies400
Sheet Notes200 + 10 per 100 ms + 200
Ghost Enemies220
Hammer Enemies400
Gear Obstacle / Barrier200
Mash Enemy200 + 20 per 100 ms + 200
Boss Attack500
Boss Mash200 + 50 per 100 ms + 200

The mash enemies can only receive a limited amount of points per second, so mashing the buttons faster won’t be affective at some point.

The ends of the sheet notes behave as seperate enemies. Like, you can hit one without the other and still get points, and the endings are also judged in timing.

The gemini enemy also behaves like two connected enemies and you can kill one enemy but leave the other. However, we all know that this will hurt you. Additionally, you also won’t receive any points for the (in example) lower enemy if you don’t also hit the higher one.


The 10th enemy is the first one to receive bonus points, not the 11th one!

Notes, Hearts and barriers are not affected by the combo.

0 – 9*1
10 – 19*1.1
20 – 29*1.2
30 – 39*1.3
40 – 49*1.4



Fever multiplies the received points by 1.5.

Written by UselessIdiot

This is all about Muse Dash – Mastery; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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