Limbus Company – Dungeons and Abnormalities (Game Mechanics)

Limbus Company – Dungeons and Abnormalities (Game Mechanics) 1 -
Limbus Company – Dungeons and Abnormalities (Game Mechanics) 1 -

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A brief summary of the different mechanic’s Limbus Company employs.


In each chapter, you and your Sinners will explore a Dungeon as the final mission. Your ultimate goal is to find and recover the Golden Bough. Within, you will find foes seeking buried riches and unknown creatures called “Abnormalities”. As you explore, you will most certainly run across these Abnormalities as they wander about. In Abnormality Battles, you can individually pick skills from the Dashboard and assign them to the Abnormality’s slots, corresponding to the Body Parts you wish to target. Each part of an Abnormality has its own Speed value and set of skills. Clashes with an Abnormality occur when a Sinner targeted by it uses a skill back in return or when a Sinner uses an attack skill while having higher Speed than that of the targeted part. You can break its parts to prevent powerful attacks or stop its actions altogether but do note that some parts can regenerate, and that in rare cases breaking parts may cause further danger.

As you encounter and battle with Abnormalities, data on these entities will be recorded in the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia contains useful info such as Skills, Resistances, Body Parts, and Observation Logs. The encyclopedia fills out as battle progresses. Subsequent encounters with the same Abnormality raise its “Observation Level” , and observation logs will be penned. At higher Observation Levels, your attacks will deal more damage to the Abnormality.

While exploring dungeons and fighting Abnormalities, you will face certain events that require you to pass a “check”. To pass a check, you must choose a Sinner with the right Sin Affinity. Next, a random attack from Sinner’s skillset is determined to be rolled (you get to see the attack and the odds of passing the check before you start rolling). Then the attack flips the coins just as if you were clashing with an enemy and the final attack value of the Skill is compared to the skill check value. If its higher (or equal I haven’t tested it yet) then you pass the check.

Passing checks will reward you with helpful status effects and E.G.O Gifts. On the other hand, a failed check may result in your Sinners taking damage or suffering from negative effects. Those EGO gifts will aid your battles with various special effects.


This is a sort off roguelite mode like slay the spire that you can play and earn upgrade materials. To start a normal battle in Limbus company, you need to use a resource called Enkephalin (traditionally called Stamina in other Gatchas). You need 3 Enkephalin Modules (one Enkephalin Module=20 Enkephalin) to enter Mirror Dungeons, but one MD can be entered per day at no cost. Afterward, the Modules are required. A simulation mode allows you to do trial expeditions of Mirror Dungeons without spending Enkephalin but you won’t get any rewards from the simulation mode.

The layouts of Mirror Dungeons are procedurally generated each time you enter. The Uptie/Threadspin Tiers of your Identities and E.G.O. are the only things that influence Mirror Dungeon preparation. Your Sinners must be leveled up from square one as you progress through each run of a Mirror Dungeon (they will get restored to your normal levels when you exit the MD). When you first enter, you will be given a random selection of E.G.O Gifts.

After choosing an E.G.O Gift, you will form a team of Sinners to begin the run. The starting roster and E.G.O Gift will not change unless you start a new expedition. There are events you may encounter within. Some allow you to recruit more Sinners, and others might reward you with E.G.O Gifts. They can also be swapped with Sinners at low health. Sinners can be powered up to gain levels and equip additional E.G.O. When you complete a run of a Mirror Dungeon, you will earn rewards based on the number of cleared sectors. The rewards may include Manager EXP, Battle Pass EXP, Identity Training Tickets, and Egoshard Crates (both random and nominable). You can earn extra bonus rewards 5 times a week.

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