Gunner HEAT PC! – Gunnery Basics

Gunner HEAT PC! – Gunnery Basics 4 -
Gunner HEAT PC! – Gunnery Basics 4 -

Hello and welcome, We’ll discuss the Gunner HEAT PC! – Gunnery Basics in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

Gunnery Basics

Step 1: locate an adequate target

This is easy, either your TC will shout it out for you and conveniently swivel your turret (default key: Space) over to the target of his dreams (nightmares included).

Step 2: engaging the rangefinder

Also easy, by default you can use Shift to use the sight and E to engage the rangefinder. Note that. depending on your range, hitting E may have no visible effect right away. Make sure you actually turn the rangefinder on, otherwise nothing will change.

Below is a screenshot of the distortion effect you might get when you turn on the rangefinder.

Gunner HEAT PC! - Gunnery Basics - Gunnery Basics - D729507

(yes, it’s supposed to look blurry, that’s how you know you got the wrong range set)

Step 3: operating the rangefinder

This is important, and may require (if time allows) squinting up close at the screen.

  • Center the reticle on your target
  • Note the distortion effect produced by your default (likely wrong) range
  • Adjust the range with Ctrl-Scroll Wheel or PgUp/PgDown until the distortion effect on your target disappears
  • Ignore the distortion effect on nearby clutter! You’re not shooting to hit the bushes near that T-55, you’re shooting to hit the T-55 itself!

Is it getting worse (i.e. more distorted)? If so, you’re adjusting the range in the wrong direction. Change the scroll direction/Page key that you’re using.

Is it getting better (i.e. lessening)? You’re figuring this out! Keep going until the target appears as one, singular image, as below.

Gunner HEAT PC! - Gunnery Basics - Gunnery Basics - 7DFCB02

Once the target is undistorted, your range is set correctly!

Step 4: Fire!

With your range now correctly set, fire on your target! Try to note if your shell goes over or under your target (you’re zeroing the gun in 100m increments, after all, if the target is 1064m away from you and you’re zeroed for 1100m, you might just overshoot)

Sometimes, your TC will call this out for you (Over! / Under!). Adjust your aiming point accordingly.

Gunner HEAT PC! - Gunnery Basics - Gunnery Basics - A47CA89

Target! Cease fire!

For Gunner HEAT PC! – Gunnery Basics, see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. The author and creator Chairman Maobama inspired this post. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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