How to Get Sealant Guide in Starfield

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How to Get Sealant Guide in Starfield

Alright, so you’re building your dream base in Starfield and suddenly, bam! You’re out of Sealant, that magic goo essential for crafting. Don’t panic; we’ve all been there. Here’s your friendly guide to grabbing more of it.

How to Buy Sealant Like a Pro

When in need, buying Sealant is the easiest route. Stroll into any major city or settlement, find vendors, and they’ll likely have it. And here’s a pro tip: unlock that Commerce skill and watch the price drop! Here are some vendor hotspots:

  • Outlands– Commercial District (New Atlantis, Jemison)
  • UC Distribution – Commercial District (New Atlantis, Jemison)
  • Apex Electronics – The Well (New Atlantis, Jemison)
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – (Neon, Volii Alpha)
  • Newill’s Goods – (Neon, Volii Alpha)
  • Any Trade Authority vendor (Major cities)

Harvesting Sealant: A Hands-On Experience

Want to get your hands dirty? Harvest Sealant straight from plants or defeated animals. Whip out your scanner, locate those Sealant-rich organisms, and collect away.

Where to Find Hidden Sealant

Embrace your inner explorer! Sealant is sneakily tucked away in cabinets, shelves, and various containers scattered across the universe. The trick? Loot everything. Leave no stone—or container—unturned.

Farming Sealant: Planetary Outpost Edition

If you’re in it for the long game, set up an Outpost on a Sealant-rich planet, like the reliable Eridani IV. Patience and persistence are your best pals here.

The Art of Looting

Adventure around, and you’ll be surprised where Sealant pops up—containers, unsuspecting corpses, secret labs, and crafting areas. Sometimes, you might even snag some through a little light pickpocketing!

Companion Gifts: The Sealant Surprise

And then, there are companions like Sarah Morgan with the ‘Botany‘ trait, who’ll surprise you with Sealant gifts out of the blue. Not the most reliable source but always a pleasant surprise!

Why Relying Solely on Companion Gifts Isn’t Wise

While delightful, gifts from companions won’t make you a Sealant millionaire. It’s more like a small bonus, part of the loot mix you’ll gather during your incredible adventures.

Limitations of Companion-Sourced Sealant

Sure, Companion Sealant is handy but not limitless. Depending on one source—especially a companion—might leave you short. So, diversify your Sealant sourcing strategies for a worry-free crafting experience.

This helpful guide will show you  How to Get Sealant Guide in Starfield.

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