Forza Horizon 5 – All Cars List in Game

Forza Horizon 5 – All Cars List in Game 1 -
Forza Horizon 5 – All Cars List in Game 1 -

A complete list of cars available in Forza Horizon 5.


Forza Horizon 5 - All Cars List in Game - Intro - 1577E95
Here is a list of all of the cars currently available in the game.
I have split them up by car brand and the list is sorted alphabetically.
Last updated: 5th November 2021: 5th November 2021


2001AcuraIntegra Type RGame Launch
2002AcuraRSX Type SGame Launch
2017AcuraNSXGame Launch
1973AlpineA110 1600sGame Launch
2017AlpineA110Game Launch
2015Alumi CraftClass 10 Race CarGame Launch
1973AMCGremlin XGame Launch
2554AMG Transport DynamicsM12S Warthog CSTGame Launch
2018ApolloIntensa Emozione (and 'Welcome Pack' edition)*Game Launch
2013ArielAtom 500 V8Game Launch
2016ArielNomadGame Launch
1964Aston MartinDB5Game Launch
2013Aston MartinV12 Vantage SGame Launch
2016Aston MartinVantage GT12Game Launch
2017Aston MartinDB11Game Launch
2017Aston MartinVulcan AMR ProGame Launch
2019Aston MartinVantageGame Launch
2019Aston MartinDBS SuperleggeraGame Launch
2019Aston MartinValhalla Concept CarGame Launch
1984AudiSport quattroGame Launch
1995AudiAvant RS2Game Launch
2001AudiRS 4 AvantGame Launch
2003AudiRS 6Game Launch
2006AudiRS 4Game Launch
2009AudiRS 6Game Launch
2010AudiTT RS CoupéGame Launch
2011AudiRS 3 SportbackGame Launch
2011AudiRS 5 CoupéGame Launch
2013AudiRS 4 AvantGame Launch
2013AudiRS 7 SportbackGame Launch
2013AudiR8 Coupé V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattroGame Launch
2015AudiRS 6 AvantGame Launch
2015AudiTTS CoupéGame Launch
2015AudiS1Game Launch
2016AudiR8 V10 plusGame Launch
1958Austin-HealeySprite MkIGame Launch
1939Auto UnionType DGame Launch
2014BACMonoGame Launch
1930Bentley4-1/2 Litre SuperchargedGame Launch
1930Bentley8 LitreGame Launch
2016BentleyBentaygaGame Launch
2017BentleyContinental SupersportsGame Launch
1957BMWIsetta 300 ExportGame Launch
1981BMWM1Game Launch
1988BMWM5Game Launch
1991BMWM3Game Launch
1995BMWM5Game Launch
1997BMWM3Game Launch
2002BMWM3-GTRGame Launch
2002BMWZ3 M CoupeGame Launch
2003BMWM5Game Launch
2005BMWM3Game Launch
2008BMWM3Game Launch
2008BMWZ4 M CoupeGame Launch
2009BMWM5Game Launch
2011BMW1 Series M CoupeGame Launch
2011BMWX5 MGame Launch
2012BMWM5Game Launch
2013BMWM6 CoupeGame Launch
2014BMWM4 CoupeGame Launch
2015BMWi8Game Launch
2015BMWX6 MGame Launch
2016BMWM2 CoupéGame Launch
2016BMWM4 GTSGame Launch
2018BMWM5Game Launch
2019BMWZ4 RoadsterGame Launch
1926BugattiType 35 CGame Launch
1992BugattiEB110 Super SportGame Launch
2011BugattiVeyron Super SportGame Launch
2018BugattiChironGame Launch
2019BugattiDivoGame Launch
1970BuickGSXGame Launch
1987BuickRegal GNXGame Launch



