Muse Dash – Best Combo for Boss Fight Guide

Muse Dash – Best Combo for Boss Fight Guide 2 -
Muse Dash – Best Combo for Boss Fight Guide 2 -

Can’t seem to tap fast enough? I have a few tips for scoring the highest you can on boss hits. 🙂

DON’T tense up your hands

This is usually a main issue with scoring lower than you’re able, because the stress of speed makes you tense up. practice staying loose and resting your wrists flat when boss attack approach.

No single tapping (should be obvious)

You’re losing a lot of potential for high combos with single taps, alternating between F and J (default keys) is better.

Shake your hands slightly (my personal favorite trick)

I usually lift my hands super slightly and then use more power in my wrist to kind of wiggle back and forth to sort of vibrate my keys, since the sensitivity is high enough where shaking like this will result in a higher combo than fully pressing down keys. Think of focusing your energy on pressing the surface of your keys going in a more horizontal direction rather than pressing down all the way.

Practice Practice Practice !!

Try to practice developing muscle memory and playing a lot, but don’t push yourself too hard. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a cramp in your wrists because of too many rhythm games.
Muse Dash - Best Combo for Boss Fight Guide - Practice Practice Practice !! - 11D7417

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