Elite Dangerous – How To Raid/Stealth Settlements On-foot Solo (Odyssey)

Elite Dangerous – How To Raid/Stealth Settlements On-foot Solo (Odyssey) 1 - steamlists.com
Elite Dangerous – How To Raid/Stealth Settlements On-foot Solo (Odyssey) 1 - steamlists.com



There aren’t many guides yet for raiding or doing well mostly anything related to Odyssey, so if you are one of those who are holding your pistol and wearing your favorite (ONLY) flight suit and thinking. 
“Hmm….those settlements got a lot of loot” 
Well….you thought like me when i got odyssey. 
Being a pirate on-foot is actually drastically more easier than being a pirate in space if you are into fps. Besides the janky controls and learning how to Apex and when not to stand in front of a guard with an arc cutter, its pretty easy. 
Until you get hit with Blue Cobra, Orange Sidewinders and all colors of the rainbow errors. 
This is my first guide, and until a better one comes around, please understand that i am not quite good at writing. 

First Keymapping

So you might ask….how do you prepare yourself to pay your fellow man a visit to their assets. Technically one way is through the Apex. Still the key to success is having a good setup of keys first. Follow these simple steps! Unless you have a good keymap already try this. 
1. Go to On-Foot Controls 
2.Setup the keys like an fps 
Move Forward = W 
Move Backwards = S 
Strafe Left = A 
Strafe Right = D 
Sprint = L Shift 
Crouch = L Ctrl 
Jump = Space 
Interact = E 
Secondary Interact = F 
Open Item Wheel = I use mouse 3 for this then use mouse input to choose items 
Fire Weapon/Use Tool = Mouse 1 
Aim Down Sights = Mouse 2 
Throw Grenade = G 
Melee Attack = Q (Melee attack is useless so feel free to use Q for something else) 
Reload = R 
Switch Weapon = X 
Select Primary = 1 
Select Secondary = 2 
Holster Weapon = H (Really..use this a lot as guards don’t like weapons drawn) 
Select Next Grenade Type = J 
Toggle FlashLight = L 
Toggle Nightvision = N 
Toggle Shields = V 
Select EnergyLink = 5 
Select Suit Specific Tool = 4 
Select Profile Analyser = 6 
Toggle Tool Mode = O
And finally the most important key (And how you taxi yourself if you are alone on a planet) 
On foot Mode Switches 
Open Access Panel = C

Gearing Up

Now the first thing you shouldn’t do is go to a settlement by a taxi with your pistol and expect to get anything done. You could but you probably won’t want to. 
I’m going to assume you might not know how to get to planetary stations, which usually contain the real nice stuff. As most CMDRs visit the orbital stations, and if the rare items are limited and obtainable by all CMDR, you might want to try hunting on planetary outposts for grade 2-3. For simple players who don’t like doing atmospheric landings, the APEX service makes this trivial. Just visit any station and look for their counter then select a planet and look in landings for an orange station or landmark thats circular. 
The Tools for the Job 
Suits and Tools 
A Maverick Suit is the first and only suit you’ll need for this. The Maverick has some extra inventory space. Good for keeping lots of goods. 
Dominator Suit makes short work of small settlements, if you don’t want to deal with stealth or can handle the alarms then carrying both kinetic and laser weapons will down most targets. Unfortunately, does not come with the arc cutter which can slow down raiding. 
Arc Cutter comes with the maverick suit. This slices and dices almost any red box or maintenance panel and cuts through mag lock containers. Kind of want to try using this as a melee weapon. 
E-Breach Are optional but depending on the job these are not required. First Guards who scan you will go hostile if they see these so if you have them avoid guards. E-Breach are good for getting into containers but why would you waste them there? However if on missions, it saves time to breach the container a mission item is located. 
E-Cells are very important. Keeping shields and walking around outside drains your energy really fast. It also helps you keep alive when you decide to make a run for the Power Regulator and turn it off. 
Health Kits are self explanatory. If things go south or you cant afford to use shields due to low power, these kits keep you alive. You’ll find a lot in the settlement though so you can pick one up regardless. 
Just one weapon is needed for stealthy attacks 
Power Transfer ironically i played around with this, because it seems there was no way to silently take down targets and no explanation. Until I poked around a worker with this and…viola, unfortunately it kills them. It is a silent kill though, so if you plan to kill targets, overloading them will work. I’ve yet to try this with a guard though.This is your best friend in covert operations 
Remember to set it to overload before sharing your power with a guard. Don’t do this in front 
Remember that taking out targets besides using the power transfer will alert nearby people, so….yep if you take the stealth approach, use that overloader. 
TBD. Since I haven’t really bothered to go that deep into it yet. 
However for suits I recommend finding one with inventory space. 