2016CadillacATS-VGame Launch
2016CadillacCTS-V SedanGame Launch
2018Can-AmMaverick X RS Turbo RGame Launch
2013CaterhamSuperlight R500Game Launch
1953ChevroletCorvette Forza EditionGame Launch
1955Chevrolet150 Utility SedanGame Launch
1957ChevroletBel AirGame Launch
1960ChevroletCorvetteGame Launch
1964ChevroletImpala Super Sport 409Game Launch
1967ChevroletCorvette Stingray 427Game Launch
1969ChevroletCamaro Super Sport CoupeGame Launch
1969ChevroletNova Super Sport 396Game Launch
1970ChevroletChevelle Super Sport 454Game Launch
1970ChevroletCorvette ZR-1Game Launch
1970ChevroletEl Camino Super Sport 454Game Launch
1970ChevroletCamaro Z28Game Launch
1979ChevroletCamaro Z28Game Launch
1988ChevroletMonte Carlo Super SportGame Launch
1995ChevroletCorvette ZR-1Game Launch
1996ChevroletImpala Super SportGame Launch
2002ChevroletCorvette Z06Game Launch
2009ChevroletCorvette ZR1Game Launch
2015ChevroletCorvette Z06Game Launch
2015ChevroletCamaro Z/28Game Launch
2017ChevroletCamaro ZL1Game Launch
2017ChevroletColorado ZR2Game Launch
2018ChevroletCamaro ZL1 1LEGame Launch
2019ChevroletCorvette ZR1Game Launch
2020ChevroletCorvette Stingray CoupéGame Launch
1970Datsun510Game Launch
2013DeBertiJeep Wrangler UnlimitedGame Launch
2018DeBertiChevrolet Silverado 1500 Drift TruckGame Launch
2018DeBertiFord F-150 PrerunnerGame Launch
2019DeBertiToyota Tacoma TRD 'The Performance Truck'Game Launch
1969DodgeCharger R/TGame Launch
1969DodgeCharger Daytona HEMIGame Launch
1970DodgeChallenger R/TGame Launch
2008DodgeViper SRT10 ACRGame Launch
2013DodgeSRT Viper GTSGame Launch
2015DodgeChallenger SRT HellcatGame Launch
2015DodgeCharger SRT HellcatGame Launch
2016DodgeViper ACRGame Launch
2018DodgeDurango SRTGame Launch
2018DodgeChallenger SRT DemonGame Launch



2018ExomotiveExocet Off-RoadGame Launch
2018ExomotiveExocet Off-Road Forza EditionGame Launch
1957Ferrari250 Testa RossaGame Launch
1957Ferrari250 CaliforniaGame Launch
1967Ferrari#24 Ferrari Spa 330 P4Game Launch
1968Ferrari365 GTB/4Game Launch
1969FerrariDino 246 GTGame Launch
1984Ferrari288 GTOGame Launch
1987FerrariF40Game Launch
1994FerrariF355 BerlinettaGame Launch
1995FerrariF50Game Launch
1996FerrariF50 GTGame Launch
2002FerrariEnzo FerrariGame Launch
2003Ferrari360 Challenge StradaleGame Launch
2005FerrariFXXGame Launch
2007Ferrari430 ScuderiaGame Launch
2009Ferrari458 ItaliaGame Launch
2012Ferrari599XX EvolutionGame Launch
2013FerrariLaFerrariGame Launch
2013Ferrari458 SpecialeGame Launch
2014FerrariFXX KGame Launch
2015Ferrari488 GTBGame Launch
2015FerrariF12tdfGame Launch
2017Ferrari812 SuperfastGame Launch
2017FerrariGTC4LussoGame Launch
2018FerrariPortofinoGame Launch
2019Ferrari488 PistaGame Launch
1932FordDe Luxe Five-Window CoupeGame Launch
1940FordDe Luxe CoupeGame Launch
1956FordF-100Game Launch
1959FordAnglia 105EGame Launch
1964FordGT40 Mk IGame Launch
1965FordMustang GT CoupeGame Launch
1965FordTransitGame Launch
1966Ford#2 GT40 Mk IIGame Launch
1966FordLotus CortinaGame Launch
1967FordRacing Escort MK1Game Launch
1968FordMustang GT 2+2 FastbackGame Launch
1969FordMustang Boss 302Game Launch
1970FordGT70Game Launch
1972FordFalcon XA GT-HOGame Launch
1973FordCapri RS3100Game Launch
1973FordEscort RS1600Game Launch
1975FordBroncoGame Launch
1977Ford#5 Escort RS1800 MkIIGame Launch
1977FordEscort RS1800Game Launch
1981FordFiesta XR2Game Launch
1985FordRS200 EvolutionGame Launch
1986FordEscort RS TurboGame Launch
1987FordSierra Cosworth RS500Game Launch
1992FordEscort RS CosworthGame Launch
1993FordSVT Cobra RGame Launch
1994FordSupervan 3Game Launch
1999FordRacing PumaGame Launch
2000FordSVT Cobra RGame Launch
2003FordFocus RSGame Launch
2005FordGTGame Launch
2009FordFocus RSGame Launch
2010FordCrown Victoria Police InterceptorGame Launch
2011FordF-150 SVT RaptorGame Launch
2011FordTransit SuperSportVanGame Launch
2013FordShelby GT500Game Launch
2014FordFiesta STGame Launch
2014FordRanger T6 Rally RaidGame Launch
2014Ford#11 Rockstar F-150 Trophy TruckGame Launch
2014FordFPV Limited Edition Pursuit UteGame Launch
2015FordFalcon GT F 351Game Launch
2016FordShelby GT350RGame Launch
2017FordM-Sport Fiesta RSGame Launch
2017FordFocus RSGame Launch
2017FordGTGame Launch
2017FordF-150 RaptorGame Launch
2017Ford#14 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing GRC FiestaGame Launch
2017Ford#25 'Brocky' Ultra4 Bronco RTRGame Launch
2018Ford#25 Mustang RTRGame Launch



