How to Get Married Guide in My Time at Sandrock

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How to Get Married Guide in My Time at Sandrock

Ever thought about getting hitched in the virtual world of My Time at Sandrock? Well, it’s not as simple as just hitting the “I do” button. Nope! You’ve got to work your charm and nurture a bond with that special someone. And how, you ask? Well, it’s through gestures like handing over gifts they’d love, striking up daily conversations, ticking off their personal quests, and planning out dates that’d leave both of you with twinkling eyes. Each of these steps inches you closer to filling up that magical relationship meter. Let’s dive a little deeper into this, shall we?

How to Boost Your Relationship?

  • Gifting them something they’ll cherish.
  • Engaging in daily chit-chat.
  • Going above and beyond with their unique quests.
  • Setting up those picture-perfect dates.

How Does Bonding Change Interactions?

It’s like baking a cake. The more ingredients (read: efforts) you add, the better it turns out! As your bond strengthens, you’ll find them warming up to you in surprising ways. Suddenly, they’ll shower you with lovely voice notes, maybe surprise you with a birthday gift, or even suggest a dreamy date. And hey, once your bond score hits between 150-400 points, guess what? You get to present them a Heart Knot, taking you both from being just pals to dreamy-eyed lovers.

  • BF/GF –  150-600 Relationship Points
  • Sweetheart – 600-900 Relationship Points
  • Lover – 900-1,100 Relationship Points
  • Soulmate – 1,100-1,200 Relationship Points

What Do You Need for a Virtual Wedding?

  • Upgrade to a Workshop Yard level 5.
  • Earn the title of a ‘Lover‘ with your chosen character.
  • Get that sparkly Engagement Ring ready.

Just remember, every journey starts with a single step. And in My Time at Sandrock, that step is building a genuine connection. So, ready to take the plunge?

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