How to Upgrade Your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

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How to Upgrade Your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

Ever landed in Sandrock and felt like you’re working in a cramped space? Well, you’re not alone. Good news? It’s pretty easy to give your yard a major upgrade. So, want to make your workspace bigger and better? Here’s how!

Step 1: Leap Beyond Limitations

Notice that fence behind your workshop? Yeah, the one that feels like it’s boxing you in. Imagine what’s on the other side. More space, right? To kick things off, just jump over it. Go on, see what’s waiting for you!

Step 2: Spotting the “Expand” Sign

Once you’re past the fence, there’s a sign – the golden ticket to your new and improved yard. It boldly says “Expand”. That’s your cue! Walk up to it, interact, and watch your yard grow right before your eyes.

Step 3: A Small Price for a Bigger Playground

Okay, let’s talk costs. Ready? It’s 1,000 Gol. Sounds a bit steep? But think about it – isn’t the extra room worth it? With more space, the sky’s the limit. You can build, craft, and design to your heart’s content.

Follow these simple steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying a whole new world of possibilities. Here’s to bigger and better creations in your expanded yard in My Time at Sandrock!

Stepping Up Your Workshop Game in My Time at Sandrock

So, you want to supercharge your workshop in Sandrock? Easy peasy. Head to town and look for the Construction Junction. It’s right next to City Hall. Run by Heidi, the genius architect of Sandrock, it’s your one-stop-shop for all things construction. But today, we’re on a special mission.

When you walk in, don’t get distracted. Look for Heidi’s desk. And on it? The Construction Junction Manual. A true gem! This book is your ticket to a revamped workshop. Want to know how? Just follow the arrows inside.

Here’s the deal: to level up your workshop, you’ll need some materials and, of course, Gol. Common materials include Stone Slate, Wooden Board, and Copper Screws. And remember, as your workshop grows, so will the costs. So, keep a stash of these essentials handy. Happy upgrading!

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