2018FordMustang GTGame Launch
2018FordMustang RTR Spec 5Game Launch
2018Ford#88 Mustang RTRGame Launch
2019FordRanger RaptorGame Launch
2020FordMustang Shelby GT500Game Launch
2020Ford#2069 Ford Performance Bronco R (and 'Welcome Pack' edition)*Game Launch
2020FordSuper Duty F-450 DRW PLATINUMGame Launch
2021FordBroncoGame Launch
1989Formula Drift#98 BMW 325iGame Launch
1997Formula Drift#777 Nissan 240SXGame Launch
2006Formula Drift#43 Dodge Viper SRT10Game Launch
2007Formula Drift#117 599 GTB FioranoGame Launch
2013Formula Drift#777 Chevrolet CorvetteGame Launch
2015Formula Drift#13 Ford MustangGame Launch
2016Formula Drift#530 HSV Maloo GEN-FGame Launch
2018Formula Drift#64 Nissan 370ZGame Launch
2018Funco MotorsportsF9Game Launch
1983GMCVandura G-1500Game Launch



2012HennesseyVenom GTGame Launch
2019HennesseyVelociRaptor 6×6Game Launch
1973HoldenHQ Monaro GTS 350Game Launch
1974HoldenSandman HQ panel vanGame Launch
1977HoldenTorana A9XGame Launch
1974HondaCivic RSGame Launch
1991HondaCR-X SiRGame Launch
1992HondaNSX-RGame Launch
1994HondaPrelude SiGame Launch
1997HondaCivic Type RGame Launch
2003HondaS2000Game Launch
2004HondaCivic Type RGame Launch
2005HondaNSX-RGame Launch
2005HondaNSX-R GTGame Launch
2007HondaCivic Type RGame Launch
2009HondaS2000 CRGame Launch
2015HondaCivic Type RGame Launch
2016HondaCivic Coupe GRCGame Launch
2018HondaCivic Type RGame Launch
1955HooniganChevrolet Bel AirGame Launch
1965HooniganFord Hoonicorn MustangGame Launch
1965HooniganGYMKHANA 10 Ford Hoonicorn MustangGame Launch
1972HooniganChevrolet Napalm NovaGame Launch
1977HooniganGYMKHANA 10 Ford F-150 'Hoonitruck'Game Launch
1978HooniganFord Escort RS1800Game Launch
1986HooniganFord RS200 EvolutionGame Launch
1991HooniganRauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 TurboGame Launch
1991HooniganGYMKHANA 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group AGame Launch
1992HooniganMazda RX-7 TwerkstallionGame Launch
1994HooniganFord Escort RS Cosworth WRC “Cossie V2”Game Launch
2016HooniganGYMKHANA 10 Ford Focus RS RXGame Launch
1969Hot WheelsTwin MillGame Launch
2011Hot WheelsBone ShakerGame Launch
2014HSVGEN-F GTSGame Launch
2014HSVLimited Edition GEN-F GTS MalooGame Launch
2006HUMMERH1 AlphaGame Launch
2019HyundaiVeloster NGame Launch



