Bugsnax – How to unlock the Cappucceetle

Bugsnax – How to unlock the Cappucceetle 1 - steamlists.com
Bugsnax – How to unlock the Cappucceetle 1 - steamlists.com

Joey Quickbeans or the Cappucceetle can be unlocked by buying the isle of bigsnax DLC. To unlock his area you must go into the area of the pilobite and light all the torches. This will unlock a door that gives you access to the tripalicate space. Then you must solve two puzzles and light all the torches in Broken Tooth. After you will find a room called the break room. It has a cup in the middle, walk towards the cup and the Cappucceetle will form. The Cappucceetle after being awoken will travel to all big areas { flavor falls, boiling bay, sizzlin sands, and frosted peak }. It is very evasive running from the player. Yes, you can catch it and do so repeatedly.

How to access the triplicate space

The triplicate space can be accessed by using a launch pad and jumping onto floofty’s boat simply walk forward and you’ll find it!

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