Fantasy Blacksmith – Ducks Guide to Gathering materials

Fantasy Blacksmith – Ducks Guide to Gathering materials 1 -
Fantasy Blacksmith – Ducks Guide to Gathering materials 1 -
1.4 Added the Escape the Forge DLC here are the how to to leaving the warm forge.



In order to leave the forge after buying the “Escape the Forge DLC” you must purchase the Magic Portal 2000G from the Magic Wood. After that you must purchase one of the various location gems to go to a specfic location. 
Wood-800G(Magic Wood) 
Cemetary-1000G (Abandoned Graveyard) 
Mine-1200G(Mithral Mine) 
Dragon-1600G (Dragon Mine) 
All Gems are one use only and upon inserting the gem into the portal you can enter and arrive at your destination. In order to receive loot you must first put the loot in the box to the right of the portal. Any loot in your hands will disappear upon entering the portal. Also once you leave the location the portal will disappear and all loot in the box, along with yourself , will appear in the forge. You will find your gathered loot in the box on the right side of the portal in the forge. 
Ps.- If you notice any materials that I’ve missed please comment and Ill be sure to add it to the list 

Magic Woods

WOOD GEM 800G (buy from Magic Forest) 
The magic forest has an abundance of materials spread around the map. 
Root X? 180G 
Berries X? 200G 
Bark X? 150G 
Flower X? 250G 
Clover X1 200G 
Red clover X1 250G 


Graveyard Gem 1000G (Bought from the Abandoned Cemetery) 
Total Estimated profit – 170G(BoneHandle)+ 400G+250-450G= 820-1020G 
-Note while at a lost this gem does allow early access to holy water before unlocking the Royal Castle 
Bone Handle- first head stone after crosses leaving from the portal. on the ground to the left. 
Bone Guard- – first set of graves with stone above the ground. Grave reads Mitchell. 
Bone Pommel – all the way in the back of the graveyard. In front of the grave on the far right. 
Fang-250-450G Past hill behind first grave that lines the row of the cliff-side 
Urna- 100G behind Eagle statue 
Skull- 100G Inside broken grave. Beyond hill on the right side. 
Holy water – 200G Go to the Eagle statue and take a right past a tree and into a small alcove . After you turn the corner you’ll see it between the pillars of the grave stone. 

Mythral Mines


Dragon Cliffs

Dragon gem -1600G (Purchased from Dragon mine) 
3 Pickups Lobster N/A G, Pen 300-500G, Shell 240G EST. Price 540-840G +Lobster 
ORE ELandoor 1000G per ore (note. 3 ore required for 1 bar) 
Lobster- In water to the left of the portal hallway 
Pen- At the major crossroad approach the dragon skeleton via its mouth 
Shell- At the major crossroad take a left towards the Chain. At the next opening take a right 
into the open area and an immediate left towards some broken planks. On the ground there should be a shell 
Elandoor- At the major crossroad take a left toward the chain. At the next opening take another r left toward the dead plant. On your right there will be a blue rock built into the cave wall. Using your pickax on the ore will drop elandoor ore 

Written by Armyofducks

This is all about Fantasy Blacksmith – Ducks Guide to Gathering materials; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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