2015InfinitiQ60 ConceptGame Launch
1970InternationalScout 800AGame Launch
1956JaguarD-TypeGame Launch
1959JaguarMk II 3.8Game Launch
1961JaguarE-typeGame Launch
1964JaguarLightweight E-TypeGame Launch
1991JaguarSport XJR-15Game Launch
1993JaguarXJ220Game Launch
2010JaguarC-X75Game Launch
2012JaguarXKR-SGame Launch
2015JaguarF-Type R CoupéGame Launch
2015JaguarXFR-SGame Launch
2015JaguarXE-SGame Launch
2016JaguarF-TYPE Project 7Game Launch
2017JaguarF-PACE SGame Launch
2018JaguarI-PACEGame Launch
1976JeepCJ5 RenegadeGame Launch
2012JeepWrangler RubiconGame Launch
2014JeepGrand Cherokee SRTGame Launch
2016JeepTrailcatGame Launch
2018JeepGrand Cherokee TrackhawkGame Launch
2020JeepGladiator RubiconGame Launch
2002KoenigseggCC8SGame Launch
2008KoenigseggCCGTGame Launch
2015KoenigseggOne:1Game Launch
2016KoenigseggRegeraGame Launch
2017KoenigseggAgera RSGame Launch
2020KoenigseggJeskoGame Launch
2013KTMX-Bow RGame Launch



1967LamborghiniMiura P400Game Launch
1986LamborghiniLM 002Game Launch
1988LamborghiniCountach LP5000 QVGame Launch
1997LamborghiniDiablo SVGame Launch
1999LamborghiniDiablo GTRGame Launch
2008LamborghiniReventĂłnGame Launch
2010LamborghiniMurciélago LP 670-4 SVGame Launch
2011LamborghiniGallardo LP 570-4 SuperleggeraGame Launch
2011LamborghiniSesto ElementoGame Launch
2011LamborghiniSesto Elemento Forza EditionGame Launch
2012LamborghiniAventador LP700-4Game Launch
2013LamborghiniVenenoGame Launch
2014LamborghiniHuracán LP 610-4Game Launch
2016LamborghiniAventador SuperveloceGame Launch
2016LamborghiniCentenario LP 770-4Game Launch
2018LamborghiniHuracán PerformanteGame Launch
2019LamborghiniUrusGame Launch
1972Land RoverSeries IIIGame Launch
1973Land RoverRange RoverGame Launch
1997Land RoverDefender 90Game Launch
2015Land RoverRange Rover Sport SVRGame Launch
2018Land RoverRange Rover Velar First EditionGame Launch
2020Land RoverDefender 110 XGame Launch
1997LexusSC300Game Launch
2010LexusLFAGame Launch
2015LexusRC FGame Launch
2014Local MotorsRally FighterGame Launch
1969Lola#6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIBGame Launch
1971LotusElan SprintGame Launch
1997LotusElise GT1Game Launch
1999LotusElise Series 1 Sport 190Game Launch
2012LotusExige SGame Launch
2016Lotus3-ElevenGame Launch
2020LotusEvijaGame Launch



