Don’t Starve – Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond

Don’t Starve – Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 44 -
Don’t Starve – Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 44 -
The Third Guide (and probably last) on Hamlet!, i’ll teach you what to do in Lush Season and after you complete your first ingame year!, hope i helped through these guides!


Sniffy Times (not corona tho)

So you got through Humid Season, your base is evolving and the Bats are getting stronger, what now?, well a*suming you stockpiled Nettles (you need at least 24 to get through Lush), but why do you need all those Nettles? well it’s because of Hay Fever, the gimmic of this season, Basically every Time it "gets" to you, your Character will sneeze constantly, Losing alot of Sanity and sometimes even dropping an item, here is everything that will "hold" Hay Fever for you (sorry for such a big Oscillating Fan image) 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
The First Item is of course, the Nettle, which will cooldown Hay Fever for 200 Seconds (3 Minutes and 20 Seconds) 
The Second Item are the Nettle Rolls (3 Nettle, 1 Stick in the Crock Pot), which cooldown Hay Fever for 720 Seconds (12 Minutes, or 1.5 Days) 
The Third Item is the Seed Pod, Which when Raw will cooldown Hay Fever for 60 Seconds, and when Cooked it will cooldown for 120 Seconds. 
The Fourth Item is the Gas Mask, an item that when used cooldowns Hay Fever for as long as it has Durability (Which is 3 Days), the downside is, it gives you -10 Sanity per Minute while using it (Since Wigfrid can’t eat nettles, this is your only choice), But this Mask will be very useful in the future. (Craft: 4 Peagawk Plumes, 1 Cloth, 1 Pig Skin) 
The Fifth Item is actually a structure!, the Oscillating Fan, which has a range just like the Ice Flingomatic, it can be turned On and Off, when close to it you will dry off VERY quickly (Like when you’re close to a fully lit Fire Pit), but it will also prevent the effects of Hay Fever completely, but warning, it only lasts 5 Days (half of the season), so it will need to be fueled again after that. 
Now to the effects on the world!, for starters you will notice that Trees and Tuber Trees will be blooming. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Blooming Rainforest Trees will drop Jungle Burrs 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Which can be planted anywhere, making these trees Renewable. 
Blooming Tuber Trees will drop Blooming Tubers. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
These Tubers don’t seem to be able to make Bug ‘B Gone’s but it can be eaten without any Prejudice, so it won’t Poison you after eating them. 
1. Health, 12.5 Hunger, 0 Sanity, Rots in 20 Days (Raw) 
3 Health, 18.5 Hunger. 0 Sanity, Rots in 6 Days (Cooked) 
Another thing that will Bloom is Wormwood! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
(Blooming Wormwood walks slightly faster but also has a faster hunger drain) 
And now, to probably the most annoying thing of this season, Brambles! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
, these can spawn in the Rainforest, Deep Rainforest, Gas Rainforest, Wild Plains, Painted and Battleground biomes (look them up in the wiki if you don’t know which are these) 
These act kinda like walls, they have 40 HP and do 3 Damage when attacked, homever when one is destroyed around 4-5 Brambles will also be destroyed around the Bramble you destroyed 
Now how to deal with them? well you can Stack Armor (like a Football Helmet and a Log Suit), to get through these brambles without even taking damage! (you will need a 40+ Damage Weapon though), i personally like to use the Fancy Helmet and the Tin Suit because of their high hp, but same protection as the Football Helmet and Log Suit. 
Another Thing are Strong Winds, yes, those things from Hurricane Season, since there isn’t much water here in hamlet, most things will end up falling off the island, so watch out for that! 
Still on Brambles, sometimes you will find Bramble Blooms! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
These things will be surrounded by Brambles, destroy all Blooms that you find, they have 200 HP but do the same damage as a common Bramble, When destroyed they will drop a Bramble Bulb and 2-4 Vines, with 1 Bramble Bulb, one Ash and Two Gra*s you will make Dense Turf!, which looks exactly like Rainforest Turf (which you can’t pickup with a Pitchfork), it’s use is to make a Nettle Farm even closer to your base! (as long as it has water close of course), With a Bramble Bulb, Two Flytrap Stalks and 3 Boards you can also make a Root Trunk (Needs a Hogus Porkusator before hand), which is very similar to an End Chest from Minecraft, it has 12 Inventory Slots and it’s Inventory Slots are Shared!, so you can make a Root Trunk in another place far away and take whatever important item is inside there! (i am not sure if the inventory is shared across DLCs) And… That’s everything!, Congratulations, you survived a Full Hamlet Year!, but to not make the guide that short, i will list what you can do AFTER the first year! 

