How to Edit Your Save in Sunkenland

How to Edit Your Save in Sunkenland 1 -
How to Edit Your Save in Sunkenland 1 -

How to Edit Your Save in Sunkenland

Hey there! Wanna tweak your save file and dive into creative mode a bit early? Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be customizing your character or world in no time.

1. Finding Your Save File

First up, head over to C:\Users\”YourUsername”\AppData\LocalLow\Vector3 Studio\Sunkenland\Characters or World on your computer. That’s where your game’s save files hang out.

2. Pick the Right File

Look for the latest .json file – it’s probably named something like “f3tt9456-d231-4z59-92ae-3a46f9f576e0.json”. Oh, and don’t forget to backup the file before you start changing things!

3. Edit with Notepad ++

Open that .json file with Notepad ++ or any text editor you like. This is where the magic happens!

4. Make Your Changes and Save

Edit away and then hit save. That’s all there is to it.

5. Play with Your New Save

Now, just start your game and load your edited save file. Enjoy your new, custom experience!

Heads Up: If the game throws a fit and shows an error after loading your save, just hit ALT+F4 to shut it down. Don’t save with ESC, or you might lose your edits. If it keeps being fussy, try using your backup file and tweak something else.

Extra Tricks:

  • Bigger Item Stacks: Want more stuff in each stack? Just change the “amount” value. But remember, to keep them from glitching, move them to storage by dragging, not clicking.
  • Handling Big Stacks: You can sort them, but don’t try splitting or dropping them – that’s a recipe for a crash. Also, steer clear of the “Take All” button in storage.
  • Endless Fuel for Rides: Craving infinite fuel for your vehicles? Tweak the “fuelAmount” value in the World.json file, located in …/Worlds/”YourWorldName”.

Tip: Use Ctrl+F in Notepad ++ or Steam’s search to quickly find what you need.

Happy Modding! 😊

(P.S. I’ve left out the nitty-gritty details about “inventoryStorageSaveData,” “quickSlotStorageSaveData,” “playerStatusData,” and “playerEquipmentData” for now.)

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