For The King II – Guide to Inventory Management

For The King II – Guide to Inventory Management 5 -
For The King II – Guide to Inventory Management 5 -

Hi, welcome to this post, For The King II – Guide to Inventory Management guide.

This guide will teach you how to manage all your new treasures.

Introduction to Inventory Management

IronOak Games is pleased to present another Steam Guide. We look forward to preparing you for For The King 2 when it releases later this month. Sign up for the Closed Beta, which takes place May 10th through 16th. – []

Nothing can beat the thrill of a backpack full of the best loot from the lands of Fahrul. But no adventurer is ever unprepared. This is especially true when it concerns their treasure.

For the King 2 has taken the thrill of exploring crypts, caves or castles up a notch with an abundance of gold and cosmetics.


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FTK2 has so many possibilities, thanks to character traits and battle grids. You can explore so many new builds.

Do you love playing a frontline? You may want to try Blacksmith. But what if you stumble across a mighty magic staff? Perfect for some backline damage!

It may be tempting, but it could do better in someone’s hands who is a master of the arts. Your party Scholar might need a different weapon and, with it, a set of new skills. This also works in the reverse! The secret to any successful party is to work together. For those who are eager to adventure, there is no more excellent sacrifice than letting their friends use their loot bags and purses.

You’ll need gear to share with your comrades.

Not only can you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping a good friend, you will also improve your odds of defeating the Queen and her nefarious forces.

No one likes selfish heroes!

Sharing is Caring

To trade in gear, press the “I”, or the Bag Icon, located at the bottom left-hand corner.

Right-clicking the item you want to transfer will prompt you to pick the member of your group you’d prefer to send it to. If a party member is grayed-out, they may not be close enough to receive an item.

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You can solve this by moving them to the hex immediately adjacent to them or by using the daisy chain. This is where all the members of your party pass the item on to the correct recipient automatically if they’re adjacent.

You can also use it to trade in gold.

The slider will be used to increase and decrease the amount. This will be improved in the future.


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Your inventory also serves as your hub of equipment. Here you can see the equipment you currently have equipped and any other gear you might have picked up on your journey.

You will always be prompted to compare equipment to equip a new item. However, you can take it if you don’t want to equip it.

You’ll find your Quick Inventory on the bottom right corner in both the overworld encounters and combat encounters. Here, consumables will be placed for easy accessibility. To interact with an item, click the icon on the left or hover your cursor over it. This panel contains many useful items that can help you in combat.

As we continue developing this feature, we will add more accessibility. For example, a method of scrolling through consumables is added once the initial slot has been filled.

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Once you have that, you are ready to collect as many treasures as you can! Just remember to always share.

Adventurers, enjoy your journey

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