Cookie Clicker – Obtain New Achievements Tips

Cookie Clicker – Obtain New Achievements Tips 1 -
Cookie Clicker – Obtain New Achievements Tips 1 -

The 2.048 update added many things, including a new building, new upgrades, and more achievements. I have found two of these that are very easy and simple to get, but not intuitive, like the “dunk the cookie” or “click this achievement” achievement. At pretty much any level, you can get these achievements to get extra production from your cats.

The two achievement details

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Here are the achievements I’m talking about. I figured that since the update just came out, a lot of people probably haven’t discovered these easy achievements, and a guide spreading awareness could be useful.
If you aren’t aware, achievements increase your milk power, and the cat upgrades improve your cookie production based off that milk power. So getting the achievements have tangible effects, and are not just for bragging rights. Here are two achievements that were added in the new update, that are among the easiest to get in the whole game.

1: Baby it’s old outside

For this achievement, first you need to get the heavenly upgrade that allows you to switch seasons. It’s one of the cheapest at 1,111 heavenly chips. Alternatively, you could wait until December for it to be Christmas season naturally, but at the time of writing this guide, that’s 6 months away.
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After you’ve switched the seasons to Christmas, then you just have to buy some grandmas and look for one wearing a green dress and holding a candy cane colored rolling pin. all you have to do is click on her.

2: Stifling the press

This one is even easier, and as far as I know, can be done immediately after starting the game for the very first time. On the steam version, make sure that the fullscreen setting is off. Then, click the box icon in the very top right of the window, next to the X that would close the game.
Cookie Clicker - Obtain New Achievements Tips - 2: Stifling the press - 5EB8FC1
Now you can adjust the size of the game window, like you would any window on your computer. Hover your mouse over the edge of the top of the window until you see a double headed arrow pointing up and down. Drag it down to as far as it will do. Now do the same for the left/right edge of the window. Eventually, the game window will become so small that the news ticker only has room for the word “help”, and you just have to click on that to get the achievement


Alright that’s it. If you didn’t know about these achievements and this guide helped you, please give me an internet point, I need the dopamine.

Written by Myredhulk

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