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Welcome. This Hi-Fi RUSH – Golden Kale Statue Locations Guide was written to be useful to you, and we genuinely hope it is.

This guide will tell you all the locations of Golden Kale Statue

Golden Kale Statue Locations

For the achievements, you only need one, but there are many scattered around multiple levels, and you must break a certain amount for an art challenge. You can knock them down with a combo, but combos cause more damage.

This isn’t all Kale statues, as it is unnecessary to break all of them, just those most accessible. In the near future, I will list each figure, but it is not needed because you can break the same statue repeatedly to get the mural challenge.

Track 2

As you progress along the Track you will have to pass through a vent. A Kale statue is situated just next to the vent.

Track 3

Before entering the R&D Department while Roquefort and Zanzo argue, go to the right side of the door and then go over the barriers to see a golden Kale statue.

Track 4

After the second AR VARRT continue until you get to the lava geyser which will take you to the catwalk. Then turn around and you’ll see the Kale statue alongside a lava waterfall.

Track 5

In track 5, there are 3 statues, one for each Node:

  1. After walking down the elevator, you will come across the statue in Node 2. The first room you enter from the elevator. Jump up to the upper floor and open the door. Go to the end of the room and you’ll see a statue.
  2. After Macaron has broken the wall, the retractable ramp can be activated to reveal the statue at Node 1. Reverse the direction and grab the ledge. The statue will be located by jumping over the small gap.
  3. The statue in Node 3 can be found just before taking the elevator back to leave. Turn left and you will see floating platforms. You can jump onto one of these platforms and then wait for them to move until you reach the statue.

    Track 5

    After a short grappling sequence, you will enter a room with 3 large green tubes and a staircase on the left. Go inside the tube on the right to find a Kale statue at ground level.

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