Friends vs Friends – All Character Tier List Guide

Friends vs Friends – All Character Tier List Guide 1 -
Friends vs Friends – All Character Tier List Guide 1 -

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This is an updated list of the characters available at launch for Friends vs Friends. We will see.

The Tier List

The characters are not ordered.

Friends vs Friends - All Character Tier List Guide - The Tier List - A77490D

S Tier


This is an arcade shooter, and mobility will almost always be king. You will be able trade more damage with your enemy at higher levels because your mobility makes it harder to hit you. This character is an excellent match up with sable, who is one of the cheesiest players in the game. Being able to escape the katana by running away will save a great deal of headaches. Additionally, having the mobility to avoid oncoming explosives saves you from taking 140 damage immediately and helps against characters like Lars. This character allows you to build a deck that is tailored to your preferences. It doesn’t depend on specific cards and you can use the win conditions that suit you best.


Explosives in this game are broken. The explosives are a huge threat and with the tight maps it is easy for players to capitalize on them. In higher play levels, explosives win rounds right away. On trucks you can be certain that a blast will be thrown into the air to the opposing spawn at the beginning of a round. Lars makes the opposing player’s deck almost useless because explosives do nothing to you. He can also make some amazing card combos, such as using grenade launcher along with weapon swapping so that your opponent cannot do any damage to you. I like to include explosives into his deck. This is not to abuse the passive ability of Lars by running at the opponent but to give him access to tools and resources that the opponent lacks. The only counter to Lars’s abilities is Lars, making ditto the most fair form of the match.


Similarly to Haru’s extra mobility, it is great in arena-shooters. Moose gives you access to routes and rotates on maps which are only accessible via double jump. You can then use these to juke opponents or create surprises attacks. More mobility means you have more chances to damage your opponents without them being as able to do so. Double-jumping and getting onto opponents’ faces can make you harder to damage. Deck building can be done the same way you would Haru.

A Tier

Duck Anderson

I prefer Duck Anderson’s Donnie B over Donnie B. There are a few reasons for this. In this game the mental aspect is huge, so giving your opponent confidence in your health and then reversing it with a heal can be a great way to win. Since you get one free card per round, you could use it to check the counter or pass through so that you could equip your win condition with no worries. Finally, it gives you 5 more HP. I think you understand how having more HP is beneficial in games with a large time to kill. This character is also an All Arounder who can build their own deck. This is a character that I personally love.


It is a real pain to play against the katana. Learning to use a katana effectively can be very deadly. This character can be shutdown by cards such a move slower, all explosives or energy drink. This character is very deadly when you build a good deck. Cards like parley, and no jump are great for this. Energy drink / move faster / slow down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Add some weapons in your deck, so you can choose to fight at a distant distance or use them to help you out of a bad situation.

B Tier

Donnie B

Health is important, health wins the game. Use any cards. C*wgirl outfit OP.

Stevie Gull

The default gun in this game already is a good weapon. But upgrading it means that you can be deadly to your opponent at a range every round. It’s the extra ammunition that makes it shine. Use any cards on this character.

C Tier


I don’t feel the character’s impact when I play. Though this character has an edge over Stevie as their benefits transfer to new weaponry that you equip, that weapon will still likely win you the game regardless so the impact is minimal. You can use any cards.

D Tier

DJ Newton

The new players are given first choice. Homie’s skin is amazing and dripped with homies. It’s disappointing that they aren’t given as much advantage as others. This character could be very deadly if he had the boomstick, fk-82, and even brasshopper. But to have to rely on just three cards in order to play is pretty pitiful, as you’re basically playing on Hard Mode without these weapons. Some people will attempt to fight at long distances with you when you have the pistol equipped. This can be a bad idea because you will hit more bullets, but it is not enough to win.

Myk Raver

The Brasshopper’s a bad weapon. It is even worse than starting pistol. You have to get close to people’s faces but the poor accuracy makes Myk rely on cards, such as More Accuracy Poison Bullets Steel Bullets or various mobility, in order to get to them before dying. It is not worth trading damage at long-range. This results in an instant loss.

Extra Words

This guide was not written to discredit any character. All characters are viable, and S tiers will still lose to D tiers a lot. To win, just understand your character’s advantages & disadvantages.

If I misgendered a character or anything, please let me know. I will fix it.

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