Dead Frontier 2 – Guide to Skill Ranking

Dead Frontier 2 – Guide to Skill Ranking 1 -
Dead Frontier 2 – Guide to Skill Ranking 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, We hope you will find this page helpful as we provide information regarding the Dead Frontier 2 – Guide to Skill Ranking.

A fast method to determining whether a talent is worthwhile. Purely subjective, but hopefully beneficial in the long run.

Skills what are they?

Skills are stats in-game that you can choose when you level up or prestige your character. At lvl 50 you get 50 stat points plus an extra 1 per prestige which happens after gaining 5 mill xp after lvl 50. You can mix and match but best to stick to maxing and specializing in certain perks. The max upgrades are each skill up to lvl 5 or V in roman numerals (I II III IV V or 1 2 3 4 5).

Some skills are going to be better than others. It just depends on the utility overall usefulness and how general vs specific they can be.

Skill names and what they do

quick reflexes= or dodge which if you press spacebar allows you to jump which avoids zombie attacks for certain duration 1-2 seconds. Then it needs to cooldown. Having quick reflexes decreases duration of cooldown while also adding a small stun recovery boost (used to be duration but people cheesed it hard so they reworked it)

sprinter = running. Default pressing shift key. It allows your character to run a bit faster than walking at default. Upgrading allows you to sprint faster, longer, and recover the energy sprint bar faster

jogger=your default walking speed (non-reloading just normal walking) upgrading jogger makes your jogg speed go faster. While not as fast as sprinter it is default so you can always be at the same speed without worrying about running duration

Stealth allows you to sneak better. Upgrading reduces footstep noise and decreases visibility making it harder for zombies to spot you. It also increases surprise damage attack for zombies who haven’t noticed you. Sneak speed also gets increased so you crouch walk faster when sneaking. Default ctrl key or C to toggle crouch on / off

Kickboxing = aka kick. Kick is the default alt key. Kick allows you to kick up to 3 zombies away like a melee attack. Only first zombie gets damaged rest get knocked back. Upgrading kick increases damage, decreases cooldown for the kick meter, and a slight increase to jogg and sprinting

looter = gives you a higher % to get better quality loot for clothing weapons and vehicle parts found / looted. Also increases search speed quite a lot.

lockpick = increases chances to lock pick a locked door without needing a key. Also increases search speed a bit

Apocrathy= relatively new skill. Increases % chance to find medical items. Also increases % heal potency of heal items. It also increases inventory space on your character a bit.

Lead magnet= another new skill recently added easter event. It increases % chance to find ammo, the amount of ammo you’ll find, and increases inventory a bit.

fast learner = increases experiencee gained from doing anything in-game (lockpicking / opening locked doors, missions, purple zones, boss / infected killing, reading books, looting, etc.) that gives you experience points

Mule = increases inventory slots on your character every time you level it up

toughness=increases max health

medic=increases amount that heal items heal

armorer =increases armor durability and absorption

survivor= increases efficiency of food/drink items and slows the food/drink bars depletion

marksman =increases the minimum / maximum accuracy of guns, aim speed, and range of all guns

quickshot = increases fire rate of all guns.

reload =increases the reload speed of all guns, ammo capacity, and walk speed

gun specialists (pistol, rifle, shotgun, smg, AR) = each weapon has their own special upgrades. For guns they’re all one in the same. Each lvl up increases accuracy range and damage for each type of the weapons that belong in that category. They also increase ammo capacity and firing speed which pairs well with

melee expert= like pistol expert but for melee. Since melee and chainsaw skills are different i’ll list them. Melee expert allows you to deal more damage, attack faster, stun and knockback a bit from each hit with a melee.

chainsaw expert = increases damage and attack speed for chainsaws.

trucker = increases car mpg, fuel capacity, and inventory slots in the car

brute strength = increases melee stun and knockback distance and slight damage increase

aim for the heart = increases body damage

assassin = increases damage against humans

exterminator = increases damage against non boss infected zombies

hunter = increases damage against mutant bosses (any zombie that drops loot basically)

head hunter = increases headshot damage

thick skin = increases resistance against bleeding and burning

immune system = increases resistance against bacterial and irradiated

Rankings A – F


head hunter, aim for the heart, jogger , sprinter, Exterminator, Hunter, kickboxing


reload, stealth, quick reflexes, looter


melee expert, lumberjack, gun experts (any guns) fast learner*


marksman, quick shot, lead magnet, brute strength


toughness, medic, survivor, lockpick, armorer, apocrathy


Assassin, trucker, mule, Thick Skin, Immune system

*Fast learner is a wild card between B through D. Mostly b/c it depends how fast you wanna level up or get stuff like rare / elite enhancers as well as make top score leaderboards for xp earned in a day. Overall though i’d put it in C for good measure

Reasons why: A rank

A rank is the best of the best. These are mostly damage and speed as well as utility perks that can work with almost any situation.

For sure headshot body shot are universal damages so on any gun melee or chainsaw it’ll work.

same with exterminator and hunter but more specific towards bosses or infected.

