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Elite Dangerous – Best Tools and Resources 1 - steamlists.com
Elite Dangerous – Best Tools and Resources 1 - steamlists.com

This includes a collection of links to various 3rd party sites that offer tons of different tools and information for you to use, regarding Elite.

3rd party sites that offer tons of different tools and information

The game while is definitely playable without these, having them at your disposal will prove itself handy.

If you are completely new to the game, for now, just scroll through this section. The more you understand about the game, the deeper you dig yourself to this guide, the more useful you’ll find some of these that doesn’t really mean anything to you now.

The Inara Hub

The Inara Hub – [inara.cz]  is the baseline “everything” at one place website where you’ll want to go for news and detailed information on whatever in-game item you are looking for. It has many useful tools for overall coverage, though most of them are done better and updated more frequently on more specialised sites below.


EDDB – [eddb.io]  is a trader’s best friend. While it has status updates on various star systems, stations, commodities etc. much like the Inara Hub, it also offers you optimal trade route planning based on criteria and filters you like – you can create single hop, loop, chain trading routes, with your preferred distances and best profit calculated. It is very frequently updated.

Alpha Orbital

Alpha Orbital – [alpha-orbital.com]  is primarily an info site covering the news around Elite: Dangerous, EvE Online, X universe and their future updates and a Ship comparison tool – [alpha-orbital.com] . Along with fresh info about the games, you can also find a full showcase of ships currently available with the appropriate info displayed.

Elite Wiki

Elite Wiki – [wikia.com]  Nothing else I can add to this section really, a Wikipedia site is a Wikipedia site. I advise you NOT to rely on it’s localisation or numerical information because these can be really outdated, but it is a good source for FAQ. Many pages are now severely outdated and some features even having a blank page.

Elite:Dangerous Codex

The complete list of third-party tools for Elite: Dangerous and Community driven

Providing a complete overview of all available third party tools, interesting threads, community websites/wikis and videos – all four are called entries on EDCodex – [edcodex.info] . You might ask why? Due to the way the FD forum works a lot of good entries gets snowed under and the authors do NOT get the exposure they clearly deserve. For casual forums users, getting an overview of all entries is nearly impossible. Something we think is very important, especially for those new to Elite: Dangerous.

Elite: Dangerous APIOfficial & 3rd party API

Elite: Dangerous API – Official & 3rd party API – [edcodex.info]

3rd party API

  • Elite: Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)
  • EDDB – Elite: Dangerous Database
  • INARA – Elite:Dangerous companion
  • EDSM – Elite Dangerous Star Map
  • EDDN – Elite Dangerous Data Network
  • Elite Galaxy Online
  • EDCodex
  • EDProxy – Netlog proxy server
  • ED3D Galaxy Map
  • EDMCOverlay
  • ExplOCR
  • Maddavo’s Market Share (MMS)
  • EDStats
  • Looking for Wing – lfw.io
  • EDMaterializer
  • ed-systems
  • EDDN on DynamoDB
  • Accessing the iPhone companion app api using curl
  • TGC – The Great Collector
  • Elite Log Agent
  • edmcoverlay2



Coriolis – [coriolis.io]  is the most up to date, easy to use and extremely well polished ship planner site to date. Think of it as a character creator that helps you plan ahead. Includes every detail you’ll ever need for ship planning, and most importantly, some details you may not be able to see in the game. You can create, save, load and share builds from here.

EDSM – Elite Dangerous Star Map

A massive database of our galaxy. EDSM – [edsm.net]  organises and keeps track of Expeditions, when a large number of players form a convoy and head out to the unknown exploring together. The fastest routes to distant targets are also being recorded here, just like a map of distant explorers who update their own position for the rest of the explorer community to follow.


The Wavescanner – [wavescanner.net]  is a simulation / teaching tool that helps you identifying the sounds and wave signals of various surface point of interests such as materials, crashed ships and so on. [Horizons only]

DDNS or PMDC: Pristine Metallic Distance Calculator

The Pristine Metallic Distance Calculator – [edtools.cc]  you’ll be very thankful to have this if you decide to become a miner. Check the mining section for more info, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Neutron Router

The Neutron Router – [spansh.co.uk]  will allow you to plot between two different star systems. The result will show you every time you need to go to the galaxy map in order to plot a new route (for instance when you are at a neutron star).

It will prioritise neutron stars so should be avoided for journeys which are lower than 500 light years (It will likely try to route you to Jackson’s Lighthouse first if you’re in the bubble).

If you have a low maximum range (10-20 LY) you may end up using a boosted jump into a system which you do not have enough range to jump out of. You should be careful when plotting using this and check that you can get out of the system when you are on the galaxy map.

Galaxy router

If you are looking for a more complete plotter which includes refuelling, secondary neutron stars and FSD injection then use the new Galaxy Plotter

Galaxy router – [spansh.co.uk]  will allow you to plot between two different star systems. It will attempt to plot you an exact route, including fuel usage, neutron supercharges and injection boosts if so desired.

This router is in beta and the results are not guaranteed to be ideal, it may also route you through systems which require a permit.


EDEngineer – [github.com]  is a basic app (3rd Party App) written to track materials, data and cargo acquired in Elite Dangerous. That way, we can also track progress of blueprints available from the Engineers.


  • A transparent overlay that runs continuously and updates in real time what your ship holds (based on logs outputted by the game)
  • Shopping List, Thresholds, alerts for when a favourite blueprint is ready, and many other quality of life items
  • Show/Hide the overlay based on a global shortcut (default is Control + F10)
  • A tray icon where you can configure the shortcut and exit the overlay
  • All blueprints available in a handy sortable grid which you can filter too
  • Ignore/Favorite flags – Favorited blueprints that become available to craft trigger a Windows toast
  • Persistent state : EDEngineer will remember which filters you applied and what blueprints are favorited/ignored
  • Movable window mode and resizable panels (use the RESET button to reset the window location while in “unlocked” mode)
  • Handles multiple commanders if you own multiple accounts
  • Configure thresholds


Elite: Dangerous Market Connector

Elite Dangerous Market Connector – [edcodex.info]  (“EDMC”) is a third-party application for use with Frontier Developments’ game “Elite Dangerous”. Its purpose is to facilitate supplying certain game data to, and in some cases retrieving it from, a number of websites and other tools. To do this it utilises the Journal Files written by the game when played on a PC. It also makes use of Frontier’s Companion API, accessible once you’ve authorised this application.

Written by V4LKyRiE™

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Elite Dangerous – Best Tools and Resources; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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