Baldur’s Gate III – What To Do With Edowin And The Cultists

Baldur’s Gate III – What To Do With Edowin And The Cultists 1 -
Baldur’s Gate III – What To Do With Edowin And The Cultists 1 -

Baldur’s Gate III – What To Do With Edowin And The Cultists

Get this, folks! We’re about to uncover the True Soul Edowin mysteries in Baldur’s Gate 3, and it’s gonna be wild!

So, you’re up for an epic quest in Baldur’s Gate 3? That means running into all sorts of oddballs and figuring out your next move. A case in point: an injured guy called Edowin, and his faithful sidekicks, hanging with the Cult of Absolute. We’re about to show you how this encounter can play out, and even help you nab the epic Vision of the Absolute. So, get your gear ready, folks. It’s time to dive headfirst into Baldur’s Gate 3!

Spotting Edowin and His Merry Band:

Need to find Edowin and his followers? Just strut to the west of the Emerald Grove Environs waypoint at (X:141, Y:443). Brace yourself for a fascinating chat that’ll test your decision-making chops.

Edowin Needs Help, but:

Bummer, you can’t directly help Edowin. As you draw near, his companions come at you with a story of an owlbear assault. Have a chinwag with them and choose the “Hold his stare” option. It’ll get you inside info on Edowin, his siblings Brynna and Andrick, and their rather unusual cult.

Heads up: Don’t you dare tell them you’re not a True Soul or try to talk them out of their belief, unless you’re itching for some unfriendly banter.

What’s the Deal with Edowin’s Body?

Once you’ve sent Brynna and Andrick on their merry way, have a look at Edowin’s body. Your little friend, the tadpole, wants to yank its buddy out of Edowin’s noggin. Go with the flow and pick “Let your body guide you – welcome the tadpole’s influence“. You’ll end up with the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, a real keeper for the journey ahead.

Pro tip: That Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen may fetch a pretty penny (100G), but don’t part with it! It’s a kind of unique in-game cash. Oh, and don’t forget to check Edowin’s pockets for gold, camp stuff, and a Broken Spear’s Shaft that might come in handy later.

Locating the Owlbear Cave:

From Edowin’s body, hoof it west and cross the stream to find a cave at (X:83, Y:450). Inside is the ticket to the Broken Spear’s Head, which, together with the Shaft, makes the Vision of the Absolute spear.

Once you set foot in the Owlbear’s crib, you have two paths. If you decide to go left, you’ll bump into the Cragged Rock, where a magical Gilded Chest waits for you. Don’t get cocky, though – use our handy guide to open it without losing an eyebrow.

Just around the corner, you’ll also find a Healing Potion and an Animal Speaking Potion. Use the latter before you wander to the cave’s west side (X:-340, Y-110), where you’ll have a rendezvous with the Owlbear.

Note: Meeting the Owlbear might trigger a fancy cutscene, but it won’t give you the item you’re after. You’ll have to duke it out with the big guy to score the Broken Spear’s Head.

Tip: No need to off the Owlbear cub. Once mama’s out, the fight’s over. But if you’re feeling mean, you can go for the cub too.

After the brawl, remember to loot the Owlbear for the Broken Spear’s Head. And check out the Skeleton nearby for The Oak Father’s Embrace Uncommon Medium Armor. And if you managed to topple the Owlbear, snatch the Owlbear Egg.

Tip: Mix the Broken Spear’s Head with the Broken Spear’s Shaft in your inventory, and you’ll create the badass Vision of the Absolute spear.

High-five! You’ve triumphed over the True Soul Edowin encounter and scored the Vision of the Absolute spear. Keep in mind, though, Baldur’s Gate 3 is chock-full of wild surprises and choices that shape your journey. So, stay sharp, think smart, and continue to reveal the hidden secrets of this mesmerizing world. Keep the dice rolling, adventurers!

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