Gunner HEAT PC! – General Operation for M60A1

Gunner HEAT PC! – General Operation for M60A1 1 -
Gunner HEAT PC! – General Operation for M60A1 1 -

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Gunner, HEAT, PC! (GHPC) is a simulation game about modern mounted combat, with special attention to authenticity and fun.

General Operation


The M60A1 RISE, unsurprisingly, is as slow as its brother, the M60A3 TTS. Top speed offroad usually hangs around 40-45km/h in-game, with slightly better on-road performance. Don’t expect it to be as fast as an IPM1 or a Bradley.

Gunner HEAT PC! - General Operation for M60A1 - General Operation - 77A7FE0


Generally speaking, any Warsaw Pact anti-tank armament can penetrate you. Have a threat rating list:

  • BRDM-2: you’re invulnerable to the KPVT and PKT. Has artillery available. 2/10 threat.
  • SPW-60PB (BTR-60): same as above. 2/10 threat.
  • BMP-1: your frontal armor might be able to withstand a PG-15V shot from the Grom. Keyword: might. The 9M14 Malyutka ATGM, on the other hand, is lethal. God knows how the AI can aim an MCLOS missile so well. The AI has slight trouble aiming the 73mm cannon, and may take 4-5 shots before hitting you at longer ranges. 7/10 threat.
  • T-55A/T-72M/T-72M1: the only way you’re going to survive a shot from these is if they miss or bounce their shells off your turret sides. Shoot them before they shoot you. 9/10 threat.
  • 9K111: if you run into a static ATGM launcher try to note landmarks as quickly as possible (a treeline, housing, generally anything distinctive) and fall back ASAP. Call in artillery on the ATGM position and hide. The 9M111 missile is absolutely lethal and getting hit with it will either kill your entire crew or set the engine on fire, in which case your crew will promptly bail out. 10/10 threat.

Gunner HEAT PC! - General Operation for M60A1 - General Operation - 25FAFAE

Good luck seeing him before he hits you.

Armament – what wasn’t covered in Gunnery Basics

You also have at your disposal an M240 coaxial MG, and an M85 .50 HMG placed in the commander’s cupola. The M240 is useful for suppressing ATGM crews (provides positive encouragement for you, no clue if it actually affects the enemy’s aim). The M85 could theoretically be used to kill BRDMs and SPWs, however it’s not tied to the main gun sight like the M240 is, and requires you to aim it with tracer fire. It’s generally quicker to just put a sabot through the target.

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