Have a Nice Death – How to Fight the Thanagers Tips

Have a Nice Death – How to Fight the Thanagers Tips 1 - steamlists.com
Have a Nice Death – How to Fight the Thanagers Tips 1 - steamlists.com

The Industrial Pollution Department has a guide that explains how to combat the Thanagers.


Here's the next entry in our Handbook Guide series. The stars of the show are R. J. Barron and Slyma.

Moving Tips

I will be using a few terms which may or may not be the same as the techniques by most others. I will be storing these here (and will put this in any future Have a Nice Death guide that I make).
1. Upperslash
The "upperslash", which I refer to as a technique for dodging, is one of my favorite. It is simple and involves an up attack. Jumping can increase the height of the upperslash. This is useful for getting high in the air or to avoid attacks that cover the entire floor.
2. Air combos
They can be used to increase airtime and have the same utility as combat. These are useful for lingering threats or when there isn’t enough safe space to land.


All attacks mentioned here are not official names. They are what I call them.

R. J. Barron

Have a Nice Death - How to Fight the Thanagers Tips - R. J. Barron - DD92F97

  • Lunge: Barron leans forward, straightens his arms, and claws his path to the other side of the arena. You can avoid this by jumping over Barron, landing right where his tail is, as it does not cause any contact damage, and then jumping over Barron’s returning torso.
  • Full Body Slam: Barron leans forward, arms bent, and smacks on the ground before swinging across the arena. This can be avoided by jumping over Barron, performing an air combo to stay in the air until Barron returns to his original position.
  • Hammer Fist: Barron summons a huge fist to the far left of the arena and it slams down on anything in the leftmost three-quarters of the arena. This attack is only possible if Death is within the left third of an arena. If Death is within the area, you can dodge it by moving away.
  • Sky Fists: This attack has two variations. The first is when Barron summons two fists out of the top of the arena to hit Death's position. They can be either in front of Barron or in the middle. Each one has a delay of one second before they spawn the next one. The second variant is when Barron summons nine fingers in a sequence, right to middle, left to right, right to middle, left to right, right to middle, right, left, middle and right to middle, right. These attacks can be avoided by moving away from where they are going to strike, whether you're walking or dashing.



Have a Nice Death - How to Fight the Thanagers Tips - Slyma - 1079B06

  • Blastoff: This is more a mobility tool than an attack. Slyma will aim his barrel downwards and then lift off to reach the wall. He will release nuclear waste to his sides. Avoiding Slyma is the best method to avoid it.
  • Nuclear Waste: Slyma can produce one to three balls of nuclear sludge up high or down on the wall. These balls of sludge slowly fall to the ground and dissipate when they reach it. This attack is only possible if Slyma is against the wall. You can dodge it by maneuvering around the slime trail.
  • Slime Swing is a mobility tool that is more like the Blastoff attack. Slyma will fly off the wall towards Death's location when he started it. You can avoid this by performing an upperslash to get airborne. Jumping usually doesn't provide enough height to dodge the full attack.
  • Nuclear Drool: Slyma will approach Death by foot and spew nuclear slime out of his "mouth". The slime lingers on the ground for a half second before he suckers it up again. You can avoid this by moving away from Slyma’s front.



Have a Nice Death - How to Fight the Thanagers Tips - X4-H - D1C7B82

  • Ganglion-X4 : X4 launches a projectile that acts the same way as the spell of same name, and bounces around the arena. This can be avoided by jumping over the ball, which is easier than it sounds since X4 doesn’t sit still while it’s out.
  • Bounce: If X4 is crushed, he will bounce into the air at least 1-6 times. You can avoid this attack by moving towards X4 and sprinting after he bounces off of the ground. He will not land there again until a few additional hops.
  • Dragster: X4 will roll through the arena, ceiling included. Then he will drop from the ceiling onto the arena's middle. This attack can be avoided by dashing through X4 and performing an upperslash when close to him. After he passes under, he will return to the ground and move away from the arena's center.
  • Bite: X4 will become immortal as he falls to the ground after Death. He will open his jaws and close them after about 3-4 seconds. If he is still in his maw, Death will be damaged. This can be avoided by moving side-to-side across the arena and sprinting when X4 opens its mouth.


The End

One of the most difficult Thanagers has been covered. There are two more, Leon Clean and Will Hung. Camille Flage will be covered after the Natural Disasters Thanager().


Hope you enjoy the Guide about Have a Nice Death – How to Fight the Thanagers Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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