APEX, Factions and Settlements

There are quite a lot of settlement types. 
Factions and Reputation 
It may be best to avoid Factions under Federation or other jurisdictions. You may take reputation hits, I’m unsure if this happens, but when doing Conflict Zones, you usually do take reputation hits. 
The best targets are independent small minor factions with many locations in a system. 
Abandoned and Evacuated Settlements 
The best type of settlements to raid are actually mission based abandoned ones. You can easily get away with a lot of loot by breaking into buildings. If you turn the power on however on missions requiring you do though, scavengers will show up and you’ll need to deal with them. They don’t enter buildings though. Settlements like these often have empty containers, so it is a bit less than active settlements 
Some missions don’t give you security clearance, this can make looting tedious. You need to bring at least one E-breach to turn on the PWR building. You may also need to bring a power regulator. 
Locations in a Settlement 
STO: Storage type. STO have a lot of workers and no restricted areas. Basically you can walk through here without any problem. 
RES: Usually are great locations to loot. A RES building means you’ll find some restricted areas and a few scientists. AGRI is the same as a RES, but without restricted areas. 
AGRI have bigger multi-lab buildings at higher difficulties. They also have restricted areas. There is a difference between RES and AGRI, AGRI buildings can contain bio sample units. 
CMD: You’ll find two sub-rooms OPR and SEC. SEC is where the alarms are disabled while OPR is where turrets, anti-air and sometimes scans are disables. 
IND: are buildings with sample units. Like EXT, these can be defined by tall tanks with a console to open. When it comes to loot, normally an IND may come with an attached LAB, which has a few things to open. 
EXT: are buildings who have sample units too. They have small loot but are generally smaller and easier to deal with than IND buildings. EXT usually have one or two processing units here. 
HAB: are buildings which are used for residency. In most cases if you don’t have an E-breach, you usually want to visit this building then. DORM areas have lots of goods and assets, but mostly documents and personal computers or insight. 
PWR: are buildings which power the entire facility. PWR comes with a console you can use to turn off the site power. In most cases the PWR building is the first place to go if you want to raid an empty settlement or evacuated one. 
Bigger areas have bigger more complicated layouts, so there are quite a lot of templates they use for settlements. 
Sometimes buildings can be a massive complex. The common one is the HAB and PWR building. CMD can also connect to a DORM as well. 
A word of caution 
If a CMD cannot be found, the Alarms may be located in the EXT building, the PWR building may also hold these controls. If infiltrating, the first target to disable is the Alarms for obvious reasons. 
PWR have alarms when dealing with mining settlements. 
IND have alarms when dealing with industrial. 
EXT rarely have alarms located there 
Be aware bigger settlements usually have two or more buildings, but they often have CMD in that case. 
Alarms are always security level 1, so thats the minimum to access it. 
Where to find specific sites 
Mining and Industrial named sites tend to have STO, EXT and IND buildings. 
Military or Command named sites tend to have a STO, CMD and heavy security 
Research or Analytics, Biochemistry named sites tend to have RES or AGRI buildings 
Hotels and similar usually have HAB, although I’ve just run into one. 
Almost all settlements will have a HAB building. I’ve run into some however which HAB buildings are nearly tiny. 
You might find that driving to each location on your ship is great, but if you want to bounce between systems the best way is APEX. Simply access it through the Access key i mentioned earlier and navigate left, then use your up down keys to choose APEX. 
You automatically store your loot when you enter a shuttle. If you trigger alarms you cannot call APEX until you reach 400m away from the area, however you can call APEX after looting if the alarms were not triggered and it’ll land on the landing pad none the wiser. 
Types of Enemies 
There are four types of enemies you will deal with. 
Drones: From small ones to the big Goliath type. There are two drones I’ve run into. The smaller drone and the Goliath Drone. Goliaths are a pain to kill, and should be avoided. Skimmer drones aren’t much of a problem. 
Guards: Guards come in all shapes and sizes. Guards can scan you, if they try to scan you, its best to stand still. If you carry E-Breach, are wanted or generally have illegal stuff they will go hostile after the scan, giving you time to shotgun them before they complete it. You can overload them quickly by using the power transfer while they scan and switching to overload then charge before they get a chance to go hostile. 
Worker: These employees can easily be killed with a shotgun or a rifle. They are easy to go for security levels. 
Turrets: I never really had much trouble with turrets. They have a fixed angle and can be avoided by not getting in front of them. They can be annoying though if you are fleeing from other enemies. Anti-Air turrets may pose threats for ships. 
Large Settlements 
Assembly: A very large Industrial Site, usually contains a CMD 


