Limbus Company – Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips

Limbus Company – Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips 3 -
Limbus Company – Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips 3 -

Hi, welcome to this post, Limbus Company – Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips guide.

As the Executive Manager of Limbus Company, lead your group of twelve Sinners, venture into the buried facilities of Lobotomy Corporation, and lay claim on the Golden Boughs.


Just like every other Project Moon game, Limbus Company is mechanic dense and explanation sparse. Now, granted, I don’t have all the information myself, but the information in the guide (especially the last section) should be enough to get a better understanding of the game. And with that, you can comment corrections later! A full-proof plan, if I say so myself.

Note that this guide won’t go over other, non-combat mechanics like sinner growth or progression.

Before Combat (speed, sanity)


Limbus Company - Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips - Before Combat (speed, sanity) - E0F06E8

Limbus Company - Speed and Sanity Before Combat Tips - Before Combat (speed, sanity) - 077F7C7

Before actual combat begins, sinners and enemies are positioned relative to their speed. The faster the character’s speed, the further back from the center they’re placed. This positioning also determines their attack skill positioning, possibly allowing or disallowing resonances.

For anomaly battles, speed functions similarly to the Library of Ruina. That is to say, characters with faster (and only faster, not equal) speed can intercept attacks from slower-speed enemies.

The oddity is with human battles: characters automatically target based on their speed and the enemy’s speed. The fastest sinners will target the slowest enemies and continue targeting from left to right down the field. Similarly, enemies will target such that the slowest enemies will target the fastest sinners, once again, left to right.

This is relatively straightforward assuming an equal number of attacks and enemies. However, in the event of more attacks, attacks will ‘roll over’ and will begin targeting left-to-right once more. Similarly, if a character is performing more than one attack, characters will prioritize clashing with all of those attacks before continuing to target further characters.

This results in rather curious targeting: the fastest sinners will usually be targeted the most, whereas the fastest enemies will usually be out of reach. The slowest sinners are weirdly safe due to both enemy targeting and usually getting one-sided attacks, whereas the slowest enemies usually get piled on.


Sanity ranges from -45 to 45, is gained from defeating enemies, lost from losing allies, and gained or lost depending on specific skills.

Sanity has two primary uses: the first is as a resource to be spent on non-Zayin EGOs.

The second is influencing luck; the higher your sanity, the more likely your attack coins will land heads. Note that this isn’t necessarily a good thing; a coin landing on heads modifies the attack’s damage number regardless if it’s a positive or negative, meaning that specific enemy attacks that lose damage on heads are stronger at low sanity.

The color-orb next to a character’s health is an easy way to check sanity at a glance, with blue being positive and red being negative. Still, the exact number can be found by clicking on the character in question and checking the character sheet. Abnormalities have no sanity.

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