Starfield – Where to Go – The Eye or the Protect the Artifacts? Unveiling the High Price of Starfield

Starfield – Where to Go – The Eye or the Artifacts? Unveiling the High Price of Starfield 1 -
Starfield – Where to Go – The Eye or the Artifacts? Unveiling the High Price of Starfield 1 -

Starfield – Where to Go – The Eye or the Protect the Artifacts? Unveiling the High Price of Starfield

So, in Starfield, you’ll face big choices like deciding between “Defend the Lodge” and “Go to the Eye”. These choices change your story and who you can hang out with in the game. Want the best experience? Make sure to pick what fits your gameplay.

We’ll break down what each choice means for you. By the way, who you meet at The Eye can vary. For example, during my game, I heard about Sarah from Vladimir. But another player, Isaac Todd, heard about Sam Coe. So, you might have to choose between saving your favorite pal or Barrett.

Which to Pick: “Go to The Eye” or “Stay at The Lodge”?

After you’re done with the “No Sudden Moves” quest, you go back to The Lodge. But soon, there’s trouble at The Eye with Vladimir and a friend. The Hunter, a guy you might have seen in bars, tells you he wants the artifacts.

Now, you must pick. Will you keep the artifacts safe at The Lodge? Or will you race to The Eye to help Sarah and Vlad? Let’s see what happens with each choice.

If You Choose “Stay at The Lodge”

At the Lodge, things get tense. The Hunter briefly grabs Walter, causing a big fight. You can’t beat The Hunter for good, but you can hurt him enough to make him back off for a bit. You might also run away.

Use this chance to go to the basement and get to the Well. You’ll face The Hunter again. Win, and you can get to the Starport and fly away in your ship.

If you fought The Hunter well, he’d be impressed. He’ll give you a cool weapon and then leave. Now, you can head to The Eye to check on your friends.

Here’s the sad part: one of your pals might get hurt badly. For me, Sarah didn’t make it. But Sam and Andreja were hurt, yet they lived. Talk to Vladimir; he’ll be okay. If you pick this, know that you’ll lose a friend. But your artifacts stay safe. And hey, in a New Game Plus, your lost friend comes back.

How to Save Friends at The Eye

Want to save your friends at The Eye? Move fast and leave The Lodge. Barrett will stay back to lock the door. Next, fly to Orbit of Jemison and join The Eye. Inside, you’ll find your hurt friends and Vladimir.

After you get back to The Lodge, you’ll find out Barrett didn’t make it, and some of your buddies are hurt. But, good news, Noel got away with the Artifacts. Head into the Well to chat with her. That’s when The Hunter pops up again.

You have a choice. Fight The Hunter till he gives up and leaves, or team up with Noel, dash to your spaceship, and head into Orbit. If you pick the second one and earlier gave The Hunter a good fight, he might just let you keep the Artifacts. He might even toss you a cool weapon. After that, head on over to The Eye for a chat with Vladimir.

If you decide to head to The Eye, remember you won’t see Barrett again in this game. But, your Artifacts? They’re safe and sound.

Once you’ve decided and talked to Vladimir, Noel hands you the Artifacts. Where to keep them? You have two spots on your spaceship near the storage or at one of your Outposts. If you go with the Outpost, you get the Armillary blueprint. That’s a neat gadget to keep your Artifacts safe.

After you set up the Armillary, make your way to New Atlantis. The Starport’s seen better days after your run-in with The Hunter. So, you’ll use the NAT to get to The Lodge. Once inside, have a quick chat with Matteo. Congrats! You’ve finished the High Price to Pay quest. That’s a sweet 800 Experience Points and 13,300 Credits for you.

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