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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Time Travel Guide 1 - steamlists.com

This guide should not be used in an emergency situation!

After unlocking the Glade of Trust Biome, beware of Mother Gothels Quest! !

If you do not have five Dream Shards in your inventory, you should not enter the tree house nor speak to Mother Gothel about this quest. You will find yourself stuck in the game, with every building, stall and character blocked off, making it impossible to play the game properly until you get the shards.

If this has been done

If you are stuck and have no other options, here’s what I suggest.

1. Although it is possible for animals to eat their FAVORITE foods, it is still very unlikely and rare.

2. Ten night vines are supposed spawn each day. Wait for them to appear and then hope for the best. But be aware that they can be very difficult to find and could leave you unable to play for a week.

3. The developers have stated in known issues that they plan to buff shards, but we don’t have an ETA. You’d have to wait.

4. To unlock the new biome and gain access to the Night Vines, you must unlock it.

5 . Once you have cleared all the obstacles, you can place your well teleport in the furniture tab. This is a great idea!

6. It’s risky and could cause some problems, but if you’re really desperate, you can do what I did and travel time.

What to do before and while you travel in time?

WARNING: Time Travelling is extremely risky in its current state. Even following these instructions, there are still risks. You may encounter bugs with plants, rocks, herbs, and mushrooms. being unharvestable, frozen, or not regenerating at all.

You do so at your own risk. This could lead to bugs until they fix them. This should not be used if you are stuck on the Cursed quest or can’t continue playing the game.

Switch and PC users can do this by simply changing the time setting to manual, instead of automatic.

Important: Before you logout of your current save, do the following:

– Remove ALL crops You should not plant anything, or they will freeze and become unusable.

– Do NOT harvest any respawning resources such as fruits, bushes or mining rocks. Before you travel in time, it is best to get rid of everything that was created. If you mess with time travel, all of these will be bugged. I recommend that you leave your game AFK for a while so that everything can respawn before time travel.

– After you log out and checked that everything is spawned, you can change your time. I recommend starting day by day. If you don’t see night vines, then try the mornings or evenings. If you still don’t see them, then switch to night time.

Night vines only spawn ten times per day and have a small chance of obtaining the shards. This can be slow. Every time you make a time change, log out and restart the game.

– It is very important that you don’t touch anything if you want to be ahead in the future. You’re not there to harvest or mine anything. You’ll miss them if you mess this up and you go back to normal. They won’t respawn.

– Continue this process until you have enough shards for the quest to be completed. After the quest is completed, you can save your game and log out to return to normal. You should have no problems harvesting your crops and you can play as normal if you follow my instructions.

If you are in urgent need of the item and notice that it is not spawning or cannot be harvested after you return to normal time, you can use these instructions to time travel back using the same instructions. It should be at the same time or further than your last time travel date.

Time travel is not recommended for other than desperate situations like this cursed quest. Good luck!

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