CosmicBreak Universal – How To Build Land Gunners

CosmicBreak Universal – How To Build Land Gunners 1 -
CosmicBreak Universal – How To Build Land Gunners 1 -

I make This Because No body Want To

How To Build Land Gunners

Pov you are Newbie, playing cosmic break for the first time, entering the Arena and then got rushed by Land Gunner Pointing his gun at you.
what is this Cosmo pot and you don’t even know what is tuning, what is effective Builds.
you are very afraid to make mistake, no thoughts head empty.
Well Joke aside Land Robot is the Most miss Understand Class type, when people play land robots they always thinking about swing a Big sword, forgetting there is sub class ” Land Gunners” that use Main Guns, Shoot target from save distance / far away & move very fast.
Land Gunner Players Play This game as 3rd person Shooter Game and They are really good at it.
Here the simple thing you must know as ” Land Gunners Players” :
A. Weapon Tunes :
1. 2x Hi shooter + paralize / or hi rapid / G rapid alpha is Meta, It’s not complicated playing as land Gunner you only have 1 main guns equipped that hit hard with simple 2x hi shooter.
2. Your Main Gun Bullet Speed Must above 500 Speed, if 2x hi shooter still not reach 500 ? add Hi rapid or G rapid alpha,
3. Or 1x Hi shooter + Grapid + hi rapid, if the Maingun range already reach 300 just with 1x hi shooter
4. why bullet speed must above 500 ? you main gun bullet speed become so fast that hard to miss / hard to dodge, easily hit any target you aim.
B. Stats :
1. Remember This Very Well The more Tech Stats, The more Damage you can deal, 40 tech is a must.
2. Mobility 32 “Walk” break point is the save number, 36 if you want a bit more faster when running, but i do recommend 32 and use the capacity for more hp instead.
3. DO NOT Make your STR 0 IF YOU WANT TO USE WONDER BIT” especially using Bigmoth Bit / Dual Slayer Bit ”
C. How to Tunes ( leave 1 Str for BigMoth Bit / Dual Slayer Bit ” :
0. Before start tuning remember to equip Force Barier LGJ or Fraculus LGJ, hero scarf HDJ ( from leon npc ), 2 wild shoulder amj ( uc ) + Brigandr Flag BSJ or just ouka legs / laz Flame legs, for extra tuning slots.

  • 1. First Hug Cosmo Pots, i mean enter Cosmo Post, then Tune Mobility “Walk” First.
  • 2. Use Hi run Beta ( +2 walk -1 fly -1 str ) Until hit 32 walk.
  • 3. Use Hi tech Gamma ( + 2 tech -1str – 1 fly ) Until…………your Str only 1 left hold on my friend be careful Don’t 0 your STR.
  • 4. because your str only 1 left, Start Using Vanilla +1 tech or Ranger tune until reach 40 tech.
  • 5. left over empty slot tune life / hi life.
  • 6. Weapon Tunes ? 2x Hi shooter + hi rapid / paralyze / G rapid or Hi force / g force if add +2 or +3 force.
  • 7. done

D. Robot Catriges Selection

  • 1. The Regular Land Gunner : Blast Guard + Revenge Shot + Fast Recovery + assault step for run away from any dangerous stuff.
  • 2. Land Gunner that always Jump Around / Land Hopper : Blast Guard + revenge Shot + Short boost + Quick land.,
  • 3. why quick land ? remove delay to abuse short boost without cool down.
  • 4. what is revenge shot ? if your hp is yellow or half, huge chance not consume ammo, go BRRRR THE MAIN GUN without worry ammo to run out.

E. The Recomended Robot / Parts / Weapons
1. WIld Fizalivan BD ( Robo Garapon ) .
2. Brigan Pawn ( Zero Saber Girl Shop ).
3. Raid Rifle ( 15 RT weapon ).
4. Pierce Gun ( 15 RT weapon )
5. Estes Magnum ( Free Gun )
6. Force Barier LGJ ( UC parts, Give any S/M size robot To have Brigan Pawn Shield ).
7. Scout Rifle ( Lancelot Coin Shop ).
8. Chrotacs ( Robot Cube, Basicly robot with free raid rifle ).
9. Connie Sheriff ( Robo Garapon ).
10. Aila ( Rt Garapon, she can be STR Base Land Gunner That drop ice to stop people moving also ignore Rouche barier / Bacheleon barier ).
11. Resha ( RT Garapon, Technically she is Land Gunner That got nerf really hard ).
12, Therese ( RT Garapon, no need introduction best waifu ever ).
13. Misty Hollow ( free from mission, you cannot hurt her with guns )
14. Laz Flame legs ( zero saber shop )
15. Ouka Legs ( mission reward )
and many more.

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