CosmicBreak Universal – How I Tune/Cartridge Selection

CosmicBreak Universal – How I Tune/Cartridge Selection 5 -
CosmicBreak Universal – How I Tune/Cartridge Selection 5 -
Ivis Reine is love, Ivis reine is life, Pina is the cause of all my strife.

Ok, jokes aside, I’m making this to help new players tune and select cartridges while they don’t know how to build, or give out some basic info. I got bad memory and I’m out of date so if you know what your doing don’t expect to learn anything (Criticisms are appreciated)

PS. I only play Moe bots, and I they might not be tier 1 right now… sooooooo :D?



First things first, I’m not going into details on how to tune and I only play moe bots, so this guide is a bit biased.

This is just a rough guide that was done in an hour to provide new players with SOME direction.


Now most of you have seen charts for movement, but don’t really understand it yet, so I’ll break down cartridges first.

  • Capacity
    Capacity cartridges are a must, these help you have more capacity to upgrade and provide some hp. The only time you don’t want them is a suicidal weak bot that suppose to go suicide bomb into the enemy while not losing your team too many points.
  • Enhance Internal Weapon
    The BD’s weapon is the one that gets enhanced. This means if your robot relies on BD weapon, you can’t tune it, but instead you can enhance internal weapon to enhance it.
    You decide depending on whether you want the BD to be stronger or not as some robots rely on it, while others don’t.
  • Guards
    These are not your highest priority cartridges, but they can be useful. If you have the extra capacity and catridge slow, reduce 50% on explosive damage is probably more useful than 15 hp… PROBABLY!!!!

    But yeah, they’re extras that you only get if you feel like your bot will get hit by that type of weapon AND you have the extra slot and capacity.

  • Actions
    When I say actions I mean Sway, Short Boost, Boost Run, Accele Roll, Air Loop, Float Dash, Assault step… etc.


    These cartridges are what gives your robot the mobility to get out or get in.

    For new players, it might be tough to understand, so I’ll provide some general choices. (I’m old and stupid sorry if I’m wrong)

    Run and Gun – Sway/Boost Run/Sway + Boost Run/Nothing
    These robots run around and shoot, using their fast mobility to survive.

    Hopper – Short Boost + Quick Land
    You hop around with left left or right right to avoid bullets.

    Melee – Boost Run/Boost Run + Assault Step/Float Dash
    You kind of need the Boost Run/Float Dash to get in (Air types not so much), Assault Step can help you reach the target and get out, but it’s optional.

  • Supportive
    Quick Land, Quick Boost, Moving Burst and Stun Regain are High priority, while Tough Runner, Fast Recovery, the radar stuff are optional, because lets face it, you barely check the radar…..

    Broad Radar and Stealth System is actually good, but that’s only for the more experienced players. Land and Air knowing where to flank and Support and Arts avoiding a Flank before the flankers reach them.

    Quick Land is for any landing animation based action cartridges.

    Quick Boost is for airs to quickly reach max altitude

    Stun Regain helps Melees who get stunned survive, as with high TGH, the consecutive damage gets reduced and you’re healing while your stunned, helping you survive longer.

    Moving Burst is for moving and bursting >.>



Now there are 3 types of builds bit wise.

  • Useless Bit
    This type of robots, go full tec or full str and reduce the other to 0.

    This is because with 0 or negative in 1 of the stats, you save on a lot of capacity during tuning, when you decide to go this path, you robot doesn’t need to use their bits at all, except for dodging stuns as your untargetable during bit deployment and cancellation.

    CosmicBreak Universal - How I Tune/Cartridge Selection

  • Usable Bit
    This type don’t want the bit to instantly die, but it’s still quite helpful as such you plan leaving 1 tec or str remaining, so the bit is usable.

    CosmicBreak Universal - How I Tune/Cartridge Selection

  • Useful Bit
    This type is mostly supports who rely mostly on their bit as I’m pretty sure Tec and Str doesn’t improve healing. You want to balance out str and tec, so the bit is at it’s maximum efficiency.

    CosmicBreak Universal - How I Tune/Cartridge Selection
    [/screenshot] [/list



You do you for weapons, but normally, force is not tuned, speed, slow and range is usually more preferred, but up to you.

  • Maximize Movement
    Everyone should be familiar with this kappa.
    (Non land is just land but 1 below, like how 38 walk 1 fly is orange for lands, it’s yellow for non lands.)

    Basically you want to maximize your movement for a non art type as for everyone else survivability is key, just make sure walk/fly is not 0 or you’re dead.

    (Recommend High upgrades Alpha if you can’t afford to lose Str/Tec or Gammas/Betas if you can)

  • Maximize Damage
    Now maximize your Tec/Str based on your bot
  • TGH and Health
    Just reach a TGH breakpoint and then focus on health. The chart is also in the Maximize Movement section.


Minor Tips

In the Shop’s Star Coins, there’s props at the bottom that cost 10 with +1 stat and 3 tuning slots. Normally we get em from events, but its CBT, so I just get em from Star Coin Shop ~.~

You can find em around other coin shops, they’re the cheapest 3 slots around for handheld items.

CosmicBreak Universal - How I Tune/Cartridge Selection

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This is all about CosmicBreak Universal – How I Tune/Cartridge Selection; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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