Latex Dungeon – Solve additional puzzles + Secret items – Side quests

Latex Dungeon – Solve additional puzzles + Secret items – Side quests 1 -
Latex Dungeon – Solve additional puzzles + Secret items – Side quests 1 -

With this second guide I will include how to solve additional puzzles that aren’t necessary to finish the game, this will include:
-Corrupting npcs
-Secret items
-Optional quests
Anything that isn’t present in this guide is instead covered in this one – [] 


The church is very first area you visit, and it holds the biggest amount of corruptable npcs.
If you take your time to explore this map, you’ll find the following npcs:

  • An healer npc standing in front of the book, always ready to cleanse your body and restore health.
  • A nun sitting behind the table, which awaits for you to deliver rescued girls.
  • A second nun in the kitchen, preparing the dishes.
  • Yet another nun in the second lower bedroom, resting peacefully.
  • The fourth nun, which stand behind the corner of a small shop, always ready to “brew” healing potions for you.
  • A warrior sitting in the dining room, waiting for some good ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ food.

Additionally, there are 4 upper rooms prepared for guests, occupied by the following npcs:

  • The last nun, who i believe is more friesian cow than human.
  • Sakura, which has to be rescued from the farm.
  • Stella, which can appear only if you choose to defeat her in the jungle
  • An adventurer that will appear only after Meeting her in the hidden tentacle map

In order to corrupt each npc, you require specific items and body conditions, before interacting with each npc or the surrounding enviroment.

  • For the healer npc, you need latex secretions that can be obtained only by losing against a latex monster and use the birth skill.
  • The first nun, waiting on the table also requires a tentacle, which you can get these either via birth, but also can be dropped by enemies.. After the first stage of corruption, you need afat, throbbing ♥♥♥♥, which you get either by losing against a latex ball enemy located in the forest or by using a tentacle on yourself.
  • The second nun, standing on the kitchen, cannot be corrupted directly, all you need is to… spice up her drink, which requires you to have a ♥♥♥♥, you need to do this twice and then just keep interacting with her multiple times to proceed her corruption. After finishing it, she’ll be so grateful that will help you share your girfts to both the warrior sitting on the dining room and Sakura.
  • The third nun is peacefully waiting on her bedroom for you to show her a giant shaft on her face, just make a short trip to the forest and say hi to the the first latex ball you meet…
  • The shopkeeper nun is the one you need to wait the most to corrupt: your item of choice for this one is gonna be A piece of plant, which can be obtained either via defeating a plant monster or birth.
  • The dairy nun is also corruptable, just like anyone else, get your hand on a tentacle and try it yourself…
  • Final npc to corrupt is Your best friend Stella, Which will just require you to use a tentacle item and enjoy the show.



After leaving the church, you’ll find yourself in a calm, peaceful and almost desert village, time to turn into horny monsters every inhabitant!
If you decided not to skip the intro, you already know the work is already halfway done: the only people missing are hiding inside houses: a former elven queen and a noblewoman guarded by a lone soldier.
Let’s get started with the noblewoman, which requires you to corrupt both her and her bodyguard: both of them only requires Latex secretions, with only the bodyguard actually attempting at self defense, but it shouldn’t take too much for you to beat her, corrupt them both and interact with them a couple of times, in order to complete their corruption
The elv queen is one of the latests npc you get to transform, as she requires you to use demonic stuff you get from the desert, also keep in mind that note on her table, it will be important for the future…
demonic stuff you get from the desert


The forest is the first area you get to explore, but it has quite a few things you can do instead of just speedrun to the next area:

    There are two hidden maps in this area and both of them aren’t hard to find:

  • The first one, located at bottom right of the camp, is where the demon hunter Catarina lives, OC once owned by the deceased Suigintou, who used to be a friend of ZXC themself
  • The second one is on the bottom left side of the same map containing the farm, this is where the first secret picture is located: the pile of papers standing inside the hut, precisely on the right of the some barrels.



The Caves hold a few interactable things, but very little stuff to note on this guide when compared to the previous area:

    No corruptable npcs, losing against any monster but the boss will result in your character to be sent to the breeding grounds and no transformation.Tentacle items can be obtained both by defeating enemies and birth, although using it will cause your character to grow a penis, just like latex ball enemies from the forest.

