Latex Dungeon – Basic Map Guide & Boss Fight

Latex Dungeon – Basic Map Guide & Boss Fight 1 -
Latex Dungeon – Basic Map Guide & Boss Fight 1 -

Hey there, I am one of the game developers, specifically the piece of scum behind the maps, and i’ve decided to make a small guide for traversing in each one of them in response of big boss ZXC’s suggestions.
For all the extra content not included here, try this one – [] 


For starting, I designed puzzles with the idea of having players to explore the maps by themselves, but I can understand people not wanting to waste time in unnecessary exploration for these kind of titles, that’s why i’m making this guide, even if I don’t want people to use it.
Also, you are playing a game made with rpg maker, I shouldn’t be the one telling you that it’s intended to be played with keyboard, (arrow keys to move, z and x as buttons), using mouse is extremely clunky and may cause complications in late areas
This guide was intended just for traversing maps, but in every case, a little couple of tips about combat:
Each area has a max level cap, if you cannot gain nore exp, go to the next one.
You automatically rescue girls from the monsters you defeat and are able to rescue more from passive seedbeds scattered all over the map.
Girls can be brought back in the church to get a max hp increase.
Losing against enemies will result in your character getting filled with infants of parasitic monsters, giving birth to them will reduce your hp and increase br*ast size, the latter effect can be fixed via interacting with an healer and is automatically triggered when wearing br*ast armor or by interacting with a corrupted healer.

Let’s get started

If you decided not to skip the intro, you’ll find yourself in control of a black orb during a village raid, this scene is completely optional: you can just skip it by talking with your boss (the larger monster standing close to the village’s entrance), but you can also roam around and interact with fleeing girls in order to capture them.
After this sequence, the game will change scene to inside the church, where you’ll finally assume control of the protagonist and sent to rescue captured girls [s]or join them[/s].
There are a total of 6 areas:
Forest – Latex monsters
Cave – Tentacle monsters
Cliff – Slime monsters
Jungle – Plant + insect monsters
Desert – Demon monsters
Spaceship – Alien monsters
Losing in each area will cause your character to be sent inside the breeding grounds map for each, unless you lose against a boss, which will result in your character getting permanently corrupted by them. At the end of the final area, you’ll be sent back to the church, where the final boss awaits.
You may also wanna check the church’s basement, where you can find on a table all the hidden items, you collected during play, as well as a set of room containing each and every previously fought monster and two additional rooms, one for cutscenes and another one that I made for fun.
Now that i pulled out the game’s base, let’s start with the guide, this will only include the mandatory path, and it will no bonus section.

Forest and Cliff

Both these two areas are comprised of straightforward maps with no real puzzle to solve in order to reach the boss, just traverse each map to the end and you’ll get to the next one.


This is where you will find your first roadblock: after traversing the first map, you’ll rech the breeding grounds, a large map sporting three paths: one at your left, one at your right and one at the very top, taking the upper path will bring you in front of a giant pit, while the other two are connected to a larger, dead end map via a small tunnel, your task is to find two items not-so-hidden inside each of the side maps: the left one standing at the very end of the map and the right one at the center, after getting them both, take the upper path for the giant pit and interact with the glowing spot on the ground, which will result in the path for the boss to finally open, the boss, get to the last hallway behind it and climb up until you reach the exit for the next area, the cliffside.


This one starts relatively innocent with a small path, but things will rapidly takes a twists as you enter The green onion guy’s swamp: you reach for the exit at the top of the map aaaaand you’re back to the start of the map…
As a puzzle, it’s not really difficult to solve: just travel to the center of the map and you’ll notice your screen taking a purple tinge as you approach a monster peacefully minding her own businnes, get rid of her via a sending her to the shadow realm and the path for the next map will finally open, same thing goes for the breeding grounds area and the maze map: find the purple, stationary enemy, ERASE them and the passage fro the next area will be open.
And about the maze: you are allowed to traverse up to three different tunnels, the moment you attempt a fourth time, it will result in the main character getting defeated and transported to the breeding grounds, to reset the counter, just exit and re-enter the map. In order to get to your target, just take the two entrances on the right and follow the path, straightforward as the remaining maps of this area.



Now this is where the game gets confusing: from the very beginning, you have to cross two maps without getting spotted by a group of guarding elves, this is not too hard to achieve after you realize how the mechanincs work: your character will be spotted and sent back to the oasis only when getting in a range of two tiles from them, keep this in mind and you should be able to traverse both maps with ease.
Now that you have finally reached the ruined city, you’ll discover that this large map has multiple choices of where to go: right and left path or inside three of the house, if you take any of the two paths, you will find yourself to a dead end as you will be unable to proceed without knowing the passwords to enter each house. You may wanna start with entering the small house on bottom right of the first map, where you’ll meet a friendly npc who will ask you to retrive for them a pendant in exchange to the password for opening the path to the boss, but said pendant is currently located inside the locked house on the left path so, your next target is gonna be finding the password for entering said house, which can be found written on a note placed at the very end of the one house completely covered with green vines, located at the center of the larger map, get the first code, enter the second house and deliver the pendant back to its probably not so rightful owner, in order to get the last password that you need to leave this place.

If you don’t feel like you wanna explore the maps, then the passwords you need are:
AGAVE for the house with the pendant and BARYTEfor accessing the boss, everything else is optional.


After leaving the boss room of the previpus area vua the passage above it, You’ll witness a small cutscene and find a crashed spaceship in front of you, surrounded by flames and bearing a smal aperture. This final area… isn’t exactly as hard to traverse as the previous one, as you have obly one oath to traverse with no real puzzle, aside of the laser corridor, the bad news about that are that you cannot just turn them off, but good news is that you can still save the game at any moment…


After completing this last area, prepare yourself for the second strongest enemy in the game or just go for the “bad” ending by surrendering to it… Like anybody would do in an h*ntai game….
Have fun

Written by Crown

This is all about Latex Dungeon – Basic Map Guide & Boss Fight; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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  1. Hi there!

    Love this game and well done! I seem to have an issue in the jungle, I cannot initiate combat with the purple enemy in order to proceed. I tried walking into them or clicking into them. How can I get past this?

    Thanks a lot !


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