How to Find Lady Helenya Ink Quest in The Last Faith

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How to Find Lady Helenya Ink Quest in The Last Faith

Hey there, adventurers! Ever find yourself tangled up in a side quest that’s more confusing than a maze? That’s the Women In Ink quest in The Last Faith for you – a real head-scratcher with clues as tricky as a puzzle. But don’t sweat it! I’ve cracked the code and I’m here to spill the beans on the secret item you need to wrap this quest up with a bow.

So, I went full detective mode and, after what felt like a gazillion hours, I hit the jackpot! The key to nailing the Women In Ink quest lies in an item that’s got this spooky, mysterious vibe, kind of like a ghost story – it’s all about sacrificed infants. Curious? Stick with me and we’ll dive deeper into this mystery together.

Where to Find the Women In Ink

How to Find Lady Helenya Ink Quest in The Last Faith 2 -
How to Find Lady Helenya Ink Quest in The Last Faith 2 –

Finding the Women in Ink in The Last Faith is a whole adventure on its own. Picture this: she’s chilling in a hidden room just a stone’s throw from Oxneveylle’s Manor. Here’s the game plan: zap yourself over to Oxneveylle’s Great Hall, march out of the castle, and bam! To your right, there’s this secret room waiting for you to explore. Inside, you’ll see a melancholic lady just hanging out.

But here’s the twist – you might not get into this room on your first try. To sneak in, you’ll need a key from Mark NPC, hanging out on the lower floor of Oxneveylle’s Manor.

How to Ace The Last Faith’s Women In Ink Quest

Once you’re in the room, head to the center and unlock the treasure chest. Inside, you’ll find the game-changer: The Unborn Of the Midnight Aristocracy. Now, double back to the Woman in Ink and hand over this precious item to nail the quest. The reward? A cool achievement called The Woman in Ink, because who needs treasure when you have bragging rights?

The Unborn: A Spooky Piece of The Last Faith’s Puzzle

Ready to get your spook on in The Last Faith? Here’s the deal with The Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy: it’s this creepy artifact made from the remains of noble kids from the Mythiringal family. When you chat with the Woman in Ink, you’ll see she’s all about honoring these lost souls. To help her out, you’ve got to snag The Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy, a chilling keepsake of that dark history.

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