Ghostrunner – List of All Enemies in Game & How to Beat Them!

Ghostrunner – List of All Enemies in Game & How to Beat Them! 1 -
Ghostrunner – List of All Enemies in Game & How to Beat Them! 1 -

all enemies in Ghostrunner and how to handle them

Key Goon

These simple infantry units carry a Pistol that shoots one shot every few seconds. The shot has some travel time to it.
Once they noticed you, they will aim at you even if they don’t see you and they will be ready for the next shot once they spotted you.
They are not known to move away from their position to get a better aim.
Their bullets can easily be dodged in the rythm of their shooting, either manually, with Dash or Sensory Boost.
Don’t try to Dash directly at them while in mid-air. The savest way to engage them is to use Sensory Boost as often as possible.


This little metal orb provides units around them with an energy shield, that prevents you from killing them with your sword attacks. Ususally their are placed in an elevated position and are a priority target. When multiple Beacons are active, they can provide shields to each other. Finding out which Beacon is first, without the energy shield, is the key to solve this riddle.
However, enemies with energy shields can still be killed by Special Attacks, such as Blink.

Uzi Gunner

These militarised infantry units carry a rapid fire auto rifle that shoots several shots within two to three seconds. However, they do have to reload once their magazine is depleted, and so they pause for the same amount of time.
They will aim at you, once you have been spotted and will remain aiming at you, ready to shoot, when you are behind cover. They are known to slighly alter their position and move around corners, when you are hiding behind cover close to them.
These Gunners cannot be approached directly, since their volley cannot be dodged effectively with Sensory Boost or Dash.
The safest way to get to them is to circle them, so that they drag their fire behind you and deplete their magazines. Once they pause to reload, they are save to attack.
The map helps with that, since the Gunners are mostly present next to walls, that invite you to walk on them.


These heavily augmented infantry units have no ranged weapons, however, they can jump over vast distances. Upon landing, they perform a slash attack, that will kill you. When they jump you while on a wall, they will attack with their claw.
The safest way to defeat them, is to lure them into a jump attack, then move or Dash out of the way and kill them once their attack is over.
However, they can also be killed in mid-air when timed right.


These heavy militarised infrantry units carry a gun, that shoots once every few seconds, as well as a Power Shield, that covers 170° of their front.
The shot has a travel time and can be dodged quite easily.
The shield however cannot be penetrated. Attacks and Special Attacks, such as Blink, will not have an effect on the shield or the unit behind it.
The Shielder turns fairly slowly and so can be tricked into exposing his back.
The safest way to approach them is from above while using Sensory Boost to circle around them.
If the Power Shield is touched, it will repell you and likely fling you off the map.
Bullets reflected will be reflected by the Power Shield as well and return with increased speed.


These automated mechs carry a laser turret that shoots a laser net in the form of glowing bricks once every few seconds at your current position.
The net is fairly wide, about 80° and cannot be dodged horizontally.
The net is however not very tall. If the net is shot at you while you stand in front of the mech, the gap under the net is wide enough to slide under.
When you crouch in front of the mech, the net will be shot lower and you might be able to jump over it.
A safe way to kill a single Netshooter is to approach it walking and wait for the shot, then slide under it and Dash to the Netshooter for the kill.
These Netshooter-Mechs have some type of foresight and can aim where they expect you to go. If there is two of them in a hall and one watches you kill the other while sliding under the Net, the other will aim his net lower. Get ready to jump it.
Often the place to fight them is rich with covers and pillars. You can approach them from cover to cover and get close enough for a final Dash.
They are slightly mobile though and might walk towards you when you wait behind a corner close to them.
Approaching them from above is a risky endeavor. Sensory Boost is only situationally helpful, since the travel speed of the Net is quite fast.


These boxy machines hover of the city streets and carry alert nearby units of your presence. They carry a gun that shoots once every few seconds and can be dodged with Sensory Boost.
They so offer you some platform to jump and ride on. Once you manage to get ontop of the Drone, it starts to slowly decent. Once it crashes into something, it will explode. The explotion is not lethal to you but can kill enemies within range.


These infrantry units carry a sword not much unlike your own and have no ranged attack. Once they spotted you, they will charge up their attack, which causes them to flash red. They will then Dash you over a vast distance to kill you.
When you hit them/their sword while they Dash, you parry their attacks, which causes them to be stunned for a second or two. While stunned, they have no means of defense and can be striken to kill.
Every hit upon them while they aren’t stunned, looking at you or not, will cause them to parry your attack and throw you back. When hit while in mid-air, their parry is strong enough to fling you off the map.
Timing is key. Wait for the flash, then the Dash, and parry to kill.
However, they can be killed by special attacks like Blink without issues.
They do not parry Throwing Stars either. You can however parry their attack with a Star in hands.
If they are not killed after their attack was parried, they recover from the stun and ready their next attack.
Their Dash can be dodged as well, but they cannot be attacked afterwards.