Congratulations, You Survived, or else?

Sooo, After Lush Season, Hay Fever hasn’t ended yet, it will go till Day 35, and now you need something to do Aside from Survival. 
So a*suming you got the Key From the City and the City Hammer, you should start making your own city!, to get resources you need to commit vandalism to the first pig city "Take resources" from the first Pig City, destroying all the houses will give you enough resources to build your own city, and you can "Take" the turf from there to your own city!, something you should definitely make is the Town Hall, so you will be the Mayor of your own city, so all the pigs there will occasionally pay you taxes. 
Unrelated but i have to tell you is, with the Key to the City, the City Hammer and a Pan Flute (can be bought in the magic shop) you can get an ABSURD amount of Oincs, "well how do i do that?", it’s simple!, firstly you need to build the Swinesbury Mineral Exchange, build it far away from your base though, then you enter the shop and play the pan flute, making the pig inside sleep, with that you can freely steal whatever is in the Shop (a Centapiece Oinc, a Tenpiece Oinc and whatever shelve item is there), giving you 110 Oincs everytime you do this, but beware, Krampus can spawn after stealing the shop, after killing the Krampii (if they spawn) you destroy the shop, and then Rebuild it!, technically being an Oinc and a Krampus Farm, do that till you run out of resources (which will probably be Cut Rocks). 
Another thing you can do is Get the Magic Water, but for that you need to kill the Dangerous Pugalisk 
to find him you first need to get through his ruin, which looks like this 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
After getting through the ruin and finding the Exit to the other island, it will look like a regular Island till you find the Fountain of Youth. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
After getting the Magic Water the Pugalisk will be alerted and come out to attack you! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
300. HP 
15. Damage (Head) 
5. Damage (Tail) 
22.5 Damage (Sputtering) 
Special Ability: Can Freeze the player with his Eye Beam (Only on Second Phase though) 
Heals 1 Health per Second 
Cannot be put to Sleep, be Ignited or be Frozen 
Insanity Aura: -100/Min 
This isn’t a difficult fight even though it seems like it, i recommend you use a Fancy Helmet and a Tin Suit for this fight, and maybe a backup Football Helmet and Log Suit, and a weapon that does +40 Damage (A Halberd, a Ham Bat, a Dark Sword for example) 
So the first thing you will notice is that he has very strong Scales, you can’t do damage to those scales no matter what Weapon you are using, but believe me, don’t try to tank his head, it’s possible but you will take way too much damage, Homever, some parts of the Pugalisk are scale-less, so you can easily attack him, in the Second Phase he will occasionally use his eye beam, try to dodge it, but if you don’t dodge it, you will be able to tank some attacks from the Pugalisk. 
After some time (a*suming you survive), You will be able to Kill the Pugalisk, he drops 16 – 6 Monster Meat, 55 – 42 Snake Bones, Petrifying Bones, 46 – 22 Bone Shards, 1 – 0 Red Gems, 2 – 0 Blue Gems and 4 – 1 Spoiled Fish (Rushing Pugalisk would be interesting….), now you’re wondering what are these Petrifying Bones, well they will spawn close where Pugalisk died, you need to dig them up to get the Pugalisk Skull, With it you can make the Pugalisk Wand (only with the Shadow Manipulator) which freezes Anything that can possibly freeze 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Sadly it only lasts around 4 minutes, so i don’t recommend for you to make it. 
With the Snake Bones (which is weird cuz snakes don’t have bones), you can make the Snake Bone Soup, with Two Snake Bones and Two Monster Meat (because of priority it won’t turn into Monster Lasagna), which heals 40 HP, 25 Hunger and 10 Sanity 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
The Magic Water 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Heals 300 Hp, 450 Hunger and 150 Sanity, but PLEASE don’t eat it, it’s Usage is to be planted close to your base, so it can turn into the Magic Flower, which acts like a Meat Effigy, when close to it will give +36 Sanity per Minute but drain your Hunger Value, it can easily be transplanted using a shovel, which will drop the Magic Water again, and Yes, it is Renewable, after it is consumed you can take the Magic Water from the fountain again,but you will have to Kill the Pugalisk a second time. 
One thing you should also consider is the Skyworthy 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Made with the Can of Silly String, as i mentioned before you can go to other DLCs and bring their resources (i recommend Shipwrecked), you will be out for a long time, so i recommend you use the Skyworthy after going through the Aporkalypse, which i will explain the next Section of the guide. 

