Hi-Fi RUSH – Item and Stage Challenges

Hi-Fi RUSH – Item and Stage Challenges 1 - steamlists.com
Hi-Fi RUSH – Item and Stage Challenges 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome. This Hi-Fi RUSH – Item and Stage Challenges Guide was written to be useful to you, and we genuinely hope it is.

These challenges require you to complete specific tasks in a particular order or with a particular difficulty

What a trip it was… Stage Obstacles

This can include changing your outfit, finding all the SPECTRA doors or finishing all Tracks with an S Rank on all difficulties.

Vandelay Intern

Beat all stages on Easy difficulty.

Vandelay Employee

All stages on Normal difficulty can be completed.

Vandelay Manager

All levels of difficulty can be overcome.

Vandelay Boss

All stages on Very Hard difficulty must be completed.

Vandelay CEO

Beat all levels of Rhythm Master difficulty.

The Next Level Lvl.1 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Clear 60th floor in the Rhythm Tower.

Once Isn’t Enough!

Two times climb to the top of Rhythm Tower!

I Spell Tower with An S!

Get rid of the Rhythm Tower with an S ranking


Beat the Rhythm Tower without using any items.

How high can this thing go?

You can also take on the Rhythm Tower


You can change your look by wearing a costume!

New Beginnings

You should definitely watch the end!

No Door Left Unturned Lvl.1 2, 3 and 4.

Clear SPECTRA challenge rooms.

Challenge S-Ranker! Lvl.1, 2, and 3

Clear SPECTRA challenge rooms with an S rank.

Perfect Harmony

Complete Partner Action minigames for Macaron and Korsica on the first try with perfect timing.

Awkward Encounters

Smidge is your friend in every conversation!

I’m Not Paying for This!

Get out and shop!

Pick Up After You Have Left.

Empty trash cans in the garbage

After removing a vending machine, you can run around and put cans in the trash bin nearby.

I’ll definitely be taking it!

Find the contents of every treasure chest!

Flawless Run!

In any challenge, conquer any stage without damage!

Soft Rock Master

Get an S Rank or above in all stages of Easy difficulty!

Rock Master

All stages of Normal difficulty require an S Rank or higher

Hard Rock Master

All Hard levels of difficulty require an S rank or higher

Very Rock Mastery Rock Master

Get an S Rank or above in all stages on Very difficult difficulty

Rhythm Master… Master

All stages of Rhythm Master difficulty require an S Rank or higher

Golden Boy

Smash up Kale statues!

Words are hard Lvl.1 and 2

You can watch every Vlog on campus! !

Street Art Collector

All graffiti is available!

It was an amazing journey! Stage-Only Challenges

These challenges can only been earned on certain Tracks. They can range from boss fights that result in a complete failure to perform certain actions at certain times. If you fail, don’t be afraid to go back to the main menu and reload your save.

Track 1 Personnel Management

Beat the Track 1 boss fight without getting any damage!

Face Off

Totally destroy QA-1MIL’s face in Track 1!

Track 2 Personnel Management

You can defeat the Track 2 boss fight with no damage!


In Track 2, land 50-hit combos on Rekka!

The Sky Is Lava

Avoid all of the falling lava ball sin Track 3!

He’s so hot now!

Zanzo’s promo cutout is a blast to the lava in Track 3!

Get Outta My Way, Magma!

Track 4: Parry falling lava balls!

The Great Escape

Make sure you clear the Track 4 escape scene without damaging anything!

Data Harmony

Make sure you have all of the data spheres in Track 5 without making any mistakes!

Ad Blocker

In Track 6, you can parry the incoming signs that are on the L.I.F.T. !

Nice Catch!

You successfully caught Korsica on Track 7!


Take down Korsica in all her fights in Track 7 by having a Just timing of over 90%!

Nothing Shocks Me

Track 8: Don’t suffer any electric harm during battle!

Track 9 Personnel Management

You can beat the Track 9 boss fight without paying any damage!

Party Crasher

Parry Mimosa’s vocal attacks on track 9!

Be gentle! I Need That Thing!

Beat Track 10 without letting the cannon’s HP fall below 50%

Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Accountant?

Beat Roquefort’s rhythm sequence Track 10 with no mistakes!

Heart And Soul

You can complete Track 11’s initial rhythm sequence without making any mistakes.


Complete the last rhythm sequence without making any mistakes

Corporate Restructuring

Beat Kale in Track 12!

Standing in Awe

Take on Kale in the final showdown without taking any injury.

Helping Hand

All side missions completed!

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