Entering a Settlement for the First time 
1. Look for a Goliath, turrets and Anti-Air. If you see a Goliath, best to see where it is and where it goes. 
2. If you see turrets and Anti-Air, try to locate the CMD center. If you did not bring E-Breach, locate the HAB building. If you are using a Maverick suit, you can Arc Cutter any panel to access a building. If you cannot see a CMD center, find the building that alarms may be located related to the type it is. 
3. Plan your approach, where to go shopping and which lucky person will meet the end of your stun stick. At most you can easily overload a guard outside once they finish scanning you, and a worker is easy to target to so there isn’t a need to go to a HAB building to hunt down a worker. 
Obtaining Security level 
A word of caution When you share rounds with a worker, that worker will alert other workers and guards even if there isn’t an alarm state. That means, even if you kill that worker or administrator with a shotgun, others will investigate in the nearby area. 
To remove cloned data, simply use the item wheel and select the bottom option. 
Breaching vs Security Level 
The easiest way to get to the alarms is by getting the clearance from a guard or worker. Sometimes though, you can get away with using E-Breach by breaching the Alarms and cutting through the CMD doors. There is a risk you get scanned by a guard while carrying E-Breach though. 
Maverick Suit users can get through with cutters then breach the Alarm panel, Dominator Suit users will need to find someone and clone their data using the analyzer tool. 
Once the alarms are off, you can just go kill everyone and you still won’t fail your mission. On raiding though you sort of want to avoid murder as it just wastes time running away from 10 guards. 
Alarms stop guards and workers from patrolling areas that normally they shouldn’t. So a good first priority is to shut down the alarms. Each building seems to be far away from each other that what you do in one won’t affect the other. 
Maglocks and Locked Containers 
I usually go for the Maglock Lockers, then Containers for last. You can Arc Cutter lockers by aiming your cutter at the red striped beam at the bottom of the container. Then hold down the mouse to cut it. 
If you want to sweep quickly, it is good to start at the RES or EXT or what the settlement specializes in and stock up on the G-Meds, Canisters or materials. HAB buildings should be last as they usually just contain Personal Computers and Insights or Documents, which still are good credit value. 
Sample Containment Units 
EXT, AGRI and IND have these and they usually give out core samples, bio samples. They are around 50,000 each but for some reason it might be good to hang onto these. At most you’ll find one or two of these units in buildings. 
Guards and I assume workers can disengage the open panel, in which you’ll need to close it again and open it. I am also not sure if guards are alerted by opening these, but I’ve had guards patrol towards two sample containment units back and forth while in alert phase. 
Power Regulator 
The PWR room usually has one worker, but there can be two. In this case its easy to overload one and shotgun the other. The PWR room also usually has one downloadable data panel and almost always a power regulator, which can be stolen if you shut down the generator. 
If you plan to loot the regulator, it might be good to overload the doors going outside, so you have a clear route to get out. This has the downside of guards easily getting to the PWR and starting it up again. 
Both Containment Units and Regulators take some time to access. 
Guard Behaviors 
1. Guards will scan you every so often, usually every 5-20 minutes. They do this almost all the time when you arrive. Guards can be avoided simply by not getting in their range. 
2. Guards will investigate panels, workers tend to do this as well. If you plan to overload a panel, when a guard gets to it first they will stop the panel from being overloaded. They can disengage sample processing units and investigate if the power stops running. 
3. Guards tend to patrol IND, EXT, AGRI and RES buildings. They rarely patrol through STO, CMD, HAB buildings. If killing a worker, there is a chance that a guard will idle there when they investigate and not move, or barely move. They only patrol these areas when the alarm state goes off or when hostile. 
4. Guards when in hostile state, stay in hostile state, however they will lower shields if the alarms are turned off after a while. If a guard has never encountered you and there is no alarm, they will not be hostile. 
Worker behaviors 
1. Workers follow a route and some go to different buildings. You’ll rarely see a Rank 3 worker go into the HAB building, so there is no point in waiting for an administrator to go there. 
2. Workers will always investigate fighting if its nearby, so be ready to dispatch multiple and flee if a guard comes by. They don’t carry anything higher than pistols. 
3. Workers tend not to care if you arc cutter a container nearby, unless they directly see you do crazy stuff, or see broken panels they often mind their own business. If they see a dead body, they will go into yellow state. They won’t go hostile though if you aren’t directly near the body. 


Never turn off power when you need to download data 
Never turn off power unless you want to overload doors to loot buildings 
You usually settlement raid for upgrade parts. Profitwise its not any better and actually worse than mining painite. But one key difference between these two is being on-foot is more enjoyable to me than piloting a Krait and scanning asteroids with a pulse scanner. 
Bigger sites can be very profitable, but the time to get through them varies. 
Components can be swapped by the bartender for other materials. So even if you collect 30 memory chips, you shouldn’t exchange these for credits. 
I wouldn’t sell off power regulators, as they seem to be useful in some way perhaps when visiting abandoned or evacuated. 


I hope this helps you survive Odyssey and well dealing with on-foot problems. This guide probably isn’t just for raiding settlements but…..I guess its better than nothing. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m sure better guides will appear so until then, feel free to use this one as a rough guide (because the tutorials don’t mention a lot of things) 
Good luck and happy pirating! 

Written by SelfDelete

This is all about Elite Dangerous – How To Raid/Stealth Settlements On-foot Solo (Odyssey); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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