These infantry units carry a long range rifle, that can shoot an instant projectile every other second.
Once you see a golden laser sight on the map, pointing at you, the Sniper has his eye on you. This laser is accompanied by a pinging noise that gets more intense, the longer you are visible to the Sniper. Once the laser turns red, he is ready to shoot. Overall, the aiming time of the Sniper is only a second or two.
Hiding is key. Approach them indirectly and Dash from cover to cover, until he is close enough for the kill.

Sentry Gun-Turret

Those automated guns watch a specific part of the map, which cannot be crossed while under their watchful eyes. Their projectiles are instant and cannot be dodged or seen.
They are however immobile and only capable to rotate in a specific rythm. Their field of vision is highly visible to you and concentrated to a cone of blue scan lasers.
Don’t touch those.
They are best avoided or appraoched indirectly, from behind or the side.
They can also be eliminated by Special Attacks such as Surge.


Those mindless mutations are a bundle of rage and explosives, ready to die. Crawlers will appraoch you slowly when spotted, which causes them to make an animalistic breathing noise. Once close enough, they will explode.
Avoid getting near them or kill them from afar.
Crawlers are not meant to be fought directly. You can lure them away from your path and Dash or Chain past them. The explosion cannot be dodged with Sensory Boost.
Crawlers will follow you until they explode, which is either on a timer or when you get out of their reach. They can however crawl on walls. So Chain-Hook-ing away is the only safe way to get out of their reach entirely.


These mutated infantry units carry a pistol that shoots once every few seconds and can be dodge easily with Sensory Boost.
Their ability is to split themselves up into four copies, so there is a total of five guns. They will stand in a circle with their copies.
The Sensory Boost can reveal which unit is the original. Once a copy is killed the rest remains. When the original is killed, the copies die as well.
The safest way is to approach them from above, using Sensory Boost to mark the target and then closing in for the kill.
When Mind Control is used on the original or the copies, only this one unit will fight for you. The others will kill it immediately.


These mutated and augmented monstrosities have a ranged attack similar to Surge and the ability to phase away from you to a safer position. The Surge laser has a slow travel time and can be dodged easily with Sensory Boost.
This unit isn’t dangerous but hard to kill, because of its cowardice.
You have to be quicker than it or approach unseen, so it doesn’t shift away. It can be attacked while it is preparing a Surge attack. Otherwise it will be gone quickly. It can however be killed by Special Attacks such as Blink.


Called Tom, this security system is a parkour rythm game of lasers and fire.
The lasers rotate in a set pattern and other phases add fire waves.
You want to reach height as quickly as possible. Going the set path counterclockwise is often the hardest way to pick.
Try to look around, what is above you, what is behind you? You might Chain-Hooks in superior position that allow you to skip as much as possible.
The rest is timing. When do you Chain to the next part, how long do you float in the air?
Some lasers can be slide under, others need to be jumped. Wait for the wave to pass and get off the wall before it returns. The wave travel time is exacly as fast as you when you Chain to the next Hook. You cannot outspeed the wave.
In the last phase you have to make the decision weather you want to move against the rotation or with the rotation. If you can be patient, you might as well wait for the laser to pass.
For a more detailed guide, consult a video.


In Mara’s attempt to create her own Ghostrunner, Hel was born from metal and cloned flesh. Hel uses a sword not much unlike your own and can throw a laser wave towards you, called Surge. Surge can be easily dodge with Sensory Boost.
Hel will flail her sword at you a couple o’times. Everytime she strikes, her blade will flash in a bright gold. That is when you have to parry. If you don’t parry, you die. If you miss the parry, she parries instead and will restart her combo.
Her parry will push you back and might cause you to fall from the platform.
Timing is key. Once her combo was successfully parried, she is open and can be cut. Once cut, she flees to another platform and starts using Surge.
Getting around the platforms can prove to be tricky. The Chain-Hooks around the arena are your quickest and safest way to chase after her.
Once you face her again, she starts a new combo, which has to be parried.
Once you chased her, parried her combos and cut her four times, she is deated.
Don’t look at her. Look at her flash.


Mara has five attacks that she rotates in her combos. Her arms can whip at you from above, or approach you from under ground, or swipe over the floor in a wide area, or stab at you directly. Her other attacks are from the arena itself. The floor is devided into four tiles, which all can be electricuted with a delay. So do the walls around the arena.
First you have to dodge her arms and jump-rope over them repeatedly. When she starts to stab, position yourself in front of one of the four boxes on the rim. Dodge the stab, so Mara stabs into the box. Then cut off the arm.
Once she electricutes the floor, you can escape to the walls.
Another phase has begun. More arm attacks await. Jump-Rope has one more jump than before.
No changes otherwise. Repeat the dodge and cut off her arms, phase for phase. That’s it. Counting helps.

Written by David Curser

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Ghostrunner – List of All Enemies in Game & How to Beat Them!, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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