Aporkalyptic Times (Don’t Starve: 2020 Edition)

So what is this Aporkalypse? well it’s kind of like a Season (but more of an event) that occurs for the first time in Day 61 of a Hamlet World, basically it’s what you imagine, an Apocalypse like event, here are all the changes it makes to your World: 
– The world will be in a Constant Full Moon state, so no day or dusk, and a constant Sanity Drain (this includes all the effects of the Full Moon and Night, so for example some mobs like Spider Monkeys will be sleeping) 
– Food Spoils 50% Faster 
– Vampire Bats will come every day 
– Pigs will stop their activites, Royal Guards will stay inside but will still attack you if they "See" you stealing 
– Many Creatures change their Behaviour 
– Pogs Attack any Creature in Sight (wow this thing is scary ain’t it) 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
– Pikos become Rabid 
– Iron Hulks are Constantly Activated. 
– All Mants turn into Mant Warriors with what seems to be some kind of War Paint 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
– Thunderbirds launch 10 Lightning Bolts instead of 3 Bolts 
– The BFB will not spawn. 
– Elder Mandrakes are Neutral and can be befriended with Raw Vegetables 
– 2 – 5 Ancient Spirits will spawn in every room of every Ancient Pig Ruins, if the ghosts are killed they will respawn when returning to the room. 
– The Ancient Herald will spawn shortly after the Aporkalypse begins. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
200. HP 
5. Damage 
Insanity Aura: -400/Min (In Combat) -100/Min (Outside of Combat) 
For Armor, i recommend a simple set of a Football Helmet and Log Suit/Fancy Helmet and Tin Suit 
and of course a weapon that does +40 Damage 
After Spawning he will try to get close to you to attack, but losing interest if you go far away 
I Don’t really recommend fighting him, since his drops aren’t that worth it but oh well, i need to explain how to fight this big baddie. 
It attacks you by diving you into the ground, creating a shockwave similar to those the Iron Hulks create, and it will sometimes summon enemies like, Ancient Spirits, Nightmare Creatures, Dragoon Eggs (basically meteors, they won’t spawn immediately so get away if nothing shows up after the herald does the summoning) and 9 to 20 Poison Dartfrogs, now how do you kill all those stuff? well trigger the shockwave!, yep, simple as that, the shockwave can even strangely hit the Nightmare Creatures, when most of the creatures are cleared, start hitting the Ancient Herald, after repeating the cycle, the Herald will die after some time, leaving a BUNCH of cooked Poison Dartfrog Legs in the ground and Nightmare Fuel. 
His loot is 5 Dark Tatters, 2-3 Nightmare Fuel and a Blueprint for the Vortex Cloak. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
The Vortex Cloak is made on the Shadow Manipulator with 5 Dark Tatters and Night Armor, it gives the same inventory slots of a Backpack, it Absorbs 100% of Damage from Non-Shadows, and drains sanity for each hit equal to 30% of Absorbed Damage, it can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel though. 
And now you’re wondering, since the Aporkalypse sucks so much, how do you avoid it? well remember the Ruins i mentioned last guide?, well you need to find it 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
It’s Located somewhere in the Poisonous Rainforest, which needs to be traversed with a Gas Mask (you can also tank the damage it does with healing items but i don’t recommend it) 
After traversing through the rainforest and the ruin, you arrive at a new island with a big amount of Snaptooths, you need to find the other Ruin that will be in the other side of the Island (which will be surrounded by Snaptooths) 
Inside it will look like a Normal ruin, exploring around you may find The End’s Well 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Similar to the Wishing Well, Instead of accepting things like Gold it only accepts Nightmare Fuel or Colored Gems, Giving out Purple Gems in return, if for example a Twig is given to the well, it will spawn a Nightmare Creature, efficiently being a Purple Gem and Nightmare Fuel Farm. 
Remember the Suspicious Cracks i mentioned in the guide before? well you need to blow them up in this Ruin if you want to find the Aporkalypse Calendar 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
As you can see, the 3 parts are aligned pointing south, that means it’s Aporkalypse, if it’s not, it’s probably close, pressing any of the buttons During Aporkalypse will immediately change it back to a normal season, to avoid Aporkalypse, what you need to do is keep the second Slide (all Slides move at the same time when pressing the button, which go to left or right) slightly to the left, when the first and third slide are still aligned, that will avoid Aporkalypse entirely for another 60 days. 