Only things really worth of attention here revolts around the secret map, which can be accessed from the breeding grounds after defeating three hidden core pod enemies, these are located:

  • Behind a tree in the defiled garden, you can easily find which one as it will be glowing.
  • At the extreme right side of the boss arena, close to a wall (it was originally planned for this pod to be placed inside a wall, but ZXC decided to place it closer as they thought it would’ve been too hard to find for the players).
  • At the final hallway for the exit, this is the only one that you cannot miss, as your character will always witness a nun getting caught by it.

As you kill more of them, A crack present on the wall of the breeding grounds will open more and more, eventually turning into a way for the hidden zone.
This hidden room is far more peculiar than the previous one, holding various chests, and an npc that will go back to the church after interacting with her. In this case, you want to open the other chests first, as the secret picture of this area is hidden in one of them, while the others are just mimics (it’s the one at the left, between the twins and the seedbed pillar).


Like the cave, this area doesn’t hold many things worth writing about in this guide:

  • Items: The slime item you get in this area is quite interesting, by using it while also having a penis will result in a very nice sequence with a sweet outcome, unfortunately this transformation has little to no use, outside of look…
  • Secret: This one is quite simple, albeit a little trollish: inside the small grotto, you’ll notice a very odd rope right behind a large seedbed, while it can be climbed, it’s not really worth doing it, as trying it’s actually a trap that will bring you straight to the second map of this area, the one you wanna climb is much shorter and completely hidden behind a seedbed on the right, that will get you to the hidden zone, where the secret item awaits.



A large and mysterious area, holding quite a few ponts of interest:

  • Enemy interaction: purple slerms are another of those enemies that causes a transformation instead of pregnancy, which will cause you to regenerate hp during combat.
  • Special interactables: it’s a little tricky but you can interact and attempt at rescuing the girls trapped inside those pods hanging above in the map where you find pregnant thorndancers, but it doesn’t end well…
  • Corruptable npcs: one, the witch located at the entrance of the hive, in order to start this interaction, you need to be in possession of at least the first stage of the suit given by the area boss, as well as be capable of defeating the witch herself . After her initial transformation, she’ll be relocated inside the hive itself, waiting for you to complete her transition into an happy, loyal drone.
  • Hidden zone: It was pretty obivious that the maze had more to hide…. The correct ruote you have to take in order to access this area’s secret is: second left, down, down.



This is the hardest map to traverse and it has quite a couple things you need to know about.

  • Step 1: it’s in the elven camp that you may find your first padlock, it’s password is written on a note, located on the tall house on the very left of the ruined village, which can be enter via a broken wall. if you are too lazy to search it yourself, then the just type OPAL.
  • Step 2: after getting instruction from the npc living inside, go to the boss map and check the corner on top right, you will find the item the elf is looking inside a chest locked by another padlock.
  • Step 3: the code for this padlock is hinted by a nearby note, but it requires a bit of effort to solve it: in order to find the solution, you need to count every column scattered in every other map of this area, then insert the right number on each slot (which is 854) is just 12, puzzle has been dumbed down, i can understand since it lead to nothing but a tiny lore piece.
  • Step 4: after recovering the journal, bring it back to the elf and leave, then exit and re-enter the house to witness the product of your actions.
  • (unfortunately, this quest’s reward was cut in the end, it was planned that, after delivering the journal, you would’ve given instructions about how to find an hidden enemy, which whould’ve given you a unique defeat sequence. Chest and note have also been moved from the second last house before the boss to the boss map, because testers kept wasting time trying to open it without any success instead of moving to the next map.)



The final area holds almost no puzzles to solve and it’s composed by a straight set of hallways filled with enemies.

  • Transformation: unlike aliens, losing against any droid enemy will not result in being sent to breeding chambers, instead, you’ll get a fancy new oufit that, much like the one given by slerms, grants you regenerative powers.
  • Hidden zone: there is only one branching path in this area, placed right in the middle of the map with deadly lasers: while the left path will lead you to the boss, the lower corridor, holding a more challenging sequence of beams, will bring you to the sixth and last secret picture.



The church’s basement, which can be accessed from the top right corner of the church, serves as game’s gallery.
As you enter it, you’ll find yourself in a small room with a long table, which is used hold every secret item previously collected during your playtrough, as well as bonus images such as cut content and fanarts
From the bottom of this small room, you can move to a much larger room, split in six small chambers that hold a replica of each of the enemies you fought, including bosses. This is the only way to corrupt both the witch and make a seedbed with Stella.

Written by Crown

This is all about Latex Dungeon – Solve additional puzzles + Secret items – Side quests; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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