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Hey there, welcome to this post, This Card Quest – Dragon’s Lair Possible Encounter Guide was created to help you.

Dragon’s Lair

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The challenge of the Storm Master Subclass Unlock of the Wizard Class is not what you need to do in order to obtain the Dwarven Warrior Subclass. As many dragons will start distant, it is important to ensure your defense is high until they approach you. Be patient and take care to not damage them. I will continue to alphabetically describe the monsters that you will encounter in Dragon’s Lair, just like the previous sections.


Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - E5D824A

This is the center mob of a rare mob in Round 4. This includes HIDDEN Enemies (dragons) as well as the Dwarven Thief. See separate entry below. If you can obtain the Key from Dwarven Thief and not destroy the box, you will receive 1 Healing Potion. This should be easy, depending on what build you have.


Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - 2AB7A49

The Dragon can do more damage and has more health than the Young Dragon, but they are still the same thing (see separate entry). You can deal with them exactly the same.

Dragon Egg

Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - FCF37C6

Please note that the Dragon Egg has 4 health when it appears, not 2 as in the photo above. Avoid striking them and let them open naturally. Tactical Strike is fine. Each egg contains 1 Dragonling (see separate entries below). There is one mob that occasionally appears. This is a straight-row of Dragon Eggs with 2 HIDDEN ENTEMIES (typically 1 Dragon or 1 Young Dragon, but sometimes 2 Young Dragons). If you see one, it’s a good idea take out 1 or 2 Dragon Eggs in order to get the HIDDEN Enemies to appear so that killing them is easier. You can also eliminate them if necessary.


Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - BE120A7

You’ll encounter a lot of them in Dragon’s Lair. The Dragonling is less health and easier to kill, but they have FURY. If your defense is high, it will not matter. You can pass any attack they throw at the Dragonlings unless Recovery Dodge is available to generate STAMINA AND TACTICS.

Dwarven Thief

Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - 70DD70C

This is Round 5’s rare encounter. This is the mob you will be facing. The Chest can be seen in the middle of your screen. See separate entry above. The Dwarven Thief is more annoying than anything. He has DODGE, FURY, and can also hide from damage. He’s not a major problem and you’ll get a key to unlock the Chest when they die.

Great Módir

Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - 4E659C6

Here it is, the boss at Dragon’s Lair. It has the following abilities. 3 ARMOR doesn’t matter because you’ll eventually do enough damage. As long as you keep your defense up, multiple attacks won’t matter. Great Modir drops at different points. Pay attention to the fact that at 75 HEALTH 2 young dragons are summoned (see separate article below), at 50 2 Dragons include a retreat by Great Modir to DISTANT status, and at 25 2 Dragons. When summoned, the Dragons or Young Dragons are DISTANT. There are 2 Dragon Eggs at the Battle’s Start. They flank Great Modir (see separate article above). But they’re nothing to be worried about. Keep Great Modir energized until the eggs hatch. It’s possible for it to be damaged enough before the Dragonlings hatch (see separate entry). You need to be aware of Great Modir’s HEALTH in order to prepare for the appearances of the dragons. You must ensure that you have enough cards and defense to protect your single fire breath while they are distant before you realize it is coming. Once the dragons are close, attack them first until Great Modir is left, then kill them. You’ll find that this Battle is very simple if you play conservatively, and keep your defense active as the priority, and not damage. Congratulations, you have unlocked Dwarven Warrior Subclass!

Young Dragon

Card Quest - Dragon's Lair Possible Encounter - Dragon's Lair - 3035094

The Young Dragon in Dragon’s Lair, a primary enemy, is often seen. They can only fire one fireball from a distance and they start DISTANT. If they are close to the enemy, they will attack twice: first with FIRE and then again with a regular attack. However, if you have a strong defense in place, it doesn’t matter how they attack. You can take them out however you wish.

This is it! If you have any issues with any of the encounters towards the Dragon’s Lair final encounter, let me know. I’ll make any necessary additions to the guide. It’s not difficult to learn the build and unlock it, as I mentioned.

Card Quest – Dragon’s Lair Possible Encounter is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get to it as quickly as possible. May this be a good day for you. We are indebted to Deaf Sparrow, whose perceptive guide served as the impetus for this one. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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