Tournament of Souls – How To Beat Expert Lux?

Tournament of Souls – How To Beat Expert Lux? 1 -
Tournament of Souls – How To Beat Expert Lux? 1 -

Tournament of Souls – How To Beat Expert Lux?

Hey guys, y’know the fresh mini-game in League of Legends, Tournament of Souls? Yeah, that’s right! It’s a blast with all those intense champ battles. So, we’re squaring off with Lux, Runeterra’s shining beacon – she’s tough as nails! But hey, don’t sweat it. We’ve got the right moves to KO Lux and snag the win. Let’s deep dive into the game plan for taking down Expert Lux in League of Legends: Tournament of Souls!

That Samira Kit You Need for Lux

Let’s be real, getting past Lux’s shields is like cracking a safe, you have to know the right combo. For Samira, the Lux-busting toolkit is Q1 | W2 | E2 | R1. Get these moves under your belt and you’ll have everything to take on Lux’s arsenal and return fire.

Shattering Lux’s Shield

Lux’s shield, man, it’s like her personal force field – blocking all damage. Bummer, right? But here’s a pro tip, just break it down! When Lux goes all defensive, switch on your E skill to shatter that shield. You’ll start scoring some hits and weakening her guard.

Outsmart Lux’s Ability Timing

Look out, Lux’s shield isn’t her only trick. When she’s holding back abilities for a bit, she’s about to throw up the shield. You gotta play it cool with your Q skill to avoid a nasty rebound off that shield. Just wait for her move, crack that shield, then let loose your Q skill and keep her on her toes.

Packing a Punch with Your Q Skill

Here’s your secret weapon against Lux, the Q skill. I mean, go all out with your Q skill, whittling down Lux’s HP bit by bit. Just remember, it’s all about that timing. Sync up your strikes with Lux’s abilities for max damage. Use your E + Q combo for a surprise bomb detonation that’ll catch Lux napping.

Stonewalling Lux’s Ultimate

Expert Mode Lux, she’s got a one-hit K.O. Ultimate up her sleeve. That beam of light is a quick game over if you’re not ready. The trick is to play it smart with your W skill. Keep it on standby for Lux’s Ultimate, don’t blow it on anything else. And be careful not to unload your abilities, especially your R skill, when Lux fires off her Ultimate, or you’ll be right in the line of fire.
Remember folks, with these pro strats and the right skill set, you’ve got what it takes to topple Expert Lux in League of Legends: Tournament of Souls. Just stay on your toes, shatter her shield, keep that damage coming with your Q skill, and block her Ultimate with your W skill. Game on, and good luck on your road to victory!

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