Best Build and Traits for Auras in Tiny Rogues

Best Build and Traits for Auras in Tiny Rogues 1 -
Best Build and Traits for Auras in Tiny Rogues 1 -

Best Build and Traits for Auras in Tiny Rogues

Hey there, gamers! If you’re into Tiny Rogues like I am, you’ve gotta check out these tips since patch v0.2.0 rolled out. I’ve been glued to this game and I’ve figured out some awesome tricks for using auras. They’re super handy for dishing out ongoing damage while keeping your character out of harm’s way.

Best Aura Traits:

Here’s the scoop: focus on Burn Aura and Combustion, both needing Intelligence. If you want a plan B, go for Poison Aura with Deadly Toxins or Corrosive Magic. Don’t forget Dominance, a must-have for aura users, as it boosts your aura size. Oh, and Cast on Crit is a game-changer, triggering magic weapon attacks with your regular hits.

Playing the Game:

Although Esper is the ideal class for this, you can make it work with any. Starting with Keys is a smart move for stat boosts. If you’ve unlocked Stage 1 companion, grab it early, unless you’re an Esper.

Stage 1 Strategy:

Focus on Events, Intelligence, Dice, Dexterity, and grab 2-4 Bombs for secret spots. Later, you can think about Strength, gold, chests, shops, and taverns.

What to Do in Stage 2:

By now, you should have your first trait. Look out for weapon upgrades. Having several dice helps in rerolling for Intelligence or Dexterity. Keep some bombs and keys handy, especially for the black market. Find an intelligence/dexterity weapon with long range, and keep an eye out for magic weapons with slow attack speed and high damage to pair with Cast on Crit.

Stages 3-6 Focus:

Go for Events, Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, Dice, gold, chests, and shops or taverns.

Stages 7-9 Tips:

Look for powerful rare or epic weapons for your main and magic weapon setups.

Final Stage 10 Prep:

Gear up and grab some buff consumables for the big showdown with Death.

Stages 11-12 Challenge:

These levels are tough, but with smart aura use and dodging skills, you’ll get through.

Special Achievement Guide:

Similar gameplay here, but if you’re an Esper, try Psionic Blasts + Mind Spiral with your auras. Mental Empowerment is also great for Espers, giving your teddy a huge edge in early stages.

Pro tip: turn off auto-equip in settings/gameplay so you’re in full control of your gear.

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