League of Legends – Who Is Briar? Champion Info & Release Date

League of Legends – Who Is Briar? Champion Info & Release Date 1 - steamlists.com
League of Legends – Who Is Briar? Champion Info & Release Date 1 - steamlists.com

League of Legends – Who Is Briar? Champion Info & Release Date

Alright, so we’re buzzing about the next big thing in League of Legends – Briar. No, not that shrub in your backyard, but the female vamp jungler in LOL! She’s super mysterious right now, but let’s dive into everything we’ve got on her so far.

When’s Briar Hitting the LOL Scene? Let’s Decode!

So, RiotMeddler (you know, the big boss of League Studio) was talking on Reddit about this new character. Get this, Briar is scheduled to drop before the LOL World Championship 2023, which is happening in South Korea from October 10 to November 19. She’s so new, though, she’s sitting out of the playoffs—bummer, huh?

RiotMeddler also let slip that we can expect Briar in the Public Beta Environment between the “now and the next” Dev Update. It’s hard to predict, those updates can be anywhere from four to six weeks apart. Plus, it depends on how much the League team wants to share with us.

But we’re not totally in the dark! We think Briar could pop up in LOL on September 13, 2023, with Patch 13.18, or maybe September 27 with Patch 13.19. Fingers crossed!

Briar in League of Legends: Who is She, Anyway?

The LOL team is playing it super close to the chest when it comes to Briar’s gameplay and backstory. But hey, we’ve got some crumbs to go on! LOL Product Lead Lexi Gao (or Lexical, as we know her) said in the “Season 2023 | LoL Pls” Dev Update that Briar is a “hangry jungler.” You know, hungry and angry – perfect for a blood-thirsty vamp, right? But she’s not your typical bloodsucker – she’s a reformed vampire who knows who’s a friend and who’s food.

As for how she’ll look, the team’s working on setting her apart from other “femme fatale junglers.” Some folks are guessing she’ll be more like Annie, Gwen, or Zoe – you know, the “thousand-year-old vampire trapped in a child body” trope. Exciting, right?

The Lead Champion designer August Browning told Millennium.gg that they’ve always wanted a proper vampire Champion. Sure, there’s Vlad, but he’s more of a Blood Mage, despite his name. So, Briar’s going to bring that classic vampire vibe to the game. Picture this: she’s darting around like a bat, siphoning health from her enemies – just vampire things, right?

Think about this: if Briar can steal health, it could balance out her low health or make her a top-notch jungler. Plus, transforming into a bat might give her speed bonuses, perfect for hit-and-run tactics. She could even be the second diver jungler in LOL, following Rek’sai’s 2014 release.

That’s what we know about Briar so far, but we’ll keep you in the loop as more info comes out. Keep your eyes peeled on Steam Lists for the latest on LOL and all your favorite online games. Game on!

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