Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Customize Radio Panel – CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Customize Radio Panel – CSGO 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Customize Radio Panel – CSGO 1 -

This guide will help you customize your CS:GO radio panel to make use of a variety of hidden radio commands.


CS:GO has lots of awesome radio commands, unfortunately, most of them are hidden and can only be used by bots. The default radio commands are not too bad, but they might get a little bit boring over time.

This guide will help you customize your CS:GO radio panel to make use of a variety of hidden radio commands.


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From the developer console (~), you can play any radio command by using the following syntax:

playerradio <command> <message>


  • command: the name of the radio command
  • message: the text to be displayed when playing the radio command


Radio Panel

Most players are using custom radio commands by binding the command to a special key, for example:

bind n "playerradio deathcry moan"

However, you can already see that this technique is very limited, because most keys on your keyboard are already bound to something, therefore you’re left with very few available keys to customize.

Is it possible to go any further? Of course, there’s always a better way! We can make use of the existing radio panel to customize it with our own custom commands.

radiopanel.txt is the text file located in:

\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\ui

We can modify this file with our own custom commands and they will appear on the screen. There are 4 different radio panels that we can use. Each panel can take up to 9 commands, so we can have up to 36 custom radio commands easily accessible for us.

This file is divided into 4 groups (common, group, standard, report). Each group has a list of commands. Each command in this file has the following syntax:

 "hotkey" "<1-9>"
 "label" "<label>"
 "cmd" "playerradio <command> <message>"


  • title: the name of the command
  • hotkey: the key to activate the command, must be between 1 and 9
  • label: the label to be displayed in the list
  • command: the name of the radio command
  • message: the text to be displayed when playing the radio command

Note: the message should NOT contain a whitespace in it.

Here’s an example:

 "hotkey" "1"
 "label" "I'm Pinned!"
 "cmd" "playerradio PinnedDown Pinned!"

Here’s another example:

 "hotkey" "9"
 "label" "Moan!"
 "cmd" "playerradio DeathCry Moan!"

See below for a full list of hidden radio commands.

List of Radio Commands



playerradio Radio.LocBombA "A bomb site"
playerradio Radio.LocBombB "B bomb site"
playerradio Radio.LocBack "In the back"
playerradio Radio.LocCatwalk "Catwalk"
playerradio Radio.LocConnector "Connector"
playerradio Radio.LocEnemySpawn "Enemy spawn"
playerradio Radio.LocDoor "The Door"
playerradio Radio.LocDoubleDoors "The double-door"
playerradio Radio.LocHostageEscapeZone "In the hostage area"
playerradio Radio.LocFront "Front side"
playerradio Radio.LocHostage "Hostage!"
playerradio Radio.LocHut "Hut hut hut"
playerradio Radio.LocLong "Long"
playerradio Radio.LocMid "Mid"
playerradio Radio.LocOverpass "Overpass"
playerradio Radio.LocPalace "Palace"
playerradio Radio.LocPlatform "platform"
playerradio Radio.LocRamp "ramp"
playerradio Radio.LocSnipersNest "Sniper, get down!"
playerradio Radio.LocStairs "In the stairs"
playerradio Radio.LocOurSpawn "Someone’s in our spawn"




playerradio Agree "Sure thing"
playerradio Disagree "A thousand times no"
playerradio Radio.Compliment "Excellent work"
playerradio Radio.Sorry "Apologies"
playerradio ScaredEmote "Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good"
playerradio Radio.Thanks "Cheers"
playerradio Radio.RoundLost "I failed this city"
playerradio TeamLeadWon "That’s the spirit"
playerradio TeamLeadLost "We’re throwing"
playerradio WonRound "More of these, please"


Combat status


playerradio Radio.ImAttacking "Attack!"
playerradio CoveringFriend "I’ll cover you"
playerradio PinnedDown "I’m surrounded"
playerradio InCombat "I’m under fire"
playerradio FriendlyFire "Stop shooting me!"
playerradio LastManStanding "They’ve only got one left"


Taking out enemy players


playerradio KilledMyEnemy "Got ’em"
playerradio Radio.MyHeadshot "Another head for my collection"
playerradio Radio.IKilledSniper "Their sniper is down"
playerradio SniperKilled "They don’t have a sniper anymore"
playerradio Radio.SawHeadshot "Great shot there, bud"


Spotting enemy players


playerradio Radio.EnemySpotted "I just saw an enemy"
playerradio SniperWarning "Watch out, they have a sniper"
playerradio SpottedBomber "There’s the bomb carrier"
playerradio ThreeEnemiesLeft "Three enemies left"
playerradio TwoEnemiesLeft "Two enemies left"
playerradio OneEnemyLeft "One enemies left"
playerradio Clear "All clear"


Bomb status


playerradio GoingToGuardLooseBomb "I’m guarding the bomb"
playerradio BombsiteClear "This bombsite is clear"
playerradio SpottedLooseBomb "Bomb’s on the floor"
playerradio Radio.PickedUpC4 "I got the bomb"
playerradio Radio.PlantingAtA "I’m planting A"
playerradio Radio.PlantingAtB "I’m planting B"
playerradio Radio.WePlanted "The bomb’s planted"


Team commands


playerradio Radio.StickTogether "Stick together"
playerradio Radio.FollowMe "Follow me"
playerradio Radio.SpreadOut "Don’t stack on top of each other"
playerradio Radio.TeamFallBack "Get back"
playerradio Radio.GoGoGo "LEEEROOOOY!"
playerradio Radio.LocHostage "Someone get the hostage"
playerradio WaitingForHumanToDefuseBomb "Defuse that bomb, this instance"
playerradio Radio.EcoRound "We should eco"
playerradio Radio.SpendRound "We should spend this round"
playerradio Radio.NeedLeader "Who will lead us to victory?"
playerradio Radio.NeedPlan "Any plans for the round?"
playerradio Radio.NeedDrop "Can I have a weapon?"
playerradio Radio.NeedQuiet "Be quiet!"
playerradio Radio.CoverMe "Cover me"
playerradio help "I need help"
playerradio Radio.HoldPosition "Freeze"




playerradio Radio.NeedDecoy "Need a Decoy"
playerradio Radio.NeedSmoke "Need a Smoke"
playerradio Radio.NeedFire "Need a Fire"
playerradio Radio.NeedGrenade "Need a Grenade"
playerradio Radio.NeedFlash "Need a Flashbang"
playerradio Radio.Decoy "I threw in a decot"
playerradio Radio.Smoke "Smoke Em"
playerradio Radio.Molotov Fire "Do not drink this"
playerradio Radio.FireInTheHole "Grenade out"
playerradio Radio.Flashbang "Flashbang out"
playerradio DeathCry "Let the world end now, it matters not to me"
playerradio AgreeWithPlan "Sounds good"
playerradio WonRoundQuickly "Good Job"
playerradio RequestReport "Team, give info please"
playerradio radio.cheer "*cheers*"
playerradio HeardNoise "I heard an enemy"
playerradio KilledFriend "Sorry mate"
playerradio WhereIsTheBomb "Where is bomb?"
playerradio TheyPickedUpTheBomb "They got the bomb"
playerradio GuardingLooseBomb "I’m guarding the bomb"
playerradio EscortingHostages "I’ve got the hostages with me"

Note: Some commands are only available for certain agents, while others might vary depending on whether you’re on T or CT side. If a command doesn’t work, please try it with different agents or on different sides of the map first.

Disclaimer: I got the list from this website – [] .


If this is guide is too hard to follow, feel free to download and use my own radio panel configuration file.

Download – []


Written by Mileena

This is all about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Customize Radio Panel – CSGO; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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