Devil May Cry 5 – S rank-Worthy Of Legend guide

Devil May Cry 5 – S rank-Worthy Of Legend guide 2 -
Devil May Cry 5 – S rank-Worthy Of Legend guide 2 -
A Complete Guide For Getting an S rank on every mission


1. Required Stylish Pts for Each Difficulty


Devil Hunter:5000

Son Of Sparda:5500

Dante Must Die:6000

Hell And Hell:5500

No Damage Bonus:2X

No, Continue Bonus:1.2X

2. Choosing your play style

I Think for play style, 2 play styles are better to use if you want to get s rank on each mission.

Finishing Missions No Damage

If you think you have the skills to do no damage run, you might go with this playstyle as it will help a lot with some of the missions that are broken in terms of average score. By this, I mean that even maintaining an SS-SSS Rank thorough the fight might decrease your stylish pts but doing a no-damage run, unlike DMC4, well guarantee an S Rank on every difficulty. Also, choosing this playstyle helps you a lot in Hell and hell mode, in which most of the missions are near impossible to get an S Rank without the no damage bonus. Here are some tips for doing missions with no damage:

1. Use Dr.Faust for Dante on harder missions, Mostly using Red Hot Night and red shot. This is a cheesy way to get s rank, so you don’t have to use this method if you want to.

2. Use Shadows Dodge for V. If you spam this, you basically can’t be hit at all, but again it’s a cheesy way to do a no-damage run, so it’s your choice

3. Buster Arm does more damage then Devil bringers buster, so you might want to keep 1 in your breaker loadout for Nero
now let’s move on to the second playstyle

4.fighting midair will keep the fight safer mashing the jump button to do enemy step over and over again is the best way for this

Playing It Stylish
for this playstyle, you need to use various attacks in a fight, trying to get the maximum stylish pts from each fight. Though this play style is not that useful in hell and hell mode and some missions, it’s still easier for most of the missions. Here are some tips to Maintain an S-SS-SSS Rank in most of the fights
1.taunt at least once in each fight. If the fight is shorter, it’s just better to use 1 taunt, but if it’s a long battle, it’s better to taunt twice.
2.few side things will make your rank go higher faster, such as neros punch attack and Enemy step
3.skip the shorter fights if possible it won’t add up to your average score most of the times
4.devil triggers armor sometimes keeps you safe from losing your rank in a fight, so if your about to get hit, you might want to pull your devil trigger

3. Human and Devil hunter guide

Now, these difficulties are elementary to get an S Rank on missions but remember fights will end a lot faster in DH and Human, so it’s better to mix your fight with attacks that won’t deal damage but will affect your rank in a fight such as enemy step-taunt-perfect guard doing a no-damage run isn’t very recommended on DH and Human.

4. Son Of Sparda And Dante Must Die Guide

For Son of Sparda, you need 5500 points for each mission, which means getting an average score of 4700 should be enough for the S rank because of the no continue bonus. Few missions are broken in DMD, and SoS, Such As 8 10 18 ill put a guide for these missions at the end of the guide minimum Stylish pts required for DMD is 5000 with no continue bonus always try to use SDT for DMD if possible this is the only difficulty that might be harder to survive then getting an s rank on.

5. Hell and Hell Guide

Hell and Hell Use the same enemy setting as Son of Sparda, but you will die in one hit no matter what, but you are given 3 gold orbs per mission. It’s highly recommended to only focus on finishing the mission without getting hit once as using the gold orb once/twice will remove the no continue bonus, and using 3 counts as a penalty, and you will lose points in the end. I highly recommend using/abusing Faust hat in this mode for s rank and using Shadow Dodge for V to stay invincible. for Urizen fights that you’re supposed to lose, getting hit won’t affect the no continue bonus, which makes mission 8 easier

6. Harder Enemies Kill Guide

Fury: For Nero Start, the fight by hitting him with a hard way, then finish him off with a buster arm attack. For Dante, Use Percussion twice or once in DT, then finish him off using Cerberus Combo C and then a Hot Stuff.

Behemoth: For Nero, when he spawns, attack his armor from the back, which will deal more damage and break the armor faster, then finish him off with a buster arm attack

Hell Judecca: for Nero, start the attack with 2 normal attacks(like the first half of Combo A), then use a High roller and finish him off with a buster arm attack. For Dante, stun him with Percussion, then use a Real Impact.

Death Scissors: for Nero, right as she is spawning, go above her and use an overture attack on her and then finish her off with a Buster

For V, I overall recommend using shadow and griffon charge attack at the same time. It usually throws them away and does a lot of damage.

7. Bosses Kill Guide

mostly for no damage runs
before reading this, I just want to mention all of these fights can be done without Faust, but for this guide, I just use the easiest way to kill bosses
I personally don’t use them that much it kills the fun

Qliphoth: I can’t say much about it. You can use 8 breakers in this fight because the mission is pretty straightforward: kill a few enemies and get to the boss helter-skelter, and overture attacks are useful to kill Qliphoth.

Goliath: like Qliphoth, you can use 8 devil breakers on him cause there is a phone which you can call Nico before the fight. Pretty much every devil breaker is useful for him, but using gerbera stands out for me cause its way is easier to dodge his attacks with. Gerbera also brings a buster arm to attack him. At the same time, he is stunned by the first and third phases. If you’re going to keep it safe, you can actually attack him with a blue rose and mega buster to defeat him.

