Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Slush Ice

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Slush Ice 1 - steamlists.com
Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Slush Ice 1 - steamlists.com

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Slush Ice

Alright, let me share with ya the secret sauce on how to score that rad Slush Ice ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Ready for the intel?

So, Disney Dreamlight Valley? It’s your kitchen turned magical kingdom! You get to whip up some real-life munchies like crispy Waffles or that classic Margherita Pizza. But, hold up! You can also roll up your sleeves and cook up some magical Disney-inspired grub. Ever wanted to taste Pickled Arendellian Herring? Now’s your chance!

Most of the stuff you need for cooking, you can grab from a bit of farming, foraging, or fishing. But a few bits and bobs? Those you’ve got to unlock and snag from Remy’s joint, Chez Remy. One of those is our frosty friend, the Slush Ice ingredient.

Score the Slush Ice Ingredient

Alright, ready for this epic quest? First, you gotta make nice with Remy and reach the max friendship level. Plus, you gotta unlock Wall-E, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Dazzling Beach biomes. Done that? Cool!

Now, ask Remy about “The Unknown Flavor” quest. He’ll start babbling about some magical dessert he wants to recreate, and you’re just the person to help. Magic’s involved, so naturally, you’ll need Merlin’s wisdom.

Get Wisdom from Merlin

Next, track down Merlin. Give him a chat, and he’ll hint towards Elsa and tell you to search for some notes in his study. Spot a glowy bit on his bookshelf? That’s your ticket. Interact to snag a note, then get ready for some Night Shard action.

To make Purified Night Shards, you gotta mix five Night Shards and one Dream Shard at a crafting bench. Once you’ve got three of these sparkly beauties, find Wall-E to help you powder them. But wait, there’s more! You’re gonna need to collect 15 Snowballs too.

You can grab Snowballs by mining big or small ice crystal clusters or just randomly digging around in Frosted Heights. Got your Snowballs? Awesome, onto the next step!

Wrap Up the Quest

Once the quest gets a refresh, head to a crafting bench. In the Functional Items tab, you’ll see the option to whip up some Ice Slush. Go for it! Craft that Ice Slush and deliver it to Remy.

For your efforts, he’ll gift you the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe that he’s been scratching his head over. It needs a Slush Ice, a Milk, a Sugarcane, and a Vanilla.

You can either wrap up the quest now or keep it on hold. But hey, the best part? Slush Ice is now up for grabs at Chez Remy for just 150 Star Coins.

Get out there and get cooking, champ!

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