2008MaseratiMC12 Versione CorsaGame Launch
2010MaseratiGran Turismo SGame Launch
2010MaseratiGran Turismo S Forza EditionGame Launch
2017MaseratiLevante SGame Launch
1990MazdaSavanna RX-7Game Launch
1994MazdaMX-5 MiataGame Launch
1997MazdaRX-7Game Launch
2002MazdaRX-7 Spirit R Type-AGame Launch
2005MazdaMazdaspeed MX-5Game Launch
2011MazdaRX-8 R3Game Launch
2013MazdaMX-5Game Launch
2016MazdaMX-5Game Launch
1993McLarenF1Game Launch
1997McLarenF1 GTGame Launch
2013McLarenP1Game Launch
2015McLaren650S CoupeGame Launch
2015McLaren570S CoupéGame Launch
2018McLaren720S CoupéGame Launch
2018McLarenSennaGame Launch
2018McLaren600LT CoupéGame Launch
2019McLaren720S SpiderGame Launch
2019McLarenSpeedtailGame Launch
2020McLarenGTGame Launch
2016Mercedes-AMGC 63 S CoupéGame Launch
2017Mercedes-AMGGT RGame Launch
2018Mercedes-AMGGT 4-Door CoupéGame Launch
2018Mercedes-AMGE 63 SGame Launch
2021Mercedes-AMGMercedes-AMG ONEGame Launch
1929Mercedes-BenzSSKGame Launch
1939Mercedes-BenzW154Game Launch
1954Mercedes-Benz300 SL CoupéGame Launch
1987Mercedes-BenzAMG Hammer CoupeGame Launch
1990Mercedes-Benz190E 2.5-16 Evolution IIGame Launch
1998Mercedes-BenzAMG CLK GTRGame Launch
1998Mercedes-BenzAMG CLK GTR Forza EditionGame Launch
2011Mercedes-BenzSLS AMGGame Launch
2012Mercedes-BenzSLK 55 AMGGame Launch
2012Mercedes-BenzC 63 AMG Coupé Black SeriesGame Launch
2013Mercedes-BenzG 65 AMGGame Launch
2013Mercedes-BenzA 45 AMGGame Launch
2013Mercedes-BenzE 63 AMGGame Launch
2014Mercedes-BenzUnimog U5023Game Launch
2014Mercedes-BenzG 63 AMG 6×6Game Launch
2015Mercedes-Benz#24 Tankpool24 Racing TruckGame Launch
2015Mercedes-Benz#24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck Forza EditionGame Launch
2018Mercedes-BenzX-ClassGame Launch
1971MeyersManxGame Launch
1971MeyersManx Forza EditionGame Launch
1986MGMetro 6R4Game Launch
1965MINICooper SGame Launch
2009MINIJohn Cooper WorksGame Launch
2012MINIJohn Cooper Works GPGame Launch
2013MINIX-Raid ALL4 Racing CountrymanGame Launch
2018MINIJohn Cooper Works Countryman ALL4Game Launch
2018MINIX-Raid John Cooper Works BuggyGame Launch
1988MitsubishiStarion ESI-RGame Launch
1995MitsubishiEclipse GSXGame Launch
1997MitsubishiGTOGame Launch
1999MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI GSRGame Launch
2004MitsubishiLancer Evolution VIII MRGame Launch
2006MitsubishiLancer Evolution IX MRGame Launch
2008MitsubishiLancer Evolution X GSR (and 'Welcome Pack' edition)*Game Launch
2014Morgan3 WheelerGame Launch
1953MorrisMinor 1000 Forza EditionGame Launch
1958MorrisMinor 1000Game Launch
2010MoslerMT900SGame Launch



1933NapierNapier-RailtonGame Launch
1969NissanFairlady Z 432Game Launch
1971NissanSkyline 2000GT-RGame Launch
1973NissanSkyline H/T 2000GT-RGame Launch
1987NissanSkyline GTS-R (R31)Game Launch
1990NissanPulsar GTI-RGame Launch
1992NissanSilvia CLUB K'sGame Launch
1993NissanSkyline GT-R V-SpecGame Launch
1993Nissan240SX SEGame Launch
1994NissanFairlady Z Version S Twin TurboGame Launch
1994NissanSilvia K'sGame Launch
1995NissanNISMO GT-R LMGame Launch
1997NissanSkyline GT-R V-SpecGame Launch
1998NissanR390Game Launch
1998NissanSilvia K's AeroGame Launch
2000NissanSilvia Spec-RGame Launch
2002NissanSkyline GT-R V-Spec IIGame Launch
2003NissanFairlady ZGame Launch
2003NissanFairlady Z Forza EditionGame Launch
2004NissanPickup #23 Rally RaidGame Launch
2010Nissan370ZGame Launch
2012NissanGT-R Black EditionGame Launch
2016NissanTitan Warrior ConceptGame Launch
2017NissanGT-RGame Launch