Hunt for the Completed Iron Hulk

So after you got through the Aporkalypse, you’re still wondering, what to do now? well, there’s still two more Big Baddies left, and i’m gonna explain how to get them. 
So Remember those Iron Hulk pieces i mentioned earlier? well this is how you get to him, these are the pieces 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
(Idea from Jazzy Games) 
So Firstly you should prebuild a Telelocator Focus and a Telelocator Staff, Build the Focus in the BFB’s Island and charge it with 3 Purple Gems before hand. (You pretty much have infinite purple gems with the End’s Well) 
Basically you need to find all the pieces and Teleport them to the BFB Island, there are normally at least Two in the biome they spawn in. 
After uniting all the pieces at the BFB’s Nest, go back there again and Unite all the pieces, they will immediately unite when close to each other. (the battle will start immediately when all pieces are reunited) 
Now before starting the battle, i recommend that you have some Football Helmets and Log Suits, since Fancy Helmets/Tin Suits slow you down, and kiting the Large Iron Hulk is crucial, now, to the fight! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Health: 3000 
Damage: 100 – 200, 360 (At Death) 
I Recommend that you use 3 Football Helmets and 2 Log Suits, to put those Snake Bones to use you can also make Snake Bone Soups for healing. 
So the most simple attack, similar to other bosses, is that he tries to Bite you, this is a fairly simple attack to dodge but it isn’t over yet, with his tail he will throw a ball of fire at you, similar to a bishop, but it isn’t that hard to dodge compared to it, he also has a Spinning Laser attack which is also fairly simple to dodge, but warning, it does 200 damage, reason why you need so much armor. 
Occasionally he will throw out Proximity Mines near himself, which when exploded do 100 Damage, so watch out. 
Occasionally he will do a short range teleport that when hit does 600 Damage, this is one of his most dangerous attacks, after this attack he will teleport closeby, and do the ball of fire attack, so you aren’t getting a break. 
After some damage taken he will go into his second phase, forming 32 basalt eruptions around you and him (like a DIY arena haha), the only way to escape is mining the basalt eruptions out or with some kind of teleport, these Basalt Eruptions will drop rock and flint, potentially being a risky Rock Farm, he will keep destroying and reconstructing these Basalt Eruptions till the boss is dead, when he dies, he will enter in a "Self destruct mode", exploding in around 5 seconds (doing 360 damage to anyone close enough), after this explosion the Iron Hulk pieces will scatter around the island (since they’re all in the BFB island they won’t be that far away from each other), his drops are 2-4 Gears, 2-6 iron and 6-7 Infused Iron 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
it will also drop the Blueprint for the Living Artifact 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Made with 6 Infused Iron and the Magic Water, it’s an extremely powerful Iron-Man like suit, dropping all your items when activated, and healing you completely. 
It gives you night vision, Dark Sword damage, immunity to Poison, Freezing, Overheating, Hay Fever, Fog and Wetness, it has a Melee Attack that does 68 damage, a Ranged Attack that does 34 damage and an AOE Attack that does 100 damage, it lasts for 3 Minutes and loses durability every second, after that the item will be consumed 
Tip: since technically you can always make the Large Iron Hulk again, it’s a Rock, Flint, Gears and Iron Farm in one, very useful for WX-78 Players. 

