How to Master the Last Epoch Monolith: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master the Last Epoch Monolith: A Comprehensive Guide 1 -
How to Master the Last Epoch Monolith: A Comprehensive Guide 1 -

How to Master the Last Epoch Monolith: A Comprehensive Guide

Jumping into the Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch is like opening a treasure chest of endgame adventures. This guide is your map to making the most out of it. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Monolith in Last Epoch.

Getting to Know the Monolith of Fate

So, the Monolith of Fate is where the action happens after you’re done with the main story. You’ll get there through The End of Time, but only after you’ve wrapped up the campaign, since the enemies you’ll meet start at level 58. The Monolith is packed with Echoes, which are these cool, alternate events filled with monsters, bosses, and rare finds. It’s where you get to challenge yourself and snag awesome rewards.

The Echoes: Where Challenges Meet Loot

In the Monolith, Echoes are your battlegrounds, swarming with foes and loot opportunities. You can score unique and set items tied to specific Monoliths, perfect for powering up your builds or crafting legendary gear. Crank up the Corruption level to boost the loot quality and your experience points. Taking down bosses in these Echoes can earn you Blessings, giving your character a permanent boost, with each boss offering something special.

Exploring Monolith Timelines

The Monolith splits into different timelines, each with its own Echoes, quests, bosses, and loot. Unlocking new timelines means finishing the ones you’re in, by beating Quest Echoes and bosses specific to each timeline. You can always go back to farm more rewards or to unlock more timelines.

Special Echoes: Hunt for Unique Loot

Every timeline has its own special Echoes, dropping unique loot that’s key for your builds. One to watch is the Shade of Orobyss Echo—it’s your ticket to upping your Corruption levels, making the Monolith even more rewarding and challenging.

Strategies for Conquering the Monolith

Mastering the Monolith is all about strategy. Pick timelines that fit your build, manage your Corruption to get the right balance of challenge and reward, and clear those Echoes efficiently. Special Echoes, especially the Shade of Orobyss, are crucial for tweaking the difficulty and rewards to your liking.

Empowered Timelines: The Ultimate Challenge

Beat the top-level timelines, and you unlock their Empowered versions. These are tougher but come with even better loot. Starting at level 100 with 100 Corruption, they’re the ultimate test for any endgame adventurer.

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