Forspoken – Performance and Stutter Fix

Forspoken – Performance and Stutter Fix 1 -
Forspoken – Performance and Stutter Fix 1 -

Welcome to Forspoken – Performance and Stutter Fix Guide.

This guide will help you improve your game performance and fix stutter using NVidia control Panel.

Be wary of In Game Settings, the Empty Benchmark, and other ambiguities

The benchmark is useless as it renders the entire world without any models, except for a few dragons in two Althia Shots. It is not reliable.

The In-Game frame limiter is also horrible, as it is for Japanese PC ports.

In Game, set the Limiter to 120, the Screen borderless to screen and Vsync off to off. The nvidia control panel will control the framerate.

In Nvidia Control Panel (or your equivalent)

Open the NVidia Control Panel and go to the App Settings for Forspoken

  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Limit the Framerate to 60. (Even if your pc is powerful, don’t try to increase it. The eventual drops will be too much).
  • Maximize your energy profile for maximum performance

If you can maintain 60 after lowering the settings, you might try capping the game at 50 or 40. This will limit the game’s in-game capacity to 60

you must set your own limit below the game’s limit.

In-Game Settings tips (still testing)

Variable Shading looks excellent and doesn’t seem to affect the visuals in any way so the developers are right in putting it front and center.

After setting the presets, switch to Custom to change them to can be changed. You can now alter the variables for that preset, but they will still be available. Select it again to return to the preset. You can edit it again by clicking custom and So forth.

Pay attention to the memory allocations for textures and models. Do not exceed your memory limit, as memory consumption is constantly changing. You can see the menu by pausing it randomly in different scenarios. If your memory meter is complete in an empty area, it will stop working when the game is doing more.

While standard is not necessarily bad quality, pushing certain items beyond it will hurt performance more than you might expect. I am still trying to determine which settings are the most performance hogs.

RT doesn’t make a huge difference in quality (pity it, this game could use it), but it is pretty expensive.

Motion blur ffs should be turned off

High Quality models and texture filtering are two of the most popular options. Standard filtering is not bad.

Clouds and fog should be kept at a standard level (no high fog). If performance problems are a problem, you can set them to low. Fog is also bad, as it covers almost all particle effects.

Remember: It is very important to set your limit below the game’s framerate limiter.

Written by ffrasisti [ARG]

This is all about Forspoken – Performance and Stutter Fix; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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