1984OpelManta 400Game Launch
2009PaganiZonda Cinque RoadsterGame Launch
2010PaganiZonda RGame Launch
2016PaganiHuayra BCGame Launch
2016PaganiHuayra BC Forza EditionGame Launch
2011PenhallThe ChollaGame Launch
1984Peugeot205 Turbo 16Game Launch
1991Peugeot205 RallyeGame Launch
2007Peugeot207 Super 2000Game Launch
1971PlymouthCuda 426 HemiGame Launch
2015PolarisRZR XP 1000 EPSGame Launch
1965PontiacGTOGame Launch
1977PontiacFirebird Trans AmGame Launch
1987PontiacFirebird Trans Am GTAGame Launch
1987PontiacFirebird Trans Am GTA Forza EditionGame Launch
1959Porsche356 A 1600 SuperGame Launch
1970Porsche#3 917 LHGame Launch
1970Porsche914/6Game Launch
1982Porsche911 Turbo 3.3Game Launch
1985Porsche#185 959 Prodrive Rally RaidGame Launch
1987Porsche959Game Launch
1989Porsche944 TurboGame Launch
1989Porsche#65 Rothsport Racing 911 'Desert Flyer'Game Launch
1993Porsche968 Turbo SGame Launch
1995Porsche911 GT2Game Launch
1998Porsche911 GT1 StrassenversionGame Launch
2003PorscheCarrera GTGame Launch
2004Porsche911 GT3Game Launch
2012Porsche911 GT2 RSGame Launch
2014Porsche911 Turbo SGame Launch
2014Porsche918 SpyderGame Launch
2015PorscheCayman GTSGame Launch
2016Porsche911 GT3 RSGame Launch
2016PorscheCayman GT4Game Launch
2017PorschePanamera TurboGame Launch
2018Porsche718 Cayman GTSGame Launch
2018Porsche911 GT2 RSGame Launch
2018PorscheCayenne TurboGame Launch
2018PorscheMacan Rally RaidGame Launch
2019Porsche911 Carrera SGame Launch
2019Porsche911 GT3 RSGame Launch
2019Porsche911 GT3 RS Forza EditionGame Launch
2019PorscheMacan TurboGame Launch
2020PorscheTaycan Turbo S (and 'Welcome Pack' edition)*Game Launch



2015RadicalRXC TurboGame Launch
2017Ram2500 Power WagonGame Launch
1972ReliantSupervan IIIGame Launch
1980Renault5 TurboGame Launch
1993RenaultClio WilliamsGame Launch
2008RenaultMĂ©gane R26.RGame Launch
2013RenaultClio R.S. 200 EDCGame Launch
2018RenaultMEGANE R.S.Game Launch
2019RimacConcept TwoGame Launch
2016RJ Anderson#37 Polaris RZR-Rockstar Energy Pro 2 TruckGame Launch
2004SaleenS7Game Launch
2018SaleenS1Game Launch
1965ShelbyCobra 427 S/CGame Launch
1965ShelbyCobra Daytona CoupeGame Launch
2021SIERRA CarsRX3Game Launch
1998SUBARUImpreza 22B-STi VersionGame Launch
2011SUBARUWRX STIGame Launch
2013SUBARUBRZGame Launch
2015SUBARUWRX STIGame Launch
1969Toyota2000GTGame Launch
1974ToyotaCelica GTGame Launch
1979ToyotaFJ40Game Launch
1985ToyotaSprinter Trueno GT ApexGame Launch
1989ToyotaMR2 SCGame Launch
1992ToyotaSupra 2.0 GTGame Launch
1992ToyotaCelica GT-Four RC ST185Game Launch
1994ToyotaCelica GT-Four ST205Game Launch
1998ToyotaSupra RZ (and 'Welcome Pack' edition)*Game Launch
2013Toyota86Game Launch
2020ToyotaGR SupraGame Launch
1998TVRCerbera Speed 12Game Launch
2005TVRSagarisGame Launch
2018TVRGriffithGame Launch
2015UltimaEvolution Coupe 1020Game Launch
2005VauxhallMonaro VXRGame Launch
2016VauxhallCorsa VXRGame Launch
1963VolkswagenType 2 De LuxeGame Launch
1963VolkswagenBeetleGame Launch
1963VolkswagenBeetle Forza EditionGame Launch
1969VolkswagenClass 5/1600 Baja BugGame Launch
1970Volkswagen#1107 Desert Dingo Racing Stock BugGame Launch
1981VolkswagenScirocco SGame Launch
1983VolkswagenGolf GTIGame Launch
1992VolkswagenGolf Gti 16v Mk2Game Launch
1995VolkswagenCorrado VR6Game Launch
1998VolkswagenGTI VR6 Mk3Game Launch
2003VolkswagenGolf R32Game Launch
2010VolkswagenGolf RGame Launch
2011VolkswagenScirocco RGame Launch
2014VolkswagenGolf RGame Launch
2017Volkswagen#34 Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross BeetleGame Launch
1983Volvo242 Turbo EvolutionGame Launch
1997Volvo850 RGame Launch
2015VolvoV60 PolestarGame Launch
2017VUHL05RRGame Launch
1945WillysMB JeepGame Launch
2019ZenvoTSR-SGame Launch


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