Devil May Cry 5 – HOW TO PLAY ONLINE

Devil May Cry 5 – HOW TO PLAY ONLINE 1 -
Devil May Cry 5 – HOW TO PLAY ONLINE 1 -
A simple yet effective trainer developed by Dante and Raz0r allows not only hidden graphics configurations but also online co-op. All missions except the Prologue,18, 19, and 20 are playable. All bloody palace stages are playable except stage 101, which is the Vergil boss fight. The trainer now also allows you to play as Vergil, albeit not totally polished. It’s still amazing to see a fully functioning Vergil in action.

EDIT 02/10/2020: The trainer is now fixed and compatible with the new non-Denuvo DMC 5.exe file. Thaaaank youuu Dante and Raz0r.


What’s it used for?

Just as it said in the description, you can use it to modify graphics not listed in the game menu, play as Vergil and play online with other trainer users. It has a few other nifty options as well that increase functionality during co-op play. Devil May Cry 5 - HOW TO PLAY ONLINE

Where is the official download?

Mod Nexus host the OFFICIAL download. Mod Nexus is home to thousands upon thousands of mods, mainly open-world RPG games such as Skyrim and Witcher 3.

The authors are Dante & Raz0r, the creators of the trainer. If you see anything –, IT IS NOT THE REAL TRAINER, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.

Devil May Cry 5 - HOW TO PLAY ONLINE
Upon downloading it, it’s a simple .exe file. There is no installer making it easy to use and keeps system resource usage very low. –


Fiddle with the graphics options by clicking the drop-down boxes. Check the boxes to the right to edit certain lighting effects. There are preset buttons if you have no idea what the graphics options are.

Network options, much easier than it looks.

  • Use floating pause menu during co-op sessions to prevent disconnecting.
  • Always keep the auto-reconnect box checked.
  • Check play as Vergil to… play as Vergil.
  • Save file import to take someone else’s 100 percent complete save file. BACK UP YOUR OWN SAVE FILES OR ELSE THEY WILL BE LOST UPON USING THIS OPTION!
  • Use the Auto Skip bar to skip cut scenes and interactions. Turn to ‘All’ if you’re playing online.
  • Co-Op hack is used to automatically match you with others playing DMC 5 using the trainer. It must be checked to play online!

Bloody Palace options and how to use them

Before using these options, you must start a Bloody Palace save. This can be done by simply starting before Floor 1 or completing it. Exit, and it will automatically create a save. Go back to the main menu and make sure a save has been made for a continued state. Now you can use the options.

  • Stage: type a stage number between 1-101 to create a stage to start at. Useful if you die during coop.
  • Character: Set which character you want to start with.
  • Health: Start with whatever health amount you’d like. However, you must acquire all blue orbs to max out health. This option does not do it for you.
  • Devil Trigger: Same thing as health.
  • Time: Set what time limit you’d like to start with.

When you are done, click the ‘Set’ button and then hit continue on the main menu. It should start you off with your options.
Devil May Cry 5 - HOW TO PLAY ONLINE



Tips for a smooth and fun co-op experience


  • Always keep the ‘Floating Pause Menu’ button checked. Pausing can disconnect the session.
  • No two players can play the same character, so your dreams of two Dantes in the same boss fight is dead for now.
  • Keeping the Auto Skip on makes for quicker co-op connect times, also, keep auto-reconnect on.
  • You must be on the same floor during bloody palace to play with your friends during a co-op run.
  • The co-op hack will automatically connect you with others playing in either Bloody Palace or Story Mode with the trainer as long as the ‘Co-Op Hack’ button is checked.
  • Refrain from doing secret missions and picking up Blue and Purple orbs. It can disconnect you from the other player.
  • If you are disconnected, keep auto-reconnect on and wait in the same area for about 15-30 seconds, and you should reconnect.
  • Don’t move too far ahead of your partner, or else they’re gone for the rest of the mission.
  • All levels except 18 through 20 are playable. Vergil can only be played solo on Bloody Palace and Story Mode.
  • Super Costumes cannot be used online.
  • All enemies are damaged in real-time, so create insane dual combos together.
  • If you die during bloody balance, your friends will still be on the same floor. Set the floor you guys wish to meet in with the Bloody Palace Continue options and be happy. For example, I die on stage 38, and my friend just finished it. I type 39 into the Bloody Palace Continue option, hit set, continue, and now I’m playing with my friend again.


Written by luv ur self

I hope you enjoy the Guide about Devil May Cry 5 – HOW TO PLAY ONLINE; if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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