All Known Cheats for Last Epoch

All Known Cheats for Last Epoch 1 -
All Known Cheats for Last Epoch 1 -

All Known Cheats for Last Epoch

Hey there! Want to spice up your Last Epoch game with some cheats? While the folks at Eleventh Hour Games haven’t given the green light to cheat, there are still some backdoors for those eager to try something new or get ahead. Here’s a rundown on all the known cheats for Last Epoch and how to make them work for you.

Using Cheat Engine for Last Epoch Cheats

Cheat Engine is your go-to for dabbling in Last Epoch cheats. But remember, it’s a no-go for online play unless you’re cool with risking a ban. Always back up your game saves first to keep your progress safe. Here’s how to get started:
1. First, grab Cheat Engine 7.2 or newer.
2. Back up your game saves. You’ll find them here:
– If you’re using cloud sync: \steamapps\userdata\\899770\ac\WinAppDataLocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves
– Going solo without cloud sync: %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves
3. Fire up the Cheat Engine and open the .CT file.
4. Pick the Last Epoch game process in Cheat Engine by clicking the PC icon.
5. Turn on the cheats by ticking boxes or flipping values from 0 to 1.

Available Cheats with Cheat Engine

Ready to amp up your gameplay? Cheat Engine unlocks a treasure trove of cheats, like:
– Extra Idol Slots for more power.
– Fast Level Up to speed through the ranks.
– Auto Kill for instant enemy defeat.
– Boost your Player Speed to zip around.
– More Skill Slots for strategic depth.
– Max out Mastery Points for top-tier character builds.
– Pile on Skill Points for awesome abilities.
– Infinite Mana for endless casting.
– Skip those cooldowns and keep the spells coming.
– Max Item Tier for epic gear.
– Perfect your Max Affix Rolls for ultimate items.
– God Mode to shrug off damage.
– One Hit Kills for that super punch.
– Gamble Rarity Roll for better loot.
– Fast Cast for swift spell-slinging.

Cheat Engine-specific Cheats

But that’s not all. Cheat Engine also lets you tweak:
– Unlimited Shards
– Max all affix shards
– Beef up Companions / Minions
– Adjust New Zone Parameters
– Change Base Use Speed Multiplier

Using WeMod for Last Epoch Cheats

Prefer something simpler? WeMod’s your friend. It’s easier than Cheat Engine but still packs a punch. To use WeMod:
1. Download it from their site.
2. Install and launch WeMod, then sign in or sign up.
3. Head over to the Last Epoch cheats section.

Available Cheats with WeMod

WeMod gives you cheats like:
– Unlimited Health
– Unlimited Mana
– Unlimited Health Potions
– More Gold
– Max Skill Points
– Max Passive Points
– Adjust Game Speed

With these cheats, you can take your Last Epoch experience to new heights. Just remember, play nice and keep the game fun for everyone.

Using Game Trainers: Proceed with Caution

Just a heads up, game trainers are a bit like the wild west. They can mess with your game files big time, so use them wisely, especially online. Unlike simple tweaks like Talent Calculators and Loot Filters, trainers can do some serious tinkering. Always be careful to avoid any game file mishaps.

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