Kick is flat-out op. Being able to deal damage and knockback enemies is useful. It’s super useful on guns when caught reloading to create a small opening as knockback zombies fall into the path of other incoming zombies. It is a very useful almost 100% needed skill to maximize a second chance fallback plan as well as speed boosts

jogger and sprinter is 50/50, depending who you ask. If you roll joggers or jog builds you won’t need a sprinter. If you roll Sprinter though, a bit extra jog speed helps to gain some distance same with walk speed when reloading and walking away.

sprinter is super useful for pvp or boss battles as you can easily move away and gain distance to reload heal or gain your bearings. Also aiming.

While jogg is better for normal non boss battles since even a high jogg isn’t as fast and you’ll need to keep walking away.


a big plus is jogg is only 1 speed. Sprinter is 3 sprint speed duration and cooldown. So having jogg helps make room for other stats.

Though you only need 1 having both gives options

for A tier it’s best to get as many as you can b/c they will help long term.

Reasons why: B rank

B rank isn’t as useful as A rank but much more useful vs the alternatives.

reload, stealth, quick reflexes, looter

reload is super useful on guns especially for boss battles and on shotguns. The downside being is it doesn’t work with melee or chainsaws that don’t have an ammo cap. Though it does go better with walk speed on chainsaws when attacking

stealth is useful for sneaking around and a small surprise damage boost for the first shot fired at the first enemy without any extra silenced %.

quick reflexes helps with dodging and incase you get hit, much faster recovery time. Quick reflexes are a final resort once all bullets in the current mags, melee swing, and kick have been used. You can use it to dodge a one-hit kill in certain cases.

looter ensures faster looting speed which helps a lot especially in boss areas to loot and get out once boss is killed. The small quality % increase find is a good bonus to have too!

They’re a 50/50 but still good to have depending on what you wanna save on or go with.

Reasons why: C rank

melee expert, lumberjack, gun experts (any guns) fast learner

while these are useful they will limit you and are somewhat situational. This is when we start seeing skills go downhill a bit and become super niche or specific.

all weapon types are here for the sole reason that they limit what you can use. you can use others but it won’t be as useful as the weapon type you choose. At best choose 1 maybe 2. Anymore is overkill.

Still the weapons themselves getting upgrades is useful, but the limitation really hurts their position.

fast learner is best put in C for the average since it can be useful early on and late game. But it also takes away a slot for another skill type.

Reasons why: D rank

marksman, quick shot, lead magnet, brute strength

these are Rank D since they’re super specific or not really top priority. Still better than E and F ranks.

Marksman and quick shot are for all guns…






meaning no chainsaw or melee weapons. Hence limitations.

Brute strength same for melee only, which severely limits usage.

A lead magnet is a bit better due to the fact that ammo always being in demand. Either for your main character(s), selling, or to trade with / have around.

At most 1 skill for rank D depends on what you choose.

Reasons why: E rank

toughness, medic, survivor, lockpick armorer, apocrathy

Rank E are some of the lower skills to pick. Try to only pick them if you have a slot open or wanna really specialize.

toughness only increases health a bit. Which is pretty useless with items already existing. Same with armorer and upgrades on armors.

lockpick is not useful since the Nerf and again items having it. If anything small areas looting easy to find the key and if you keep looting

medic is the same as health restoration with upgrades and items are already things. Plus things like morphine x3 and nerotonin already max heal you many times over

Survivor doesn’t help much for the same reasons. Plus you can just eat all low grade items during your runs.

Apocrathy isn’t as useful as meds are rather common nowadays.

Reasons why: F rank

Assassin, trucker, mule, Thick Skin, Immune system

F rank is bottom tier. Best avoid these. Never pick unless you wanna really really specialize and have a throwaway character.

Assassin doesn’t help as pvp is a pretty niche and dead scene atm in DF2. Plus never enough players.

trucker isn’t useful as fuel is plenty and with enough speed you can pretty much run around the map too. All important spots aren’t close to outposts aside from attacks. Pretty much after open world cars became super useless. Even storage as storage upgrades exist and high inventory slots on cars also already add a lot of space. And no way to safely get your storage from cars yet.

Mule you can get the inventory capacity increases from items and a while back they added backpacks.

Thick skin and immune system now you can carry X3 meds so antibiotics, burn kits, iodine tablets, and bandages are already there. Plus they’re so common you can loot a couple every loot run or boss run. The meds also heal a bit but cure the debuff and give you a small protection for about 15 mins. Making them super useless, even more so if you use mostly guns as you will rarely touch enemies that can debuff you.

We sincerely thank you for reading the Dead Frontier 2 – Guide to Skill Ranking and hope you found them useful. Please feel free to call out any mistakes or offer suggestions for enhancements in the section below, and we will fix them as soon as we can. You have my very best wishes for today. This write-up was inspired by a piece written by the creator and author Fumo Bnnuy Gaming If you liked this post, be sure to bookmark us so you can easily find more of our great material in the future.

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