Fire Force Online – How To Get Augments? Roblox

Fire Force Online – How To Get Augments? Roblox 1 -
Fire Force Online – How To Get Augments? Roblox 1 -

Fire Force Online – How To Get Augments? Roblox

Yo, so you’re playing Fire Force Online on Roblox, right? And you want to be the top dog? Cool, cool. You need to know about Augments. No matter what Clan you’re in, Augments are your key to boosting those hot, hot Flame powers and snagging some neat passive skills. Things like nicking health or stamina, triggering chain explosionsΒ or putting the brakes on your foes. Getting your hands on Augments is a bit of a challenge, though. But hey, don’t sweat it! I’ll share the scoop on how to score these goodies in Fire Force Online.

1. Get Involved in Global Events

First things first. The best way to get Augment Chests in Fire Force Online? Joining in on Global Events. You have to pick a side, though – Fire Forces or White Clads. These events pit the two factions against each other. Now and then, you’ll get the chance to join in on Turf War or Payload events.

In Turf War, you have to fight for three Checkpoints and hold them down for a bit. The winning team bags a Chest at the end of the event. Then you have the Payload Event, where one team is guarding a Payload while the other is trying to snatch it. There’s also this random Phone Call Mission thing, but trust me, Turf Wars are your ticket to a guaranteed Chest drop. And if you’re not feeling the Phone Call Missions, just hit P and toggle them off. Simple!

2. Jump Into Ranked Matches & Make Your Mark

Another route? Ranked Matches. You can find this option on the main menu. Once you enter the Ranked server, you’ll start at Bronze I Rank. From there, you have to fight your way up in 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 matches. The higher your rank, the better your chances to grab Augment Chests in Fire Force Online.

3. Beat Sho Kusakabe at His Own Game

There’s also Sho Kusakabe. This guy’s a heavy hitter of the Evangelist and one of the game bosses. He’s tough, but take him down, and you might score some Chest drops. Here’s the rundown on how to find him:

  1. Start at the Desert location. You see a cliffside?
  2. There’s an opening there. Find it.
  3. Go through that opening – it’ll take you to the Sewers.
  4. Now, in the Sewers, keep your eyes peeled for red markings on the walls.
  5. Follow those red markings. You’ll find a ladder.
  6. Get your climb on, and you’ll end up at Sho Kusakabe’s base.
  7. Beat Sho Kusakabe, and you might just land a Fire Force Online Augment Chest.

So, What’s the Deal with Augments in Fire Force Online?

So you’re probably wondering, “what’s so special about these Augments?” Here’s the lowdown. These are super rare items in Fire Force Online, and they’re the secret sauce to staying alive in the game. When you have an Augment, it either cranks up your Flame power for M1/M2 attacks or adds a cool passive effect. Right now, there are 10 Augments up for grabs in Fire Force Online, each one changes your Flame aura color when you’re in combat. One of them, Ash, is still a work in progress, though.

Augment Description
Ash Still in the oven. Hang tight.
Azure Flame Turns your flames bright blue and lightning purple. Gives you Blue Fire damage over time (DOT).
Energy Syphon Your flames turn a bright lime color. This one nabs Energy from the target when you activate it.
Explosive Detonation Gives you bright dark orangish-red flames. It tags the target, which explodes after two seconds. If there’s another target close by when it blows, get ready for a chain reaction.
Frost Your flames turn bright white. It slows down enemies and stops them from running. Pretty cool, huh?
Life Stealers This turns your flames bright red. You heal a bit of health when you hit an opponent. Sweet deal, right?
Poison Gives your flames a bright neon green hue. It creates a poison tornado that deals DOT. Best part? The effect stacks multiple times.
Probability It’s a surprise box. Your flames change into random colors. Every time you activate this Augment, it cycles through every other Augment. How’s that for a twist?
Reverse Turns your flames white. If you hit an opponent with a skill or M2 attack, instead of sending them flying, it yanks them towards you.
Thunder Your flames and lightning turn bright yellow. It beefs up the stun effect. Shocking!

So, ready to rock those Augments in Fire Force Online? It’ll seriously up your game and make you a force to be reckoned with. Best of luck!

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