How to Unlock All Slytherin Locks Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock All Slytherin Locks Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -
How to Unlock All Slytherin Locks Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy 1 -

How to Unlock All Slytherin Locks Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Get ready for a wild ride in “In The Shadow of the Study“, where you team up with Ominis and Sebastian on a thrilling adventure to crack open Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium. You’ll face these tricky Slytherin Lock puzzles – think of them like a wizard’s version of a Rubik’s Cube. They’ve got these three lock dials with funky symbols, all under the watchful eye of a sneaky snake. Your mission? Line up the symbols on the gate to match those on the snake dials. Sounds easy? Let’s see!

Unlocking the First Slytherin Mystery

For the first lock, sneak into the room left of the main hall. There, you’ll spot a snake dial that’s just begging to be solved. Whip out your Confringo spell and light up the torch next to the lock. Check out the image we’ve got to match those symbols. Nail it, and boom – you’re one step closer to the treasure.

Mastering the Second Slytherin Puzzle

The second lock is chillin’ by the main door, playing hard to get behind an iron gate. Peek at the gate’s symbols and then get those snake dials to play copycat. The gate’s got this cool circular thing on top and a snake pattern on the bottom. Match ’em up, and watch the gate swing open like magic – literally.

Conquering the Third Slytherin Challenge

Light your way with Lumos and strut through gate number two to face the final boss of locks. Light the torch beside this bad boy with Confringo and match the symbols like a boss. This gate’s got a jellyfish vibe at the top and a pyramid party at the bottom. Get it right, and you’re golden – on to the next part of your epic quest. Plus, you’ll stumble upon Noctua Gaunt’s…

Unlocking Slytherin’s Secret Scriptorium Door

Ready to dive deep into Slytherin’s Scriptorium secrets? First up, light three braziers in the hallway super quick with Confringo. No dilly-dallying, or they’ll go out. Get them all lit, and the Scriptorium door’s like, “Welcome, wizard!” Then, take a hike up the spiral stairs with Lumos guiding you. You’ll hit a room with a locked door. Use Revelio to spot a broken wall, then Reparo to fix it up, unveiling a hidden message. Finally, get Ominis to chat up the door in Parseltongue, and voilà, you’re in! Welcome to the world of Slytherin Locks, Hogwarts Legacy style.

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