The Final Showdown with the Mant Queen

Straight to the point, remember the Mant Hills at the deep rainforest? 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
You need to enter this Mant Hill, here you will find well, Mants 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
These are Neutral Mobs that will attack you if you get too close, unless you’re using the Mant Mask and the Mant Suit, then they will be Neutral unless attacked, with the Pherostone, an item that translates mant language, they will tell you what food they like, being Pinecones (or any type of tree sapling). 
They will spawn from Antcomb Homes 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Which are like Pig Houses, when destroyed they drop Honey and Honeycomb. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
This is a Honey Chest, when you put Nectar in it, after some time this Nectar will turn into Honey, so if you want some Honey in Hamlet, go Snaptooth Hunting. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
This is a Lamp, which acts like well, a Lamp, giving light to almost all the Mant Hill rooms, they will not give light in the Aporkalypse. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
This is the Giant Grub, which will occasionally spawn in some rooms, making the Mants fight with them 
60. HP 
4. Damage 
Loot: Monster Meat 
Tip: Occasionally Earthquakes will happen in the Mant Hill, which will change all room directions, so for example a room that connects to a room in the south, will change it’s exits to the north, or the east. 
But now to the Queen Womant actually, you will after some time find Another Entrance, which looks like this 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
There will be around 3-5 Rooms with almost no Light, containing Stalagmites and Warrior Mants 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
Mants that will attack you the moment they see you. 
30. HP 
4. Damage 
Loot: Monster Meat and Chitin 
After going through all these rooms (You don’t really need to Fight the Warrior Mants) you will find the Queen Womant, which will immediately Wake Up and attack you. 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
350. HP 
Special Ability: 
Heals Herself for 0.5 Health every second, Makes Earthquakes, Blows into het Tail, Summons Mant Warriors and Cannot be Ignited 
I Recommend you bring some allies like Royal Guards or Spiders if you’re Webber to fight the Queen Womant, you also Definitely need Rabbit Earmuffs, for armor i recommend Two Football Helmets and Log Suits and at least a Halberd. 
Immediately she will summon Two Mant Warriors to fight you, putting her to sleep with a Sleep Dart/Pan Flute can give you some time to block both sides of the room with Stone Walls, blocking the Mant Warriors so they don’t bother you (or your allies take care of the warrior mants). 
She will occasionally cause Earthquakes, the minerals falling are dangerous because of the small room, so watch out, Scorpions may also fall out, possibly Poisoning you. 
In her second phase, she will Blow into her tail, pretty much deafening you for some time, your sanity will be drained and your movement will be hindered, which is why you need the Rabbit Earmuffs, they will make you immune to that, but you need to have your Log Suit equipped to still protect yourself. 
After doing enough damage the Queen will finally be dead. Dropping 5 Monster Meat, 5 Honey, 4 Chitin, the Royal Crown and a Blueprint for the Bundling Wrap, the Royal Crown usage is to be given to Queen Malfalfa, which after given the Crown, will unlock the character Wilba! 
Don't Starve - Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond 
If you are a DST player you already know how the Bundling Wrap works, but for those who don’t know, it’s an item that can be used to pack 4 items inside it, items like food in the Bundling Wrap Will not rot, And Thermal Stones will not Lose/Gain Temperature, it can pretty much be used as a way to Double your Inventory Space. 
The Queen will also leave her Gigantic Throne after death, which can be mined out, dropping Flint, Rocks, Nitre, Gold Dust, Gold and Blue Gem. 
And Congratulations!, you have survived far enough to kill all the bosses in the Hamlet DLC, now you can do whatever you want in your world, I had alot of fun writing all these guides and i hope i helped at least one player with these, Farewell! 

Written by BlastSlash

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Don’t Starve – Surviving 60 Days+ And Beyond, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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