How to Get All 13 Weapons in The Last Faith

How to Get All 13 Weapons in The Last Faith 1 -
How to Get All 13 Weapons in The Last Faith 1 -

How to Get All 13 Weapons in The Last Faith

Ready to snag all 13 weapons in The Last Faith? Here’s your go-to guide for finding every single one of them!

Starting Strong with Nightfall Blade

Kick off your adventure with the Nightfall Blade – it’s fast, fierce, and perfect for up-close action. Best part? You get it right at the start, no sweat!

SkullCleaver: The Beast

Get your hands on the SkullCleaver and feel the power! This bad boy is slow but hits like a truck. Find it in the Broken Pass and start swinging!

Nighttide’s Rout: The Long Reach

Whip it good with the Nighttide’s Rout, snagged in the City of Mythringal. Not the heaviest hitter, but its reach? Epic for swatting those early flyers!

Blunderblade: The Swift Backup

Need a quick blade? Check out the Blunderblade. Snap it up from the Blacksmith in Mythringal – just rescue them first, and you’re golden.

Ethereal Great Blade: The Showstopper

Meet the Ethereal Great Blade, the game’s powerhouse. Huge damage, speed, and reach make this blade a game-changer.

Stormchaser Macewhip: The Cool Hybrid

Check out the Stormchaser Macewhip. It’s a whip, it’s a mace, it’s awesome! Perfect for those mid-game showdowns.

Spinal Chain Blade: The Dark Horse

Find the Spinal Chain Blade in Liturgical Pass. It’s got range, it’s got moves, and it brings the dark-style pain. Definitely a mid-game must-have!

Severance Reaper: The Speedster

Speed and reach? Get the Severance Reaper. This scythe-style weapon is all about fast strikes and cool combos.

Illygrath Boreal Blade: The Solid Choice

Add the Illygrath Boreal Blade to your kit. It’s strong, dependable, and ready for battle.

Firestriker Blade: The Flame Master

Love fire? The Firestriker Blade is your dream weapon. Flamethrower action and fiery waves make it a hot choice.

Holy Winged Axe: The Late-Game Hero

Go big with the Holy Winged Axe. It’s a late-game legend with cool moves and Frost enchantment tricks.

The Devourer of the Betrayed: The Elegant Slayer

The Devourer of the Betrayed mixes style with strength. This katana-style sword is a sleek, deadly choice.

The Rift of Blood: The Ultimate Weapon

Finally, the The Rift of Blood. It’s the big boss of weapons, dishing out a whopping 900 damage. Talk about a game finisher!

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