CosmicBreak Universal – [Guide] Cosmic Frontline Bitesize Guideline

CosmicBreak Universal – [Guide] Cosmic Frontline Bitesize Guideline 2 -
CosmicBreak Universal – [Guide] Cosmic Frontline Bitesize Guideline 2 -

Good day folks, I’m Okra and this is my Comprehensible guide and bite-size experience about the current game.
Those are just general guideline and by no mean set-in-stone , feel free to voice your thoughts and help the community grow better!



General Position & Gameplan

With the recent merge & relaunch between servers introduce new players to the game – It’ll be overwhelming the first time you play it, especially with experienced players around here’ are my guideline to not be powerless and improve your gameplay.

Frontline, Backline & the No man land

  • (1) Frontline: the area where your team definitely want to maintain control with superier firepower, usually an advantage spot on the map like chokepoint, highground, PS.
  • (2) Backline: the area where your team consider to be safe to retreat to when you’re low, looking for drops/support
  • (3) No man land: the crossfire area between two teams, advancing with your teammate and enemy’s position in mind. If you’re caught in this area without a boost gauge or an escape mechanism you probadly die.

Everyone should get to Frontline as soon as the match start to establish and maintain there, including majority of healer/hypershot support, Rouche/Baltheon
For the Backline, you don’t want to stay at the back/corner of the map forever unless your whole team is in the tight spot – try to push and maintain frontline and flank routes , let the support farm their wonderbit and support item, some LND/AIRs/Sup can dedicate themself to roam inbetween (1) and (2) to spot and prevent flank from enemy LND/AIRs, secure your artillery from harm.

Now how do you approach (and push) the no man land?

You don’t need to push as soon as the match start especially if you have superior firepower , exchange fire with enemy, if you’re someone with the right tool to deal with enemy rushing LND like AIRs, Shockzook/Slow Support you have option and should wait enemy LND and capitalize on that. AIRS are good for watching out flank and flanking enemy with odd angle , do not chase enemy into the No man land without a good remaining of boost gauge or you will catch an early, unnecessary death, a good advise is to follow your ARTs/LND friend when they’re pushing in instead of going in alone.

When enemy’s LND are dead and your team is still healthy, this is when you have good chance to push in with your own LND and ART, Rouche bit and Baltheon are extreme teamplayer in this regard and can call for a push with their unique barrier skill.

If you’re an alpha striker and already expended all your ammo, racked up some damage, you can consider to farm a bit of ammo supply or firepillar and commit kamikaze at enemy (1),(2) especially in the early/mid game – prep for the finale with refilled ammo /other unit
For LND and AIR you want to play tic tac toe with enemy, avoid your type weakness while trying to advance to who you are effectively dealing with , simply playing your match up and cover your teammate weakness is how you cover the map

Breakpoint for Mobility stat

Mobility stat ( WLK/ FLY ) and the important of breakpoint, In short, you don’t wanna drop either of them below 1, with better mobility you can cover the map better, position yourself safe from harm and take advantage should opportunity arise

for most ART, you want to reach at least 31 FLY (18, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 38)
for most LND, if you’re a hopper: 32 WLK (19<22<25<28<32<36)
for AIRs, 38 FLY is absolutely needed unless your build is super tight on capacity.

I wouldn’t say WLK-based build on ART doesn’t work but even with highest WLK breakpoint on ART, they’ll still be slower than LND (Yes, with same WLK breakpoint – LND type will outrun ART/AIR/SUP), a FLY-based build maneuvering the map just as fine if not better , you also have higher chance to distance yourself from most LND melee if you have Accel Roll cart equipped.

Here’s an updated, more extensive chart, cr to le owner meltbullet, SR & their friends! –

Noteworthy shop goodies

The shop in Cosmic break is a long list of dated weaponry, most of them are bad – yet we can still find some hidden gem, value in it – depends on how you gonna use it

Here’s the list of good parts, weapon, be it uc / rt or coin exchange , they’ll be mentioned here ( feel free to discuss them if i miss any of your favorite weapon/part )

  • Amazing railgun( coin box exchange), very decent gun to use in general, work on anyone any type and is currently one of best LND hopper option aside from Pierce gun
  • Misside (AM, BS) , You get one for free from the mate reward or 24k uc.
  • Mini Might Bazooka , decent option for alpha striking art if you have a freehand
  • Mini Bazooka , decent option for alpha striking art if you have a freehand
  • Burst Missle Gun, decent option for alpha striking art if you have a freehand, one force tune is highly recommended
  • Amaterus AM2 BD, decent option for alpha striking art, best starter bot
  • Toybox Girl Alpha AM , decent option for alpha striking art , extremely good for G.reach range tune
  • Compact Galting , average LND weapon if you have absolute nothing else
  • Cross Shooter , decent option for alpha striking air
  • Pierce Gun (RT), Amazing Railgun (coin box exchange), very decent option for LND hopper
  • Shock Bazooka, one of the most relible way to control enemy melee is to have a SUP with shock bazooka build
  • Shuriken gun, a very decent option if you know how to flank in that 175 range, this rack up damage real fast.


  • Viper shield (UC shop), Canvas (coin exchange) K-shield (quest shop exchange), effective if you’re small enough for them to cover you and you hop-gunning a lot.
  • Asura AMJ , they are uc item now and thus one should consider to buy them for berz or event , along with shotgun/blaster ofcourse.
  • Jet Accel BS, Brave BS (RT), those are for big boi charging melee , you probadly know what you’re going to do with these
  • To do….


Press F

When your wonder gauge filled up, press F.
Very simple thing to do but most people just don’t emphasize enough on doing it
Wonder bit like D.slayer bit are game changing for LND dweller as they enable themself a way to stunlock a poor ART or strayed enemy
Pill box, Sniper unit as a decoy in an ART exchanging fire or something like a Hypershot / Rouche bit can change the tide of defending a push or pushing forward
Even if you have one negative offensive stat you still can try iframe to minimize damage receive
There are bunch of unique bits to exchange in ground arena too so don’t be shy to try new things
So give more F than your enemy do and eventually you win more.


Closing thoughts

As soon as you entered Union war match you’ll learn the game is unforgiving and doesn’t hold your hand in a good way. As someone new to the game everything will be overwhelming, the game gives you some freebies but you probably wasted it on something that’s not useful.
Heck picking wrong starter bots may or may not effect your gameplay too because you missed some good part here and there. You can regret all day but what important is – you don’t just stop there, you stand up, you walk, you do something different next time.

There’s a lot you can do aside from union war
Try doing mission, they give good reward
Play some event chaos map
Exchange rewards from coins, code

Do something dumb in central Arena, get some friend you can talk and help you learn the game better.
Exchange some quest ticket and try them out, there’s even a quest shop with decent part and bots
Try editing some texture, make weird polygon, role playing as a Cake – AFK whole day with a sign long enough so half of the community know your being.

This guide really is a mess and nowhere near as what I want it to be, I’m looking for advanced player who can write more specialized guide to aid newer player to the game and help the community out.

Written by Anklebiter

This is all about CosmicBreak Universal – [Guide] Cosmic Frontline Bitesize Guideline; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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