Artemis: before her fight, call Nico and set up this load out:5 punch line 1 ragtime and a buster arm after the fight starts to break 5 punch line on her using punch line will cause her to drop down giving you time to do the next break when she gets up and deal some extra damage so spam this attack until around half or less health is remaining for her after that she will try to make a charged attack on you which takes 1000 years so you should have enough time to stun her when she is falling break the ragtime then use a showdown on her then immediately use a buster this should be enough to kill her on most difficulties.

Nidhogg: if your having a problem with this boss its probably because your trying to do no damage, and again the easiest way to do it is to spam shadow dodge while using nightmare attack Nidhogg, you can also charge griffon to do some extra damage dodging also fills your DT Gauge so you should be fine

Elder Geryon Knight: for this boss fight, even on no damage, you don’t have to spam shadow dodge but its still useful if you’re ok with no effort s ranks, but older Geryon knight seems to focus a lot more on pets then v himself, so just keep your distance and attack him while jumping to or using shadows dodge to dodge his long-range attacks

Urizen(M8): For the first phase, which you should win, you can call Nico before the fight and equip yourself with 8 mega busters and break all the mega busters attacking his crystal if it doesn’t break, which probably should just attack him with your charged blue rose attacks until it breaks for the rest of the fight it’s better to just lose the fight to him it will give you the no continue bonus so you should be fine
Urizen(M10): attack him with a red shot, and he won’t attack you at all

Cavaliere Angelo: I recommend charging it before getting to this fight. Right when the fight starts at first chance, use SDT, attack him with Luce, and then judge him. Usually, when you lower his hp, he will go for his dumb charged attack, which you can spam red shot on him until he dies.

Urizen(M12): Start the fight with demolition to break his crystal, then attack him with judgment for DMD start with judgment then Dodge his tentacle attack using trickster Pull your DT and attack him with red shot until he dies if he survives and brings his crystals again if your not too close you can break it again just by not stopping a red shot

Malphes: this a straightforward fight to do no damage. Just keep jumping to avoid her attacks and attack with a charged blue rose until she is stunned. Her stun time is enough to deal a lot of damage, so don’t start with buster right away.

King Cerberus: so just as the fight starts, keep your distance and just use a red shot. He will flinch a few times; then he will be stunned use a red hot night on him. This should be pretty much enough for this fight.

Nightmare: try to charge SDT Before the fight and use it when the fight starts. Attack him using luce after that, try to keep a distance and set up the camera the way that you cant see griffon or shadow and start attacking them with red shot until they go in a stalemate while nightmare is just about to spawn start charging red hot night and finish him off.

Urizen(M17): this is an easy mission to go without using cheap tactics, but still, the easiest way is to use red shot until he dies, or you can just use balrog or DSD to damage him, and while he’s stunned, use Real impact

Vergil(M19): Use Red Hot Night to one-shot him. You might not be able to get it the first time, but you will probably get it after a few times. If he is attacking summoned sword, you can go in dt to avoid his attacks.

Vergil(M20): Your setup should be 1 ragtime, 3 or 4 overtures, then a buster arm, and the rest. You can use anything you want pretty much, but ragtime or gerbera is recommended. Dodge his first few attacks and then attack him until he is stunned. After that, break ragtime, pull a showdown on him, put 3 or 4 overture bombs on him, and then use buster arms break attack on most difficulties. He will be done already, but on DMD, you still need to fight a little more.

8. Guide For Harder Missions to get S rank on

Mission 8:the reason why this mission is so hard to get s rank on HaH is that you pretty much can’t finish this any damage unless your a god at this game, but if you do it, no damage until the second phase dying doesn’t result in using a gold orb, so you will get the no continue bonus, so you need around 4.7k stylish pts it’s not that hard actually if your having problem with this mission it’s probably because you skip the behemoth/tempura fight don’t skip that fight. Your average should be around 5k. After this fight, it will slowly decrease. However, you should still have more than 4.7k until Urizen before Urizen call Nico and put 8 mega-busters in your load out, then breaks the mega-busters on urizens crystal, which after all 8 should be broken already after that just di. Youu should get 5.5k with the bonus.

Mission 10: for the first fight of the mission, just kill them normally with DSD and charge SDT. After this fight for the second fight, I recommend using the red hot night to take them out for the third fight, say fight normally or use a red shot. It’s not a hard fight. Use my kill g, guide stun him with 2 Percussion then a Combo C With Cerberus and hot stuff, which should be enough to kill him, but on DMD, it’s recommended you do this in DT after you get to the Hellbat/pyrobat fight use a red shot or red hot night to take them out after that go in sdt and use 2 demolitions one on fury, and other on hellbat for the Angelo fight just use a red hot night, and you should be fine after you get to Urizen start spamming red shot he won’t attack you at all

Mission 18:Use the same guide for Beating Nightmare For Griffon and Shadow. You can pretty much beat them with anything you want

Have Fun

Most of this guide was about using Faust, but uh, it’s a lot more fun doing it without faust, and it is possible to do without faust, so enjoy the game, I guess. If there is any question you can ask in the comments or need a lot of help, you can add me to have a nice day.

Devil May Cry 5 - S rank-Worthy Of Legend guide

Written by H Z D M C

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Devil May Cry 5 – S rank-Worthy Of Legend guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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